February 2017: Self-care
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Self-care: What are you doing to keep yourself healthy?

Okay, this may seem way out there but have you stopped to take care of you lately?  I know that we are all super busy with work, kids, pets, cooking, cleaning and everything in between.  it can be difficult to remember to take care of yourself too.  However, self-care rituals are important to establish and keep up.  If you are not healthy and looking after you, you can't look after anyone else.  But how do you establish this important ritual? 

1) Find an activity you love
Activity and moving the body are important for our health.  Find something that doesn't feel like a chore but has health benefits for you.  Some people love to go to the gym and lift weights while others would rather go to a yoga class.  Some people love to take a walk while others maybe like to run.  Find something that you love and will continue to do.  If you don't love it, its not really self-care in the long run. 
2) Find time for rest too
Activity is very important in self-care but rest is also necessary.  Rest allows the body time to heal.  Make sure you are getting plenty of sleep and make time to sit and do nothing.  It can be helpful just to shut down once in a while and simply be.  A great way, can be to take a bath once a week. 
3)  Ask for help
Often, it feels like no one else can do what you do.  Talk to your family and partner about what you need to do to take care of you and your family better.  You are not good to anybody sick, tired or injured.  Ask for help, especially during those crazy busy times when you are feeling stretched too thin. 
4) Commit to it
Write down when and what you are doing for your self-care.  Commit to it by physically writing it down on paper or a calendar.  You are more likely to remember to do it. 
5) Take care of any aches, pains or injuries.
We spend long hours in the cars and long hours sitting for work then we run around after kids or pets.  Be sure to take care of any injuries that develop quickly.  Taking time for a chiropractic treatment or a massage as little as once a month can keep your body feeling "tuned up" and ready to go.  It can reduce soreness and help prevent injury.  Getting injuries taken care of when they happen also helps to prevent chronic issues that keep you away from doing the things you love.  
6) You are worth it
There can be lots of judgement and feelings around taking care of yourself including feelings of guilt and selfishness.  It is never selfish to take care of you so you can take care of others you love.  remember, you are worth it!

To start or reboot a self-care ritual with any of our practitioners, call the office at 905-430-9431. 


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