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We are pleased to present you our Q1/2020 OTM Insights newsletter for technical sharing on optical & thermal measurement solutions. 
OTM Insights is a quarterly newsletter and this is the 3rd issue.
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Technical Insights

Partially fritted glazing optical & thermal property testing procedures

Partially fritted glasses are different from conventional glasses in two aspects: a) they are not uniform and b) the fritted parts are not specular.
The following practices are employed in the lab to test partially fritted glasses:
  • The clear part and fritted part are tested separately;
  • The fritted sample is tested in the same way as a specular sample;
  • Area-weighted averaging is performed to get the overall results.
The practices are in in line with Annex C of the EN 410 standard, but deviate from the other NFRC/ISO/EN standards.
This article aims to explain the step-by-step procedures for partially fritted glass optical & thermal property testing.
  • Step 1. Preparation of test samples
  • Step 2. Individual part/sample testing
  • Step 3. ......
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OTM News

More informative: 2020 edition lab profile

We've just released our 56-page 2020 edition lab profile, with detailed information on our capabilities, services and technical insights.
More consistent: uniform price for all

We are practicing uniform pricing rules for all. Discounts will be automatically applied based on a set of fixed rules. With this initiative, most customers will enjoy more savings.

More confidence: proficiency test on thermal conductivity

We participated in a proficiency test on thermal conductivity testing, with satisfying results. An expanded polystyrene board sample was tested. The result reported by OTM is 0.0337 W/(m•K), which is very close to the mean result 0.0333 W/(m•K) reported by 88 participating labs.


Lab profile
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Quality Assurance

We perform intra-lab comparisons and inter-lab comparisons regularly, for quality assurance.
Click the button below for our Q4/2019 quality assurance test results.
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