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Ka Mea Hou o KKCR
(The News of KKCR)

KKCR Volunteers:  (Top row)  Louie, Ben, Diamond, Andrew, Jonathan Jay, Allisun, Mantra, Den, Donovan, Dr. Basko, Scott Brown, Captain Tommy, Tod, Jordan, Richard, JMeans
(Front row) Mahana, Dean, Leilani, Linda, Indigo, Marj, Nani, Dove
Ke Kani O Kaua`i Nei  ~ The Sound of Kaua`i

Aloha and mahalo to everyone who participated in helping to make our Spring 2014 membership drive an astounding success!

Thank you to our 153 new members and to all of our loyal renewing members, to our waveriders and underwriters, to the restaurants and volunteers that fed us, to the phone volunteers, to the programmers, and to all those who pledged both their financial support and their valuable time.  A special mahalo to Kamoa Ukulele Company ( for again donating twenty high quality ukuleles as premiums for our amazing Angels, Hawaiian Rainforest Spas ( for our Early Bird Drawing prize, and Kauai Reflexology Center ( for our Grand Prize Drawing award.  Congratulations to Betty in Hanalei our Early Bird Winner and Karen in Kapaa our Grand Prize winner.  We raised over $60,000 for Kaua`i Community Radio, exceeding our goal in eleven days.  Great Job everyone!  

Mahalo for your amazing generosity and commitment to Kaua`i Community Radio!
Michele Rundgren (Rock and Roll Happy Hour - Fridays 4-6pm)
and Sandy “Tita” Swift (Kani Ka Pila, Mondays - Fridays 7-9am) had another
“friendly” competition to see who’s show brought in the most donations during the drive.

Kilauea Bakery / Pau Hana Pizza  -  Bar Acuda  -  Tiki Iniki
Oasis on the Beach  -  The Greenery Cafe  -  Maren Orion
John and Rosalie Gordon  -  Tracey Schavone
Cousin Rich  -  Marj Dente  -  Ya!


Mahalo to all those who contributed their time and support to KKCR during our Spring Pledge Drive.  It was a resounding success ~ because of You.  A special welcome to the new members of the KKCR `Ohana. 

Upgrades to the station include a new CART system, it replaces one that has been operating 10 years continuously, I’m amazed  it’s lasted this long!  We are also currently building a digital music library and overhauling our physical library. 

I’m also happy to announce the return of KKCR’s  volunteer coordinator Dove Liddle.  Dove is well known for his yearly ‘Homegrown Music Festival’ as well as his ‘Fresh Jam’ program every Saturday night 10-midnight+. If you’re interested in volunteering at KKCR, give Dove a call Monday, Tuesday or Friday  between 10-4  @ 826-7774.

KKCR would like to bid aloha and warmest mahalo to The Storybook Theater/Children's Earth Count program and satellite broadcast facility in Hanapepe. Mark Jeffers has produced our Saturday morning Children's Programming for the last five years and will be moving on to other projects and programs for young people. Thank you Mark, Dave, Will, and their cast of colorful characters for providing a continuous stream of quality children’s cultural programming and good luck on future endeavors. 

It’s Hurricane season, we’ve included a handy information sheet on the back of our Program Schedule. Be Prepared.


Funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, KKCR has produced many CDs featuring local artists including the Talk Story Series.  This year we have released Talk Story with Mike Young.    

KAONA by Donovan Cabebe

Donovan’s Hawaiian music program, Songs of Sovereignty,
airs Wednesdays from 9 - 11 am

  For the Kanaka Maoli, it is the common understanding that life is multi layered, that life experiences often come with greater lessons than what we may first perceive. This understanding is what Kanaka Maoli call Kaona. It is the understanding that within everything we may see and hear, what we experience in our daily lives holds and often hides deeper meaning, that what we first perceive or what is shown to us at face value may often be a façade or  a means to deliver hidden or guarded messages.

  Mary Kawena Pukui defined Kaona this way: 1. n. Hidden meaning, as in Hawaiian poetry; concealed reference, as to a person, thing, or place; words with double meanings that might bring good or bad fortune. Kaona hoʻoʻinoʻino, pejorative innuendo. No wai ke kaonao kēlā mele? Who is being referred to in veiled language in that song?

  This understanding is one of the fundamental aspects of Kanaka Maoli spirituality. This understanding allows us to see things in a different light or with, what one can call, the inner eye. It is this understanding that has served to guide Kanaka Maoli for a millennia and continues to guide us today. I offer this concept to the reader in the hopes that you will begin to view the world around you as we the Kanaka Maoli do. With openness to what is not being shown, with openness to what is not being said, with openness to the veiled language that is life. Seek the deeper meaning in even the mundane things, for all of our experiences and actions hold Kaona. Understanding that there can often be some form of kaona in what you hear, experience and observe will also serve to bring you closer to what is one of the most important traits a human can possess, compassion. 

   Kaona is the understanding that life is a mystery and that with compassion and openness we can un-ravel the mysteries gaining understanding, wisdom, knowledge insight and so much more.

    Mahalo Ke Akua a me na Kupuna a me Na Aumakua 

by Auntie Maria

Enjoy Auntie Maria’s Hawaiian Music Show
“Aloha Kaua`i” Thursdays and Fridays 7 -9am.

The award-winning duo Kupaoa collaborates with the Japan group, Kaulana, bringing 12 original Hawaiian compositions that bridge the Pacific.  A harmonious mix of music and cultures.

Kolohe Kai ~ Paradise
Filled with songs about surfing, island life, love and heartbreak.

From the original 1978 vinyl in 1978, this one has just been released on CD. It features musicians Steven Hall, Brian Hussey, Cyril Pahinui and Eddie Palama.




Alternating Mondays 6-8pm

Sundays 7 - 9am

I grew up in Brooklyn, New York during the 60’s.   My dad is a jazz cat and that was the music we heard at our home.  I followed in his footsteps in appreciating this genre of music.  When my dad is on island I bring him down to KKCR and have him share his jazz stories over the air.  Our favorite jazz cat is Cal Tjader….and the latin jazz beat.

When I moved to San Francisco in the mid seventies I started to listen to classical music.  It is an amazing city for both jazz and classical.

I am honored to be a dj…or as we say….a programmer on our amazing community radio station……KKCR !! 

I want to thank all our listeners for supporting KKCR !!



Fridays 8 - 10pm

An extremely talented musician, artist and time traveller, Tod Walker has been a KKCR volunteer since 2002.  Along with his much loved and entertaining program “Beatbox Time Machine”, Tod has produced several remote broadcasts for KKCR including Earth Day celebrations and this year’s sold out Xavier Rudd concert from Kaua`i Community College.  Tod is also the recipient of KKCR’s cherished “Amir of the Year” award 2014.  Mahalo Tod for being an outstanding KKCR volunteer!

Seasonal Delicious Recipe 
from Robin

Robin co-hosts "In the Garden On the Farm"
Wednesdays from Noon to 1pm

1 full grown bok choy or 3-5 Baby bok choy
1 large bunch of mixed herbs such as parsley, cilantro, dill, thyme, tarragon and/or rosemary in any ratio to taste
1 medium fennel bulb, fronds included
2 cloves garlic
1/2 medium onion
about 1 pound fresh local mushrooms or your favorite mushrooms
soy sauce, tamari or shoyu
Olive or coconut oil

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Wash Bok Choy whole and slice, starting at the base completely in half. Drizzle a little oil in a large baking dish and lay Bok Choy halves cut side up snuggly side by side.  Sprinkle with a little salt and pepper.  Finely chop choice herbs, garlic and onion and sprinkle into spaces between the leaves of the Bok choy.  Medium dice the fennel bulb including some of the stems and feathery fronds, and sprinkle into the spaces between the leaves of the Bok Choy, pressing them in when needed.  Coarsely chop mushrooms and fill up spaces between the Bok Choy.  Drizzle more oil and tamari to taste and cover with parchment or foil.  Place in oven and bake for about 45 minutes, less time for Baby Choy.  Pierce leaf base with a knife to test for doneness, you are looking for soft but not mushy, remove cover and broil for a few minutes to brown a little.  Eat right away! Yum!



What inspired you to volunteer at KKCR?
I've always wanted to host my own radio show and since Kaua`i is an island of magical opportunities, I reached out to KKCR after being interviewed for a Spoken Word event I did on island in April. I thought it'd be a great way to move towards my dream and wanted to learn the in's & out's of how radio works, especially community radio, which I've always been a fan of. I had no idea how much fun it would be to work on the fund drive and be in the studio with various deejays sharing what they love, meeting fellow volunteers and of course, getting to know all the incredible staff at KKCR! 
How was the recent Fund Drive experience for you?
What a lovely opportunity to get to know listeners, deejays, and KKCR team members! Everyone was more than enthusiastic and supportive, especially how they nurtured my long-held dream to have my own show. I was truly able to get a sense of the ohana on the island by hearing callers share how much they love KKCR programming or even having the freedom to share dissenting opinions. It was a first hand glimpse at how diverse Kaua`i is. 
What type of show are you hoping to produce?
My radio heroes and heroines are Ira Glass, Krista Tippett, Terry Gross, Jad Abumrad, and Robert Krulwich. I'm planning a show based on the idea of storytelling and interviewing, by featuring the multitude of intriguing residents who live and visit our island. Think "This American Life" meets "On Being" meets "Radiolab". Plus, I love music and often get asked about my playlists, so I'm hoping to infuse a bit of that in there, too!
Any advice for people “on the fence” about volunteering?
Two of my favorite sayings are "The more grateful I am, the more I have to be grateful for" & "When you're feeling helpless, help someone." I've volunteered since I was young, always coming away with a greater understanding that the more I give, the more I learn and receive. It's such a wonderful feeling to genuinely connect with people of all backgrounds, to support an endeavor that aims to highlight diversity, and to feel like your presence is making a difference... especially when what you're doing is so enjoyable!



What inspired you to volunteer at KKCR?
The station is like nothing else in Hawai`i. KKCR provides an outlet from all the terrible garbage that plagues almost all airways throughout the Islands and the rest of North America. The station provides a "Pressure Relief Valve" for the community. Coming from the Big Island, there is no forum like KKCR.  I realize how powerful it is to have the community diologue that KKCR facilitates. It helps the community unite and stand up for whats right. KKCR is a treasure that highlights all the diversity, strengths and uniqueness that Kaua`i has to offer.
How has your 30 hour volunteer experience been?
Super awesome. I learned alot. I helped with the fund drive, got to record waveriders on the wave cart, databased pledge forms and helped organize the music library.  
What type of show are you hoping to produce?
An eclectic array of music to elevate the body mind and soul. Funk, jazz,  dub, reggae,soul, hiphop, downbeat, kī hō`alu, blues, afro-beat, and anything that fits in with the flow. We will talk story when serious issues go down facing Kauaʻi and the islands at large, but basically good music to cruise, lounge or vibe too. My focus is on the music.
How was the recent Fund Drive experience for you?
Great. Lots of action. It kept  me on my toes. It was lots of excitement. It was really great to see all the progress we made on a daily basis. It brought unity to all  the volunteers. It really helped fortify for me the great `ohana here at KKCR. 
Any advice for people “on the fence” about volunteering?
Do it!. KKCR changed my whole attitude about things. Everyone at the station has choke Aloha. It’s a great way to expand your musical horizons, hang out with an amazing array of people from diverse backgrounds. There is defiantly a great `ohana vibe.

Editors note:  Eric now has an official program "Soul Shakedown Party" alternating Fridays from 6 - 8pm.



What inspired you to volunteer at KKCR?
The variety of offerings in music and cultural programing was a huge inspiration in my decision to volunteer with KKCR.  I wanted to give back to the community and help inspire and uplift others, as do all of the volunteers here at KKCR. 
How has your 30 hour volunteer time been, explain the type of work you did?
My volunteer time at KKCR has been a blast! I’ve loved getting to know all of the different people who work with and support this station.   Getting to see the dedication and love for music and cultural awareness first hand has been amazing. I have been involved with organizing music, learning about the systems, tracking and relationships with record companies.  
The Fund Drive was so much fun!  Helping out on my favorite shows, talking to the community and hearing the feedback on why they love and support the station was very inspiring. It definitely made me proud to be a part of such a worthy cause.  
What type of show are you hoping to produce?
I am currently planning a show that will focus on expanding the musical interests of my listeners as well as incorporate a variety of guests to encourage, educate and entertain my audience. 
Any advice for people “on the fence” about volunteering?
Get over here! We need people of every kind to contribute and celebrate the empowerment of the community. Being involved with KKCR will provide an opportunity to give back and make a difference in our local community and beyond.  I believe that if given a chance people will help.  This is your chance to help.  We want you!

Editors note:  Allisun now has an official program "Wonderland" alternating Mondays from 3 - 5pm.



What inspired you to volunteer at KKCR?
Best radio station I've ever heard!! I pledged last spring and TinaB was gracious enough to show me the station and encourage me to volunteer.
How has your 30 hour volunteer time been, explain the type of work you did?
Sort CDs, vacuum, sweep, organize, volunteer for the fund drive, clean the fridge;). It's been really great meeting the programmers and talking story.
How was the recent Fund Drive experience for you?
Awesome, I wish I could've been there more:) feels really great talking to supporters and taking pledges while visiting with other programmers and playing radio.
What type of show are you hoping to produce?
Eclectic mix, mostly free form. I love so many different genres.
Any advice for people “on the fence” about volunteering?
Its fun! The time flies by and a person can learn a lot. Hands down one if the best things I've done on Kaua`i, can't wait to have my own time slot!
Mahalo Nui to our SPRING 2014 WAVERIDERS
Afeinberg Gallery 
Anahola Granola
Bali Hai Realty Coldwell Banker
Bar Acuda Restaurant 
Bee Kind Apiary
Bill Fernandez 
Blue Tiki Tattoo
Book Darts
Cecil Gee 
Dolphin Touch Wellness Center 
Dove Presents 
Dr. Basko – All Creatures Great & Small 
Dr. Carolynne Manka 
Firelight Kauai
Hale 'O Kanaka Maoli
Harvest Market Hanalei
Havaiki Oceanic & Tribal Art
Heaven on Earth
Historic Waimea Theater
Hui O Laka
Nathan Kalama
Jungle Girl
Kahuna Queen
Kauai Camper
Kauai Canvas
Kauai Hand Therapy
Kauai Farmacy
Kauai Marine and Mower 
Kauai Mini Golf
Kauai North Shore Community Foundation
Kilauea Cross Fit
Kauai Rising 
Lawrence D. McCreery, Attorney at Law
Limahuli Garden & Preserve
Magic Dragon 
Na Pali Properties
Oasis On The Beach
Paradise Music - Hawaiian Music Store
Princeville Center
Poi Boy Records 
PS&D Napa Auto Parts
Pua Hina Design/Warrior Design
Rainbows Over Kapaa
Roshani Design
Taste of Hawaii 2014
Small Town Coffee
Sol Systems
Thai Elephant
The West Inn
Westside Pharmacy
YeeCorp & Associates
YWCA of Kauai


by Maren Orion, VP
Kekahu Foundation Board of Directors

News from the Board

Aloha and best greetings from the Kekahu Board of Directors!   As of our January meeting…we are very pleased to welcome two new Board members, Jeff Frisk, also known as “Grateful Phreddy” on KKCR’s Saturday evenings’ Grateful Dead and Friends.   Also Anni Caporuscio, owner of Small Town Coffee and Blue House Booksellers in Kapa`a, and a dedicated volunteer for KKCR for many years.   Thank you both so much for stepping forward to serve on the Kekahu Board.

Kekahu Foundation Board Meeting
August 6, 2014 6pm
Location TBD 

Programming Committee Meeting
August 13, 2014 6-8pm
Small Town Coffee, Kapaa

The Strategic Plan Review Committee met on Wednesday, March 26th to begin updating the Strategic Plan, an important document which is meant to clarify our purpose in the present and set goals for the future.

We would love to find a few more members for the Kekahu Board.  It’s a big job and we could use the help! If you are interested in joining the Board, we would love to invite you to attend a meeting or speak with any of the Board members.   Applications are available at

Wishing everyone a joyous and fruitful spring!
Maren Orion, V.P., Kekahu Board

Current Kekahu Foundation Board Members:
Steve Thatcher - President
Maren Orion - Vice President
Jeff Frisk - Treasurer
Anni Caporuscio - Secretary
Carl Imparato
Healani Waiwai`ole


The Kekahu Foundation/KKCR Community Advisory Board, the CAB, is now accepting applications for Membership.  Contact the CAB at

Aloha From The CAB
The Kekahu Foundation/KKCR Community Advisory Board, the CAB, is accepting applications for Membership. The CAB is also urging all interested listeners to consider participating in KKCR'S upcoming Programming Committee meetings, as well as our Strategic Plan Update,  as we continue our mission of bringing relevant and timely information and music to our island community and beyond. All the work that we all did for the first 5 year Strategic Plan produced results we can all be proud of bringing about.  Its a different world now and we need to do an update. All meetings are open to the public and will be announced on air.  One more announcement is the CAB 5th Monday 5 to 6 pm show will now be a combination CAB and Board of Directors hosted show,  Mahalo to the Board for joining the show.

The CAB advises the Kekahu Foundation Board Of Directors, the BOD, the governing body of our community radio station, on how programming and policies can best meet the educational and cultural needs of our island community.  The CAB is mandated by grant funding KKCR receives from the Corporation For Public Broadcasting, the CPB, to operate independently from the BOD and hold public meetings with the community to receive programming feedback, policy suggestions and offer a starting point for those interested in learning about volunteering at KKCR.  The CAB meets twice yearly at different locations around the  island to make it easier for residents to attend. Membership in the CAB is a good opportunity for those who want to be part of our community radio station but do not want a show and are more interested in perhaps community outreach and meeting people who want to help educate our community and provide opportunities for young people, as well as those who want to volunteer at the structural level to strengthen our organization or begin new programming directions.  The CAB has and continues to be instrumental in guiding most major policy decisions at KKCR. 

CAB members currently include: 
Mickey Sussman - Chair, 
Paul Moody - Vice Chair,  
Larry Magnussen -  Secretary
Jim Kelly - At Large


Call Erik at 808.826.7774 or email

Please express your gratitude and support to our underwriters which, along with listeners like you, help make KKCR programs possible.

KKCR is Kaua`i's independent, non-commercial, listener-supported community radio station. We seek to stimulate, educate and entertain our audience, to preserve, perpetuate and celebrate Hawaiian culture, and to reflect the diversity of the local and world community. We provide a forum for overlooked, suppressed, or under-represented voices and music. The Kekahu Foundation facilitates this broadcasting opportunity.
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