Dear <<First Name>>,

Summer!  I'll keep this short because I know you're busy floating the river, riding your bike, or camping in the woods.  Real estate is buzzing in Central Oregon.  Your yard looks great (or...good enough!), the weather is perfect for moving, and the kids are off for break.  There are so many folks that want to buy your house!  Call me if you're ready, because they are. 

Please don't hesitate to call or email me if you have questions or would like some real estate help.


Click on the link below to see a short and entertaining video about my Smith Rock listing!!

Oh my goat, it's time to buy at Smith Rock!

Smith Rock State Park is hopping at this time of year....get there to enjoy awesome hiking, climbing, and sight seeing while the weather is perfectly sublime.

Exceptionally unique opportunity to own a fantastic 10.09 acre property that sits directly across the street from the pay station of Smith Rock State Park. Much potential can be explored for a change of use to guest lodge, private campground, or similar tourist site. This stunning view property has been a popular lodging spot for many famous rock climbers over the years, offering quick access to the park for climbing and sight seeing, and mostly flat, easily buildable land.

NEW PRICE $550,000 *SELLER FINANCING NOW OFFERED* (call me for more details)

        i LiVE HERE: Bend

My new newsletter section is a fun new project for me.  I connect with super cool people who live in Central Oregon and have interesting, outside-of-the-box jobs to share their stories with my friends and colleagues.

If you know of anyone that holds an interesting job and is willing to be interviewed, please have them email me at or call 541.410.3645

Meet Hans...

What do you do to pay the rent/mortgage? 
I own two businesses: Flick Five video production company and XProHeli...we invented the most powerful, lightest, and stable quadcopter (i.e. drone) on the market for aerial video and photography. The size and portability of the XP2 allows you to quickly transport, fly, and capture amazing aerial videos almost anywhere.   Speaking of Smith Rock, check out this video that demonstrates what my product can do.

How and when did you find yourself here in Bend?  
I was born in Bend, when I was 2, I moved to Portland and finished my education. My dad lived in Bend and I would come visit and work for him off and on as I was growing up.  Then one day I was sitting in my empty apartment in Portland (too broke for furniture) after a breakup (the one that got away) and rained out for the 4th day in a row (I owned a construction co.). I found myself with very little holding me down and thinking of all the places I had been in my life where would I like to live the most… and in that moment I decided to move back to Bend. I have lived here ever since and have not even thought about moving anywhere else.
What do you do in your spare time? 

I like to tinker and ride / drive bikes, cars, motorcycles. I enjoy camping, skiing, biking, traveling and sometimes I will just sit ass on my couch and watch TV all day, in the case of Breaking Bad 2 days in a row. #breaking Bad marathon (this is my first #) lol I hope I did OK
What part of Bend do you live in and why? 
I live on the North West side of Bend. I live on 10 acres and can not see any of my neighbors so it feels like I am out there but I can be downtown in 5 minutes or ride my bike there in 15.  It is a great spot with mtn views and close to town.

I thought I wanted to live on the westside till I stayed at a friends house when he was out of town and when he returned, the neighbors had told him every thing I had done while I was staying there… I do not want nosy neighbors watching my every move. Mind your business, you nosy f@#$ers!
Where do you eat your favorite meal in Bend and what is it?
I love the halibut taco at Longboard Louie’s and the chicken and pork tacos at Wubbas BBQ are my new fave. I do like other food besides tacos :)

Do you use your turn signals in the roundabouts?  (Be honest)  
This question reminds me of a story... When I was in Italy for a friend's wedding, we all would take turns driving the red convertible we rented for the week. You drive on the opposite side of the road over there so when I was driving the car with Karen (one of the hottest birdseeds ever) we would get in to a roundabout and just keep driving round and round but backwards cuz you drive on the other side.  We would laugh so hard as we began turning green and eventually running out of gas. Being stuck in roundabout with no fuel was quite the aphrodisiac and that is where Karen kissed me for the first time… the rest was history, we fell in love and had the greatest week. None of this ever happened, the answer is no, I never do.

Where can we find you on the interwebs?
I am the owner of:

Hans's dog, Pedro.  The smartest dog west of Highway 97. 

Summer Market Outlook

In May, 2014, the number of properties for sale increased by 16% from last May but the number of sold properties has decreased by 9% as compared to last year at this time.   This could be a result of increased prices and fewer homes available in the lower price points.   While new listings spiked a little bit in May, we are still only looking at 4.6 months of inventory in Deschutes County .  We need more homes for sale in order to accommodate the number of buyers.  

Our town sees so many visitors during the next few warm months, and a large number of those visitors have their sights set on living here soon or someday.   

If you are considering buying or selling, I’d love to assist you through the process.

Anna Ruder , Broker
Total Property Resources LLC
Licensed in the state of Oregon
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