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April 2017, our journey in Honduras continues.
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Greetings from dry and dusty western Honduras. God has been so good to us since our last newsletter. In the first photo above you see our good friend and One Heart Church mission team leader Ron Welch surrounded by children at the school in Mataras. This was the first team that we have taken to this school and what a blessing they were to the school and community. The children learned about serving others and how much Jesus loves them, all while singing, dancing and playing games. OHC shared these same messages with a little over 500 children in Mataras, Mezcalillo, Arcamón, Monqueta, and Coalaca in addition to speaking in two different churches and at one very special house church meeting. As you can tell by this picture the mission team members had a lot of fun too! The director of the school in Mataras was so grateful for the OHC team and invited them to come back anytime.

The Lord blessed us with so many teams the first part of this year that Jean and I, like Ron in this photo, have been surrounded by many friends. Mid January started off with our friends from Redeemer Church in Michigan who came primarily to serve by doing medical clinics, followed by friends from Crossroads Church, the first of two trips to Honduras they'll make in 2017, then some of our co-missionaries from Frontline came to La Campa to help us for a few days. And they brought with them two new friends Ben and Natali from an organization called Dributts. Yes, you read that correctly, there will be more about them later.

We all left La Campa on February 2nd to pick up incoming teams. Meily and the Frontline group picked up a team to go serve in Flower Mountain and we picked up the Mangum brothers from KY with Waterstep who came to install two water purification projects. After the successful installation of these projects in just a few short days we took them back to the airport and then we went to a conference for missionaries hosted by HFMM in Siguatepeque. What a great and refreshing time that turned out to be. We joined this organization a little over a year ago but this was the first conference we were able to attend and we are looking forward to future conferences.

After the conference ended we returned to La Campa just in time for the big annual festival. Thousands of people come from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador for this event every year. It is very crowded and nearly impossible to get in or out of La Campa in a vehicle for a few days. But during this time we began the final push to make sure we had everything ready for all of our friends from Kentucky who were coming to spend three weeks with us in March. There were 18 of them for the first two weeks and 25 for the third week. They helped us begin construction of two new churches, taught English classes in La Campa, did children's ministry in several different schools, held four medical clinics serving nearly 500 people, showed the Jesus film in four communities, hosted women's ministry events, and preached in several churches.

Less than a week after Kentucky left the team from One Heart Church arrived, and then a couple of days later a team from Dributts arrived. It was a bit of a challenge having two teams here at the same time but so many people were blessed by both teams. OHC ministered to over 500 children and many, many adults in evening church services. They went to some of the most difficult communities we serve in terms of the spreading of the gospel.

Dributts came and delivered a little over 400 diapers in Cruz Alta, Mataras, Soanoy, La Campa, and near a small community called Oromilaca. The diaper they have developed is washable, very durable (some have been in use for 3 years), and very sanitary. The vision for these diapers came out of seeing the effects of disease and sickness in Haiti caused by a lack of diapers or the use of materials not designed to serve as diapers. While these diapers provide a tremendous health benefit they are also tangible tools that are used to demonstrate the love of God to moms and their children. We are already talking with Dributts about future trips and opportunities for us to serve together in Honduras.

As you would expect life happened while all of these great events were taking place. We had several issues with the truck including one Sunday afternoon roadside breakdown when the transmission decided to stop shifting. A couple of these breakdowns were pretty costly but we are thankful that we serve a mighty God. He not only has provided the financial means for us to make the repairs that we need to make but He has even made sure that the breakdowns took place at the best possible times. By that we mean that they have happened at times that have not disrupted any of our mission teams or ministry plans. The dependability of our truck is a bit of a concern for us and we are thinking and praying about what to do.

The biggest and most serious shock was the sudden stroke that our friend and boss Alan Winter suffered while on his way to Colombia with a mission team towards the end of February. After much difficulty getting him back to the states he underwent multiple surgeries but there were complications that could not be resolved so he went home to be with the Lord he served so faithfully on March 1st. If you knew Alan you knew that he truly was one of a kind and therefore can not be replaced. However, God has made it abundantly clear that his legacy is to live on through the continuing ministry of Frontline Missions.

There will be changes as we all learn how to continue on in Alan's absence but we are so grateful that we serve the all powerful God of the Bible who is not surprised by these things. It was God's plan to call Alan home when He did and God has a plan for all of us who are still here. Alan is where Alan is supposed to be and we are where we are supposed to be. Alan is in the presence of God and we too are in God's presence although we can't see Him as Alan now does. God told Joshua to be strong and courageous when Moses died and that is exactly the same thing He is telling us, be strong and courageous. He actually said this to Joshua three times, and after the third time He continued by saying "Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." (Joshua 1:9b)

Alan was not Moses and none of us are Joshua, but the message is just as important to us today. So this is what we will do, we will be strong and we will be courageous, because we have the promise that the Lord our God is with us wherever we are and wherever we go.

For all of you who have already visited us or will visit us later this year we thank you so much. Your service here is more significant than you might be able to see during your visits and we are honored that you give of yourselves and of your time to serve. To those of you who pray for us and the ministry and\or give sacrificially of your financial resources we offer a deep, heartfelt thank you. It takes all of us working together to further God's kingdom here in the mountains of Honduras. God bless all of you.
This diaper is pretty revolutionary. It is made using bamboo fibers, it is highly absorbent and very sanitary. It dries quickly and is adjustable so that newborns on up to 3 year olds can wear them. Each mother is given two per baby so while the baby is wearing one the other can be cleaned and dried. There is also an educational coloring book to help the family learn about proper hygiene. Please visit to learn more.
This is a little guy we met at the construction site of the first evangelical church in Mezcalillo. He is one of four little boys who spent a lot of time with us while we worked. His dad sold us the land for the church and then worked with us nearly every day we were there. Not only that but he also ran a garden hose from his house that is about 300 hundred or so feet away so that we could have water to mix concrete. We can't wait to see the impact that the Word of God being taught in this church will make in this family.
Upcoming Events

So what's next for us? Well, after we got home from dropping off the last team at the airport a few days ago we have been trying to get a lot of work caught up that has gone undone. We finished our taxes yesterday evening and are spending today working on other administrative stuff. Tomorrow, April 14th, we will go visit another new community to begin making detailed plans for ministry there this summer.

In May a couple who are very good friends are coming down to spend a week with us to see firsthand what God has been doing in this part of the world. Then on June 3rd our second team from Crossroads arrives to serve with us for a week doing construction and children's ministry.

Right after they head home another couple who are also good friends are coming down to explore opportunities for new ministry in this area in 2018. It will also be a time of refreshing and encouragement for us just like the time with the couple coming in May will be.

We will join up with a team our friend, mentor, and co-missionary at Frontline, Luis Chavarria, will be leading to Honduras in early July. This is a team of friends from First Baptist Atlanta who will be hosting Life Principles conferences in two different locations.

Later in July we have another team coming down from Phoenix Community Church north of Atlanta. For many of them this will be their first trip to Honduras and we can't wait to see them. We've been partners together in coffee for many years so it will be good to have them here on the ground with us.

In between these groups we will be making sure that the construction of the two new churches gets finished as quickly as possible. God has blessed us with funding for four other construction projects that we need to get started and completed before the rains come in later this year. We also have to take a trip, and hopefully only one, to Tegucigalpa to renew our residency cards by the end of May.

And in between all of this we will be living life, learning more Spanish, and sharing the love of God every chance we get. Thank you again for being a part of what the Lord is doing in Honduras!
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We have a full list of our most recent prayer requests and praises posted on our blog. There are even some photos from the Kentucky team at the end of the prayers and praises post.

In addition to that you can read an article Greg wrote titled A Dry and Dusty Land that hopefully will be encouraging to you. And if you haven't visited our blog in a while there may be some older content that you'll find enjoyable.

We greatly appreciate your prayers for us as we continue to live and serve in Honduras. We can not do what we do here without faithful prayer and financial supporters, so thank you so much and God bless!
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As always, we thank you so much for your prayer and generous financial support, and for being a part of what God is doing in Honduras. We can't do what we do without each of you.

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9, NASB

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