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Hello Film Enthusiast,

How are you? I hope you had a nice Christmas and are keeping well.

I’ve been watching loads of great cinema recently (nothing too Christmas related!) and working my way through a list of recommendations and recent releases!

When it comes to this point in the year, I love to look back at everything that’s been released and make a ‘to watch’ list!

Following on from my best of 2020 here are the top films of 2020 that I’m looking forward to watching, including some that i've recently seen and some that have just come out!

Like the last series I'll publish four now and four next week, so stay tuned for more recommendations! 
Mario Puzo's The Godfather, Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone - Francis Ford Coppola

I’m about halfway through Coppola’s recut version to his magnum opus’ finale, and it has to be said it’s still a slow burner. I don’t think anyone expected it to be anything better than the worst of The Godfather Trilogy, but I think it’s still an interesting film it its own right. This version may take it from a three-and-a-half-star movie to a four star one, was it totally necessary? Probably not, but am I happy to be given another perspective on this obelisk of cinema? Absolutely.

I’m a huge fan of all three godfather films, in my opinion, part three has always been a great movie but parts one & two are almost transcendental experiences in comparison. I might be slightly biased in my appreciation (I even enjoyed the 4 part TV mini-series, which tells the story in chronological order) and it’s still incomparable to it’s predecessors but alone I think it’s a great end to what is possibly the greatest family drama ever. I would put it on par if not better than something like The Irishman but if you didn’t enjoy that either, you’ll be better served to just re-watch the first two.

Where to watch: Available on Apple TV and to purchase on various other digital platforms

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Soul - Pixar, Directed by Pete Docter

Possibly the most hotly anticipated film this festive period. Pixar can hardly do wrong these days (as long as you don’t mention Cars!). Their string of almost perfectly crafted family films is un-paralleled, which is why I thought I’d pass when, yet another came along! With the likes of Up, Coco and Inside Out safely cemented in my warm and fuzzy memory banks, I’m not sure I have the room for another. But considering the reputation Soul is already gathering, I might just have to be pleasantly surprised, again!

Where to watch: Soul is another Disney+ release to skip the cinema release and go straight to streaming, but unlike Mulan (which cost an additional £20 on top of your subscription) this one thankfully has no extra charge. Also available to purchase on some other streaming services but not in cinemas.

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Another Round - Thomas Vinterberg

This one definitely looks like a bloke’s film… seen as the premise is essentially what if you were to live your life half cut. On a night out, four teachers discuss the potential of maintaining a steady blood alcohol rate of 0.05% over a prolonged period of time, essentially giving them an excuse to conduct their lives drunk, as an ‘experiment’. Starring Mads Mikkelsen, this Danish made film feels similar in tone to ‘Chevalier’ in terms of its macho masochism. It looks like a hoot, I can’t wait to see what it contains!

Where to watch: unfortunately, due to the pandemic this has received a limited cinema release, look out for it next year on streaming sites and potentially at independent cinemas when they are given an extended opening

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Nomadland - Chloé Zhao

I believe all great American movies are truly about ‘the American dream’. Whether by some grand manifestation of destiny like The Godfather or Citizen Kane, or something more transcendental and poetic like Easy Rider or Badlands, it depends on the outlook of the writer and their critique. Nomadland looks like it might be more related to the latter.

In Chloe Zhao's third feature Frances McDormand plays a middle American matriarch who after losing her house and her livelihood, ends up drifting around the stunning landscapes of North West America. ‘Your homeless?’ a little girl asks her in the trailer, ‘I’m houseless, there’s a difference.’ This one looks like a spirited all American road movie; She even ends up working at a place called ‘Badlands Park’ harking back to Terence Malick’s influential masterpiece.

When I was an impressionable young man the film Into The Wild had a tremendous influence on me with its Daoist reflections on western lifestyles. I’m excited to see if Chloe Zhao’s film has a similar effect.

Where to watch: Currently set for a February cinema release, but due to obvious reasons I wonder if this one might come to streaming channels instead. Keep your eyes peeled.

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