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We are pleased to present you our Q3/2020 OTM Insights newsletter for technical sharing on optical & thermal measurement solutions. 
OTM Insights is a quarterly newsletter and this is the 5th issue.
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Technical Insights

How accurate are glass optical & thermal test results?

All customers are concerned of the measurement accuracy in glass optical & thermal property testing. We are also working hard to improve our measurement accuracy consistently. This article aims to explain the following in glass optical & thermal property testing:
  1. Typical intra-lab and inter-lab accuracies
  2. Factors influencing measurement accuracy
  3. Estimated measurement uncertainties
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OTM News

5 certainties amid uncertainties: our COVID-19 strategy
We are committed to the following 5 certainties amid the uncertainties caused by COVID-19: long-termism, innovation, branding, global opportunities, and customer loyalty. 
New service: thermal conductivity test of soil

We are now able to perform thermal conductivity test of soil tube samples according to ASTM D5334, using a needle-type probe shown on the right.
Online solar reflectance index (SRI) calculator
If you are interested in performing your own SRI calculations, we have a user-friendly online SRI calculator, for you to get the SRI of your material instantly by simply inputting your material's solar reflectance and emittance. 


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Quality Assurance

We perform intra-lab comparisons and inter-lab comparisons regularly, for quality assurance.
Click the button below for our Q2/2020 quality assurance test results.
Q2/2020 QA report
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