Newsletter, November 2016

Malta News

Malta Stock Exchange announces the formation of a Blockchain Committee
The Malta Stock Exchange (MSE) have announced the creation of a Blockchain committee and think tank to assist in the formulation of a strategy geared towards addressing the emerging technology. The Committee will consist of members of the MSE, its Chairman and CEO as well as a range 
outsider experts. Read More

From January, tenants will not longer require a landlord's permission to change their utility tariff
After a six-year struggle, it has been announced that as of January 2017 both Maltese and EU tenants will no longer have to obtain the permission of their landlord in order to change their home electricity tariff. 
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Changes to VAT obligations for non-EU vessels in EU Water
In May 2016, the EU made significant changes to the law which governs the VAT Obligations of non-EU private vessels in EU waters. Prior to this date, a non-EU private vessel would stay for 18 months in EU waters without paying any EU Import VAT, but could then opt to extend the stay by bonding the vessel. Now the rules have changed and it is no longer possible to bond the vessel to extend the 18month no-VAT period. Once this 18 month period is complete, she must either pay EU Import VAT or exit EU waters. If neither of these conditions is met, EU VAT will be applicable with no exceptions. To find out more about how this could impact you, please contact

Maltese Parliament unanimously approves Cohabitation Bill
In today’s constantly evolving society it's important to acknowledge the fluidity of people’s personal relationships whilst recognising that the decision not to get married or partake in a civil partnership shouldn't negatively impact those individuals, instead there should be legislation in place to protect their interests. 
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European Commission predicts Malta's GDP as the highest in the Eurozone
In the last 5 years, Malta’s economy has gone from strength to strength. Last year saw a GDP growth rate of 6.2% and this year, credit agency Standard and Poor’s upgraded its rating from BBB+ to A-, the first change in over 20 years. 
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Should a Court be able to prevent the identity of a convicted criminal from being made public?
One of the most high-profile cases in 2016 involved a sports coach of a girls-only volleyball team who admitted to having spied on his students by placing a camera in their changing room. An extremely controversial and anger-provoking parts of the case included the fact that the perpetrator, who both admitted the offence and was sentenced for it, has been able to benefit from anonymity as the courts have placed a ban on the publication of his name.
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EU and Beyond

What legal issues present themselves if an individual is cryogenically preserved?
One of the most unusual items in today’s news is the tale of a 14-year-old girl who has won the right to have her body cryogenically preserved after her death. 
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Is Brexit Unconstitutional?
On June23rd
2016, members of the British public voted in favour of Britain leaving the European Union and this unexpected and controversial result has led to months of political upheaval marked by the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron, the resignation of over fifty parliamentary members, and cries of foul play and dishonest campaigning techniques on both sides. Read More

Uber drivers win a landmark case to be considered as employees
Last week a UK employment tribunal ruled against the American worldwide online transportation network company Uber Technologies Inc. in what could be a landmark decision, affording drivers working for the tech company the right to be classified as employees rather than self-employed contractors. 
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Study shows that IP is boosting the European economy
The European Patent Office and the EU Intellectual Property Office has released the 
results of their second study which explores the contribution of intellectual property rights (IPRs) to the EU economy. Read More

OECD announces 1000 bilateral cross-border agreements to help combat tax evasion
In a world where cross-border activities and globalised business has become the status quo, it is imperative that countries respective tax authorities work together to ensure that the right amounts of tax are being paid to the right jurisdictions.
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Firm News

Fenech Farrugia Fiott- Proud sponsors fo the world-famous RC44 Valletta Cup
FFF Legal was on site at the Grand Excelsior Hotel for a press conference heralding the start of the prestigious RC44 Valletta Cup. The racing series is celebrating it's 10- year anniversary and its second appearance in Malta and FFF Legal are proud to be sponsors and partners of this year's event. Read More and Read More and watch a video Here.

FFF Legal Contributes to the Malta Chapter of the Transport Finance Law Review
Fenech Farrugia Fiott Legal are proud to announce the publication of the Malta chapter in the prestigious publication- The Transport Finance Law Review. The publication is international in scope and is designed to provide industry insights to transport finance in each of the key jurisdictions in which ships, rolling stock and aircraft are financed. Read More

Fenech Farrugia Fiott at the annual ABL Conference in Miami
ABL delegates from across the world gathered again for the 34th General Assembly Meeting in Miami, Florida in November. Representing FFF Legal was Senior Associate Austin Sammut and Associate Neil Chetcuti. They attended a series of talks, seminars and debates as well as networking events where they had an opportunity to build working relationships with firms from all over the world. FFF Legal is the exclusive Malta member of the ABL Global network which brings together over 900 lawyers from 34 different jurisdictions. Read More

This will be our last newsletter of 2016, so from everyone at Fenech Farrugia Fiott Legal, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
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