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Ka Mea Hou o KKCR
(The News of KKCR)



Ke Kani O Kaua`i Nei  ~ The Sound of Kaua`i
Aloha and mahalo to everyone who participated in our Fall 2015 Membership Drive!  Our goal was $60,000.  We raised over $52,000 for Kaua`i Community Radio in eleven days.  Mahalo to our 103 new members and to all of our loyal renewing members, our waveriders and underwriters, the restaurants and volunteers that fed us, the phone volunteers, the programmers, and to all of you who pledged both your financial support and valuable time.

Kamoa Ukulele Company for donating twelve high quality ukuleles as premiums for a few of our amazing Angels.

The Hanalei Bay Resort for our Early Bird Drawing prize of a two night stay at their beautiful resort.  Congratulations to Patrick in Gunnison, Colorado, our Early Bird Drawing Winner!

Mahalo Everyone for your amazing generosity and commitment to Kaua`i Community Radio! 

We have some issues in the production of the Paula Fuga Talk Story CDs. We apologize for the delay. Once they arrive, hopefully next week (November 25th) we will be mailing out all of your mahalo gifts.  Mahalo for your patience.

We are still fundraising to get to our goal of $60,000.  Please consider making a single or sustaining donation now by clicking HERE

SUSTAINING MEMBERSHIP - By making a Monthly Sustaining gift, you give KKCR a reliable source of income that helps us plan for the future. Your donation is billed to your credit card each month and automatically renews each year. Of course, you can change or cancel your payments at anytime by emailing us at or calling us at (808) 826-7774.


Mahalo to everyone who pledged support to Kauai Community Radio during our Fall 2015 Membership Drive. KKCR has been serving Kauai for 18 years. Your participation is what makes us community radio, from the volunteer driven call-in Talk Shows to our diverse educational and musical offerings, KKCR constantly strives to present engaging programming.

With another election cycle underway, KKCR stands alone as the only independent media source on the island of Kaua'i.

If you're part of an organization that needs to get your message to the community, please contact us about creating a Public Service announcement to help promote island-wide participation.

Community Radio works best when the entire community gets involved. We encourage everyone who has an interest in music, news, community outreach, broadcasting or just volunteering to contact the station and learn more about KKCR. 

You can also go online to and take our listener survey, or feel free to call us at (808)826-7774 and get involved in your Kauai Community Radio.



Funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, KKCR has produced many CDs featuring local artists including the Talk Story Series.  All donations of $25 or more receive our latest TALK STORY WITH PAULA FUGA CD as a mahalo gift. Paula was interviewed by Thomas Kelleher.  The cover photos were taken by Jackson Koorenhof (


by Auntie Maria
Enjoy Auntie Maria’s Hawaiian Music Show
“Aloha Kaua`i” Thursdays and Fridays 7 -9am..

TRAVELS by Jake Shimabukuro
"Travels" casts the spotlight on Jake’s diverse artistry, from lilting self-penned compositions, to modern interpretations of beloved Hawaiian standards.  As a special treat, the disc also includes a memorable pair of pop nuggets from the 70s: A sweet rendition of “I’ll Be There” by the Jackson 5, and a witty, Hawaii-meets-East L.A., take on “Low Rider” by War (the latter featuring rare vocals by Jake).

LA LA LA by Natalie Ai Kamauu
Natalie's expressive vocals hit new highs in this new release, taking us on a journey through contemporary and traditional mele.  She describes the feeling of the album as ..."traipsing through gardens, kicking up fallen blossoms with the wind in your face.  When you can't find the words to express what you are feeling, when the melody doesn't make sense at all, and somehow the music takes your there...La La La La."

HE INOA by Maunalua
fter an eight year break from the recording studio, multiple Na Hoku Hanohano Award winners Maunalua return with their highly-anticipated fourth release -- "He Inoa" (We Are).  Continuing their tradition of blending their unique harmonies, ki ho`alu guitar, and `ukulele, this CD is a collection of traditional Hawaiian songs, hula standards, and several original compositions.

THE GARDEN by Mele`uhane
The father and son duo of Keikilani and Leokani Lindsey team up on their second release to honor the island of Kaua`i, the land, and the people of The Garden Isle.


Saturday Nights 10pm - Midnight

Originally from Venice Beach, California, I was an only child raised by artists and musicians, so I spent most of my time either tagging along to various gigs in Hollywood venues, or making mixtapes for friends in grateful solitude.  
I became interested in KKCR as a listener, mostly tuning in during the evenings. I savored the variety of music, ever eager to hear something totally new and different. DJ’ing seemed like a natural fit, as well as a fantastic opportunity to serve my community.  After learning from a friend that after volunteering for a period of time I could be eligible to program my own show, I applied immediately. 
I quickly fell in love with the station and am proud to support its mission statement: To stimulate, educate and entertain its audience, to preserve, perpetuate and celebrate Hawaii culture, and to reflect the diversity of the local and world community.  KKCR is an invaluable resource to Kaua’i, and I am honored to serve, in any way possible, among some of the most intelligent and talented people that I have ever had the pleasure to meet.
Thee Auracle is a high-energy theme program that focuses on hard funk, jazz and psychedelic/progressive rock ’n’ roll.  It flirts with doo-wop, punk, and avant garde, while shying away from Top40 pop music.  With motifs like “Spectrum”, “Eclipse” and “Creature Feature”, it’s primary objective is to expose listeners to an esoteric cross section of groovy, flowing cuts ranging from the 1950’s to the present.
Aloha, I am “Jazz With John” on Tuesday evenings from 6 to 8 on KKCR. 
I was born and raised in and near Kansas City, Missouri; and I graduated from the University of Missouri at Columbia.  After graduation I went in the Navy for two years and after that went to work for the FAA in Kansas City as an engineer and eventually a manager.  In 1964 I was selected for an FAA job in Honolulu and I spent most of my carrier in Hawaii.  I did take about 22 months off to work as an audio engineer in a major recording studio in St. Louis, but was homesick for Hawaii and came back to my old job.  Kansas City is home to many jazz greats and I was able to experience in person many of the local and national performers.  I saw most of the Jazz at the Philharmonic concerts and also saw a lot of the jazz greats in small clubs throughout Kansas City. While in the Navy in Long Beach, California we spent many a Sunday afternoon at Howard Rumsey’s Light House in Hermosa Beach. Also at that time they had a public radio station in Long Beach KLON (now KKJZ) that played mostly jazz all day; In other words I grew up with jazz. 
I have a confession; I always wanted to be a jazz DJ and even “played” DJ when I was a kid using my “state of the art” tape recorder.  I also rigged up my old Crosby radio for headphones so I could listen at night without my folks knowing.  My favorite program was “Moon Glow with Martin”.  Dick Martin was his name and was jazz DJ that broadcast at midnight from New Orleans via WWL, a clear channel AM station that could be heard up and down the Mississippi River valley at night. Friends say I sort of have the same style he did—not sure about that. I also played saxophone but never considered myself a musician always needed the charts with the notes written. I played in some small dance bands in high school and in the 1970 to 1980 period played in big bands in Honolulu mostly for our own enjoyment. Interestingly, one of these bands was led by Jack Darvill—the headmaster at Kamehameha schools at that time—we rehearsed in their band room on Monday night and called ourselves the “Monday Night Band”.  Some of the great players I played with were Gabe Baltazar and Eric Miyashiro. 
Not sure how long I have been doing Jazz with John but think about 7 years or so.  I really enjoying doing the show and bringing great jazz to Kauai.  I am on each Tuesday and I alternate with two great jazz DJ’s on Monday night—Richard Fernandez and Cousin Rich.  




KKCR:  Please introduce yourself.

DAN:  I am 29, born and raised on Kauai. Born in Poipu and then lived in Kalaheo until about a year ago. I was self employed for years, cleaning windows and have also done nearly every conventional job imaginable between starting at age 9 and still going.  I was home schooled until the fifth grade and then went to Kalaheo school and Kauai high along with some schooling at KCC.

KKCR:  What inspired you to volunteer at KKCR?  Did you have any radio experience prior to volunteering with KKCR?

DAN:  I was raised without a television and listened to a lot of radio. I broke my back a year ago and had some free time so I decided to come and volunteer. It has been a blast. I have no prior radio experience so if you're new, don't hesitate. It's like learning to ride a bike with some great instructors.

KKCR:  What are you favorite programs on KKCR?

DAN:  Kaua`i Soapbox and Out of the box. 

KKCR: How has your volunteer experience been?  Do you have any advice for people who aren't sure if they would like to volunteer?

DAN: It's been great from the beginning. Everyone is full of aloha and it's easy to fit right in. You get the chance to meet many people you wouldn't normally meet. It's very eclectic and charming.
Matt Morelock, Mike Campbell (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers) and Richard Fernandez filling in for Tracey on Kauai Vibrations.

Magic Dragon Toy and Art Supply
Thermo Tech Inc.
Paradise Music, Hawaiian Music Store
Puahina / Warrior Designs
Akamai Juice Company
Crater Lake Spirits
Hawaii Seed / GMO Free Kauai
Kauai BeeKeepers Association
Kauai Marine & Mower
Kauai Canvas
Afeinberg Galleries
Heaven on Earth Starts
Gunga La Gunga
Hanalei Bay Resort
Christine Walinch, L. Ac.
Ching Young Village
Bill Fernandez
The Computer Hospital
Kayak Kauai
Princeville Center
Hale Lea Medicine
The Kauai Store
Havaiki Oceanic Tribal Art
Soulgood Music Together
Ola's Hanalei
Mission Y.E.S.

Fish Eye Kauai
Lisa Arin, Attorney at Law
Papaya's Natural Foods Cafe
Austin Owen
Marie Colby
Havest Market Hanalei
Limahuli Garden & Preserve
Window Fashions Kauai
King Kaumuali`i Benefit
Longhair Productions
Garden Island Properties
Coconut Cup Juice Bar
Kauai Community Cat Project
Mankind Project
All Creatures Great & Small
Heart & Soul Organics
Dove Presents
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Goldsmiths Kauai
Bamboo Island Bath & Body, Inc.
Kanaka Maoli Power
Kauai Vacation Activities
Kauai Curbside Recycling
Marion McHenry
Nannette Vides
Oasis on the Beach
Chad Deal


Kekahu Foundation Board of Directors from left to right:  Donovan Cabebe, Jeff Frisk, Anni Caporuscio, Steve Thatcher, Maren Orion, Carl Imparato, Jonathan Jay (not shown) and Brian Neubauer (not shown)

KKCR is operated and overseen by the Kekahu Foundation, a non-profit organization whose Board is responsible for the station’s long-term direction, policies, financial health, legal compliance, effective management and stable operation.

New Governance Rights for KKCR Members
The management and operation of KKCR is overseen by the Board of Directors of the Kekahu Foundation, the non-profit corporation that was established in 1993 to bring community radio to Kauai.  The Board is responsible for KKCR’s long-term direction, policies, financial integrity, and whatever else is needed to ensure that KKCR achieves its mission.  The Board and the Foundation are, in turn, guided by the Bylaws of the Kekahu Foundation.
This October, the Board approved a number of important amendments to the Bylaws. This was the first time the Bylaws have been updated since 2001.  The amendments empower the members of the Kekahu Foundation - the people who support KKCR by donating their time or money - with a number of important governance rights.  For the first time since KKCR went on the air, the members now have the rights to initiate changes to the Bylaws through an initiative process, to reject future Board-initiated changes to the Bylaws through a referendum process, to elect at least 1/3 of the Board of Directors through an annual election process, to remove directors through a recall process, to participate in meetings of the Board, to require Board consideration of member-initiated agenda items, and to provide input to the Board on major matters.
These changes, which were crafted over a period of several years, strike a balance between the goal that the members should ultimately be able to control the organization, and the need to ensure that the Board and KKCR’s management  can guide and operate KKCR without fear that small groups could destabilize or take control due to inattention or apathy on the part of a majority of the members.  The updated Bylaws can be accessed at

2015 Board of Directors Election

Since 2008, the Board of Directors of the Kekahu Foundation, the body that oversees the management and operation of KKCR, has been testing methods to give the members of KKCR a greater say in directly determining who will be on the Board.
Conducting elections requires a lot of time and effort; and the reality is that member participation in Board elections over the past 8 years has been very low.  In fact, for the past several years, not even a half-dozen members have responded to month-long on-air solicitations asking whether the members desired that an  election be held.  So the challenge has been to define an election process that makes sense in a situation in which there is often very low member interest in Board elections and in which there have usually been fewer candidates than the number of positions to be filled.
The Board therefore settled on an annual process in which two conditions must be met in order for an election to be held.  First: at least 15% of KKCR’s Kauai members must indicate that they want an election for new directors to be held.  Second: there must be more candidates than there are open seats. If these two conditions are met, an election will be conducted; if not, the existing Board will select new directors to join the Board.
This year, on-air solicitations for Board candidates and for member interest in an election were run throughout the month of September.  The results: there were no requests for an election; and only one person indicated an interest in joining the Board.  So this year, no vote of the members will be held.  However, the good news is that a very-qualified applicant, long-time KKCR programmer Tod Walker, indicated his interest in joining the Board, and the current Board voted this October to bring him onto the Board.


KKCR Community Advisory Board Meeting Scheduled for November 23 at Waimea Neighborhood Center 6:00 PM

The KKCR Community Advisory Board offers an opportunity for members and listeners as well as the public to give feedback necessary for KKCR programming to meet its mission of inspiring, educating and entertaining our island community while providing a voice for the underrepresented.

Activities of the CAB include  holding  biannual meetings at different locations on Kauai  that are open to the public and offer the opportunity to communicate and connect to KKCR.   Questions are welcome on programming as well as becoming a volunteer at KKCR.

The CAB also hosts a live show on every 5th Monday of the month where another opportunity is available to communicate and connect with KKCR .during the last 2 CAB shows calls were received from west and south side listeners requesting broadcasting opportunities specifically in these areas to communicate accurate and breaking news.   The CAB is responding by holding this meeting specifically to address this community need with south and west Kauai residents.  So please attend .

The CAB makes recommendations, from feedback received at the meetings to the Kekahu Foundation, the governing body of KKCR, and the staff.

Other CAB activities include participation in the KKCR strategic plan update and the KKCR programming committee.  In addition to all this, the existence of the CAB allows KKCR to receive funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Current CAB members are:
Mickey Sussman - Chair
Paul Moody - Vice Chair
Larry Magnussen -  Secretary
Jim Kelly - At Large
Ed Coll - At Large

Please contact the CAB with any questions at  

Mahalo for supporting KKCR 's mission,
Mickey Sussman
For more information about underwriting on KKCR please call Laura or Dean at 808.826.7774 or email
Express your gratitude and support to our underwriters which, along with listeners like you, help make KKCR programs possible.

KKCR is Kaua`i's independent, non-commercial, listener-supported community radio station.

We seek to stimulate, educate and entertain our audience, to preserve, perpetuate and celebrate Hawaiian culture, and to reflect the diversity of the local and world community. We provide a forum for overlooked, suppressed, or under-represented voices and music.

The Kekahu Foundation facilitates this broadcasting opportunity.
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