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Technical Insights

Double glazing unit (DGU) optical & thermal property testing procedures

Double glazing units (DGUs) are glazing systems consisting of two single glazing panes and one gas space (e.g. air or argon).
Instead of testing the DGU assembly directly, the two single glazing panes are separated and tested one by one, according to the identical procedures of testing standalone single glazing glasses. The gas space is not physically tested, and only considered in the calculation.
  • Step 1. Separation of DGU into standalone outer pane and inner pane
  • Step 2. Individual single glazing testing
  • Step 3. ......
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More services: pyranometer calibration service

Pyranometer calibration service is now available in our lab.

The calibration is traceable to PMOD/WRC, Switzerland and NMC, Singapore. Currently, the service is limited to Delta Ohm LP PYRA 03 pyranometers.


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Quality Assurance

We perform intra-lab comparisons and inter-lab comparisons regularly, for quality assurance.
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