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Hey Nancy Chen!
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This is Nick from Meal Prep on Fleek, and I want to “officially” welcome you into my world :-)

I started meal prepping back in 2015, after spending years working out and not being able to lose the weight I wanted (about 15lbs) or the body fat that was haunting my waistline.  After a few months of meal prepping, I had lost 12% of my body fat and 2.5 full pant sizes and realized that EVERYONE needs to meal prep.

A couple weeks later, Sarah (my personal nutrition coach) and I started Meal Prep on Fleek as a place to share what I’ve learned and help eliminate the fears and struggles that people often associate with meal prepping.


My goal is to give away better stuff for FREE than most people charge for!  


Evidence of that is THIS FREE EBOOK to get you started. >> DOWNLOAD IT HERE <<

In fact, tomorrow I’m going to do even more. I’m going to give you the extended version of this book for FREE ($9.97) + our brand new Keto Guide to Meal Prep ($14.97)… and you ONLY pay me if you think it’s worth it… but ONLY if you open the email when it comes.

Yep, you heard me right…

I want our relationship to start out great…

So I’m going to WOW you with SO much value that you’ll feel obligated to buy stuff from me in the future (just kidding… kinda.)


Sound good?

Cool… then look for my email tomorrow.



Nick from Meal Prep on Fleek


P.S. The subject line is “Meal Prep Mastery Ch. 2 of 5” --so look for it!

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