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Linux Support!

Hello Hello Wonderful People!

We got super great news for you!! We've just released Linux support for RymdResa! YAY! Right now we also  have a weeklong Steam discount for RymdResa with 60% off! 

Moreover we've fixed some minor issues, read the notes for Patch 1.8.0 - "Open Space" below:

  • We now support Linux, officially developed and tested on SteamOS and Ubuntu. Other Linux systems should work as well but at your own risk!
  • Fixed a bug with unresponsive exit button on Unix systems.
  • Fixed a bug with screen auto-scaling error on Unix systems.
  • Fixed a rare save-game bug for mac.
  • Lowered the damage from evil ships in Chapter 3.
  • Lowered resources loss from two quests: "Escape capsule broken!" and "Broken engine"
  • Fixed an issue where you could get NaN or Null resources from quests.
  • Fixed a rendering issue with glitch-animation in the "Black Zone".
Don't forget to review RymdResa on Steam, we would love to hear your thoughts! <3
Play RymdResa
We have tested the Linux support internally on Ubuntu and SteamOS. We've created a special Linux thread on Steam for questions and discussions where we request our Linux users to report bugs and issues they might find. If any issues are encountered we will do our very best to fix these as soon as possible!
Over to something else! We've made an alpha gameplay trailer for our upcoming puzzle game imprint-X. Check it out:
imprint-X - Alpha Gameplay Trailer
//Vendela and Kim
It's getting warmer and warmer here in Sweden. Soon summer!
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