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First of all, on behalf of everyone here at Grin Technologies, we would like to say ‘Thank You’ for signing up for our newsletter, supporting us, and riding bikes. We are excited to finally produce our first issue of The Grin Tech Hub and there is no more perfect time than Summer Time to let er rip.
After another great spring here in Vancouver, we have a lot of ebike technology updates to report in this initial newsletter. Looking ahead, we expect to land another newsletter in your inbox every couple of months. If you have any questions, comments, or you want to send us a virtual high five, email us anytime at

 Now on with the show….

Cycle Satiator Update

Back in November 2014 we launched a one of a kind product: The Cycle Satiator – Universal Programmable Ebike Battery Charger, and the ebike industry is embracing it with open arms. The Satiator addresses a number of challenges faced by ebikers who have been unsatisfied with typical battery chargers due to their bulky design, slow charging rates, limited functionality, and unreliable construction. 

What we have learned is that the Satiator is changing the way people are thinking about ebike batteries and how they use their ebikes. The major shift is that the Satiator, being programmable, puts YOU in control of how you charge your batteries. This means you can optimize your charging profiles in order to get the most out of your ebike battery, and get the most out of your ebike. 

Version V 1.0 Firmware Update
For those of you who are already using the Cycle Satiator, we will release V 1.0 firmware in early July which will unlock a whole suite of functions to your charger, so stay tuned for that.
Cycle Satiator Programmable Battery Charger
The Cycle Satiator Puts you in Control. 
Click the image above to play the video and see the Satiator in action.
Choose to ‘Satiate’ your Lithium Battery
It's been well known in the industry that most lithium batteries can last for 2-3X the standard number of charge cycles if they are only charged to 80-90%. This means you replace your battery every 5 years rather than every 2-3 years, reducing the cost per watt hour significantly, but very few existing ebike systems take advantage of that. Since the Statiator is programmable and you can have multiple profiles onboard, you get to choose when you ‘Satiate’ (80% charge) your battery and when you charge it to maximum ensuring you get maximum range when you need it. The Satiator puts you in control of your battery.
Not only can you choose how you charge your battery but you also can watch the status of the charge on the built in display enabling you to completely understand your power consumption and usage characteristics.  Armed with this data, you can optimize your ride time, battery life, and confidence in your ebike system. Since the Satiator is programmable, it can be used on all of your bikes no matter what the battery voltage or chemistry, so long as the full charge is 60V or less.
In an effort to get the word out here, we've produced a short  Satiator Intro Video which summarizes this information, which we'd love you to watch and share. It's our first foray into official video production and we'd welcome any feedback. 

NEW APP: Battery Charge Simulator

As part of our ongoing commitment to educate the world about electric vehicle technology, we are developing the Charging Simulator App. That may not sound especially interesting, but it allows you to see the expected charging graph of any lithium battery setup, with different charge currents and termination voltages, and gives you full control for configuring custom partial charge profiles. These custom charge profiles can then be saved to a file and loaded directly onto your Satiator charger. 

At the moment we have only a few cell types and common battery packs characterized, but over the course of summer we expect to test a large number of different cells so that the charging of just about any ebike pack can be accurately simulated.
Our new ebike battery charger simulator is a great tool for truely understanding how to manage your ebike batteries. Click the image for more details.

Cycle Analyst Update:

New Firmware Available
On the Cycle Analyst front we are please to announce major firmware updates for both Version 2 and Version 3 Cycle Analysts. 
 Version 2 Cycle Analyst:
For V2.3 CA owners, upgrading to the new firmware will enhance your user experience by enabling a few key features that were previously only available in the V3. For example, the V2.4 firmware now contains the battery state of charge indicator along with tweaks to the setup menu, while the Marine firwmare has a trimmed down set of displays for those monitoring batteries without needing speed and distance trip data . For more information and downloads please visit the CAV2 Firmware Upgrade blog
 Version 3 Cycle Analyst:
The V3 CA firmware has been quite stable but a number of small performance tweaks earlier this year have brought it up to the CA3 Prelim10 code, which contains special enhancements for people using torque PAS sensors or the auxilliary input potentiometer. Check back for updates throughout the summer. CAV3 Firmware Information page
Firmware Updater and CA-USB Cable Required
In order to update the firmware on any CA version, you will need to download and run the CA Firmware Updater with the CA connected to your laptop via the CA-USB cable. Click the links below for more details:

In This Issue

Click on the images to navigate to the topic.
Cycle Satiator Universal Programmable Ebike Battery Charger Update
New Web App: Ebike Charge Simulator: Simulate and Create Profiles for the Cycle Satiator
Grin Tech Ebike Conversion Kit Updates: 
New Ebike Kit Information Page: Easily Compare and choose the best ebike kit for your application.
Brompton Specific Ebike Kit: Brompton Folding Bike Kits include custom cable lengths and mounting brackets for a streamlined and clean installation.
Stoked Yubas: Cycle Stoker - Mid Drive Kit for Yuba Mundo Cargo Bikes.
Custom Hub Motor Build Page: Choose from a selection of hub motors and rims to create your perfect ebike powertrain.
Cycle Analyst Steer tube mount: Streamline your ebike conversion with this slick mounting bracket for the Cycle Analyst.

On Our Website

Grin Ebike Conversion Kit Updates:

Our range of conversion kits has grown in the past year and now we have a variety of great options to meet every application from small folding bikes to large cargo haulers. From smallest to largest here are all the hub motors we currently have available.

New Kit Webpage:

To make it easier to navigate all of the conversion options that we have available, we recently updated our Grin Conversion Kits page to include concise summary details all in one place. This new page has information on all of the types of motors we carry and allows for quick power and weight comparisons across all of the hub motor and mid-drive kits that we currently have in stock. There is also great general information on motors and batteries. We hope you find it clarifies the decision making process when selecting the ideal kit. 
Visit the Grin Tech Ebike Kit Page by clicking the image below.

Custom Motor Build Options

Not satisfied with stock wheel builds? Although Crystalyte and eZee have both been doing a respectable job of providing motors tightly laced into decent standard sized rims, there are many reasons why people may prefer to have a hub custom built. As a result, we've started stocking almost all of our hub motor series as unlaced hubs as well, and have created a new Custom Motor Build option on our online store. This lets you easily select from a drop-down menu any set of hub, spoke, and rim options for a custom build and proceed to checkout with just a few button clicks.

Here is a link to the page: Custom Hub Motor Build

This way you will be getting a professional hand-laced and trued wheel by the skilled staff at Grin. Although our current rim offerings are a bit limited, we've got a 65mm wide Weinmann rim suitable for fatbike builds, and by early July we will have the entire 20, 24, 26, and 29" series of rugged Alex DM24 rims for super strong wheel builds too. And of course there is always the option of choosing your rim locally and shipping it to us for building up. 

Brompton Folding Bike Kit

We are stoked to announce a plug and play purpose built ebike conversion kit specifically designed for the Brompton folding bike. While we try to make conversion kits as general purpose as possible, the Brompton platform warranted its own custom configuration uniquely tailored to the needs of this bike. 
There are a number of challenges that have to be overcome when developing an electric bike kit for a folding bike like the Brompton. To begin with, the hub motor needs to be narrow and compact to fit in the tiny 75mm forks. The controller, wiring, and battery must be aligned and routed in such a way as to not impact the on-the-fly foldability of the bike. And finally, the whole system should still be light enough that it can be carried and also fit in checked luggage. We think we've nailed these details and have developed a Brompton specific ebike kit that is ready for action.
Along with this kit we also have developed a detailed installation guide for the wiring and setup of the Grin Tech Brompton Kit. Click here for the Install Guide.
Front Hub Motor Options:
When electrifying the Brompton, one of the challenges is the narrow width of their front forks. Our motors: the Crystallyte NSM and SAW20 front hub motors rise to the challenge with their custom 8mm axle flats and 75 mm length fitting perfectly in the Brompton fork without any modification. Power outputs range from 250-400W for the NSM and 350-500W on the SAW20 depending on your choice of battery and motor controller. The entire kit can be cleanly installed in a few hours.
Custom Kit Features:
Cable Lengths: All the cables for the Cycle Analyst and motor controller have been cut to length enabling a very tidy installation with no extra wire bundling and perfect folding.
Cycle Analyst Handlebar Mount: We created a custom mounting bracket that holds the Cycle Analyst directly to the Brompton stem, neatly centered on the handlebars. This keeps it from getting moved or damaged during the fold or transport.
Motor Controller Mount: The unique placement of the motor controller above the front fender was key to our clean layout and wire routing,  and we are supplying this kit with a custom controller mounting bracket that attaches to the front fender bolt.   
Mini Torque Arm: Brompton’s have small and narrow axles which require a unique type of mini torque arm, two of which are included with each kit.


Cycle Stoking a Yuba Mundo

For 2015, our Cycle Stoker line of mid drive kits for long tail cargo bikes expands as we rolled out our Cycle Stoker for Yuba. This kit is designed specifically for the Yuba Mundo and it delivers smooth cargo hauling power and speed. Mid-drives like the Bafang BBS02 have made the rounds lately but this stands apart:
  • Patterson 2-speed crankset, gives the equivalent of a 62T chainring for unprecedented high speed gear ratios even at a comfortable pedal cadence
  • Provides true Proportional Torque Assistance with all the custom settings of a V3 Cycle Analyst to dial in the desired performance
  • Uses of standard bicycle chain and bicycle components for the entire drive transmission, no special proprietary gears in the mix. 
After a very successful beta test cycle, the Yuba Cycle Stoker kit is in production and readily available through our online store or through our dealers. If you have a Yuba Mundo and are interested in this kit check out our Yuba Cycle Stoker store page and info page. Since the installation requires some specialized bike tools, you can use our Dealer Locator to see if there is a shop in your area that can supply and install it.  

Affordable and Awesome Accessories

When it comes to building a custom ebike conversions, the look and feel of the handlebar controls is key. With that in mind, we want to let everyone know about a great and cheap upgrade you can make to your Cycle Analyst to allow it to attach directly to the steertube rather than the handlebars. For those of you with 1-1/8” threadless headsets, this adapter could possibly be the best $18 you have spent in on yourself in a while. By updating your bike to this CA Steerbracket Mount, you can centralize the location of the Cycle Analyst and improve the ergonomics of the handle bar while streamlining the look of your rig. Click on the image below to learn more.

t is possible at the time you order the Cycle Analyst to choose the steer tube mount instead of the handlebar bracket, simply make mention in the order comments and we will swap it out for you at no charge.
The END..... V.1.0 complete!

As anticipated, our first newsletter turned out to be quite a lot of information and we hope you found it to be valuable. It was a lot of fun pulling it together and we are already planning for the next one. If you have any questions or need any technical assistance, please contact us anytime at

Keep Smiling and may the road under your tires be smooth.

Danial, Justin, Ben, John, and the rest of the Grin Tech team.
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