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This is the first Spotlight on Zulu, an email-newsletter to keep you updated on our friend, comrade, brother Zulu.

We plan to publish short updates, stories by Zulu and by his family, friends and supporters, in an effort to help promote his case for innocence.

Kenny Zulu Whitmore is – as you can read below – a very close friend of Herman Hooks Wallace, Robert King Wilkerson and Albert Woodfox, the Angola 3. That is one reason why we, Zulu’s supporters, have always supported the cases of those men in one breath with Zulu. And that is why you will also receive updates about them in this Newsletter, provided we have them.

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In Solidarity!

Annabelle, Free Zulu Movement – Amsterdam
Bev, Free Zulu Movement – Barcelona
Heinz, Free Zulu Movement – Vienna

Sign the Petition Please!

Zulu has been in prison for 39 years. We have started a PETITION to get attention to Zulu’s 35 years in solitary confinement, which according to the UN is torture. Although we sent the 2012 Statement by Zulu to the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, his office has yet to respond.

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Petition to: Juan E. Méndez, Special Rapporteur on Torture
Please examine the case of Mr. Kenny Zulu Whitmore who has been held in prison for 39 years, in Solitary Confinement for 35 years in Louisiana State Prison, Angola, LA

About my friend Kenny Zulu Whitmore

On October 14th Zulu celebrated his 59th birthday. Thirty eight years on the plantation. Zulu has spent 35 of those years in Angola’s solitary confinement. On February 19th, 2014, Zulu will have been incarcerated 39 years on false charges.

Kenny Zulu Whitmore has an excellent conduct record but remains in solitary confinement only because of his political beliefs and being a former member of the Angola Chapter of The Black Panther Party and his comradery with the Angola3.

Zulu is being held in solitary confinement in violation of his 8th and 14th Amendment rights. He is being held in a 6X9 feet cell 23 hours a day, but because of the bunk bed and the washbasin lavatory Zulu only has 4x3 feet of actual space to move around in, 23 hours a day, for the last 35 years. Can you imagine living in that condition for over 3 decades?

My friend Kenny Zulu Whitmore has been denied the opportunity to participate in any educational programs because it’s not allowed on Angola’s CCR-solitary confinement. No G.E.D. - General Education Development or skilled programs, welding, carpentry etc.  etc.

My friend there will have an online petition in the coming weeks to the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Juan Mendez, urging him to investigate the torturous inhumane conditions my friend has been forced to live in for over 30 years.

End solitary confinement now. Free Zulu!

Solidarity Without Borders
Heinz (Austria)


Zulu wrote this to be read out at the Memorial service of Herman Hooks Wallace:

From Zulu:
The untimely death of my beloved Comrade, Herman Hooks Wallace, has left an emptiness in my heart. He wasn’t just my Brother, Friend, Comrade & Mentor. Hooks was a man I love and respected. And I will miss his teaching.
But why lying here feeling sorry for myself? I could hear his voice in my inner ear saying: “Zulu, enough mourning, you must continue this mission, to expose this system of corruption! There are far too many serving endless sentences on false charges. Too many brothers and sisters languishing in the nation’s dungeons and in solitary confinement. Zulu! They can kill a revolutionary, but never a revolution. I live on within you, Albert, and King, my Comrades.”
You know he would be right. I vow from this day forward to do whatever I can to expose this injustice. My People, I am a tough old elephant. I am going to be alright. Forward forever, backwards never.
Kenny Zulu Whitmore

Write to Zulu

Kenny Zulu Whitmore 
86468 - D-HAWK / CCR - 4L 
LA State Prison 
Angola, LA 70712 

Or via

Links website by supporters in Europe. News about Albert Woodfox, the only member of the A3 who is still in prison Website by the National Black Newspaper in which Zulu's articles are published.

Please Sign!

We are petitioning the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture to please examine the case of Kenny Zulu Whitmore, who has been held in Solitary Confinement for a total of 35 years in Louisiana State Prison, Angola, LA: Sign here, thank you!

Zulu's 59th Birthday 

From Bev: During one of the few times a telephone is available I spoke to Zulu a couple of days after his 59th birthday (October 14th) and asked him how he'd spent it, (knowing his options were limited!).

He told me he'd bought himself some of his favourite ice-cream, chocolate and black walnut, to honour his dear friend and comrade Herman. Because Herman loved ice-cream. Then he'd listened to Herman's favourite CD three times: 'Nancy Wilson, Greatest Hits'. An emotional birthday, on CCR."

Update on Albert Woodfox's Hearing

From: Herman's House E-Newsletter: On November 13th at an evidentiary hearing in Baton Rouge Albert Woodfox was able to testify and describe the humiliating strip searches that he consistently endures, sometimes as frequently as  6 times a day, at David Wade Correctional Center.

The state defended the nature and practice of the strip searches arguing that searching inmates consistently is necessary to maintain the safety of any correctional facility. Albert's legal team countered their claims by highlighting Albert's flawless behavioral record and his lack of contact with other inmates, both of which diminish if not eliminate the need for such frequent, invasive searches.

In a rare and powerful moment Albert was also given the opportunity to speak a directly to the judge in a direct, dignified manner. And while Albert told the court that the searches made him feel both helpless and hopeless, towards the end of the lengthy hearing he seemed in good spirits as he smiled and gave the Black Panther salute to a small crowd of supporters seated in the gallery.

We expect a decision from Judge Brady on whether these inhumane searches violate the law in about 2 months, and we feel hopeful that it will be in Albert's favor.

More Albert Woodfox News:

On October 21st, 2013, a Media Conference was held when the delivery of the Petition to Release Albert Woodfox was delivered at the LA State Capitol
Angola3News - Times-Picayune

Demand a Congressional Hearing on Solitary Confinement in Louisiana

By Emily Posner, To be delivered to: The Louisiana State House and The Louisiana State Senate
The Administration of Criminal Justice Committee in the Louisiana Legislature should convene a public hearing on the use and governing regulations concerning long-term solitary confinement as practiced in Louisiana prisons and jails.

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