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As we begin a new season and Spring forward with time, we invite you to subscribe to the Guild for Structural Integration. We have worked to develop this initiative and are proud to offer enhanced benefits to our subscribers.  Our objective is two-fold: 1) to offer tangible benefits to enhance the personal practice of Guild graduates and other practitioner's trained in our lineage and 2) increase our ability to further spread the message of Dr. Ida P. Rolf worldwide.      

Subscriptions are still $150 and valid for one year from your registration date. Subscriber benefits include:  premiere profile listings on; ability to be highlighted as the Guild's "Featured Practitioner"; exclusive video and audio content, free transcripts and certificate orders; specialized licensing and marketing support; Coming soon: VIP access to workshops and continuing education, new t-shirts and client brochures, and much more! Don't wait, subscribe today! 
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The Featured Practitioner is a newsletter article spotlighting a member of The Guild for Structural Integration’s subscriber community.  Once a month we select a subscriber, interview them and highlight their accomplishments over a variety of media outlets.  To be considered for a feature, please subscribe today and contact us about your practice.  


Love: a word that seemed to re-occur frequently in my interview with Craig Dunham, a 2007 graduate from the Guild for Structural Integration. Living and practicing in Santa Monica, CA, Craig's dynamic personality and enthusiastic support for the Guild was omnipresent during our Skype chat. When asked to describe his experience in the Guild classroom, he responded, "I felt love, as if I became part of a family."

How did you become involved with the Guild?

Craig moved from New York City to California in 2003 with his then girlfriend (now wife) where he set up shop working as a Licensed Massage Therapist. After settling into his new West Coast home, he enrolled in a shiatsu program. During the 6 month program a fellow student recommended The Guild with four little words, "Emmett Hutchins, Structural Integration." The advice stuck and a couple of years later he picked up the phone and called The Guild. The rest was history.

In 2006, Craig began his Auditing phase with David Davis and continued his studies Practitioning with Neal Powers. In 2008, Craig and his wife flew to Kauai to meet Emmett himself.  In Hawaii, Craig had the opportunity to receive the Recipe's Back Work from Emmett in a class demonstration (Emmett was teaching a Basic class at the time). Craig furthers his knowledge of the Rolf Method by taking additional continuing education with the Guild.  He took the Advanced Series in 2012 and recently traveled to Kauai to get work directly from Emmett.

Tell me about the evolution of your practice?

After graduating in 2007, Craig traveled internationally and has had the opportunity to work with a diverse range of athletes and lay people. He has been practicing for nine  years and now looks forward to spending more time in Southern California. For the future, he plans to generate momentum and build his practice locally.

How has learning the Rolf Method changed your own life?

Craig noted the interaction between the practice and the personal effect of the Rolf Method.  “It has given me a career I thoroughly enjoy,” he explained, adding, “it has helped me to grow as a person. It challenges me daily, yet I have learned to trust myself and trust The Recipe.”

Physically, he noted that when he first underwent the Series himself, "In the fifth hour I found my legs. It was the first time I had ever felt my legs flow straight down through my pelvis. That was just the beginning of many changes to come."

What was your most profound moment with a client?

Craig notes that when he talks with his own clients he always explains, "The journey is your journey. I can empathize with them because I too am on my journey and at this moment, we have chosen the same path." He remembered how one time, when a client came back for his next session he exclaimed, "I'm flying. My feet are firmly on the ground, but you've given me a sense of flight."

What is one word that you would use to describe your experience with the 10 Series?

"Growth," he responded. "Emotionally and physically. Physically, I learned to listen to my body, to find my Line or should I say, finding my Line. To accept the earth and let my weight flow into it. Emotionally, it was the key to uncovering and unlocking my body. It gave me maturity."

Any closing remarks?

Craig paused, thinking about the answer for a few moments. "I just want to express my extreme thankfulness for a craft I can practice until the day I die. I'm thankful for the opportunity to explore this work and to share it with others. And I'm thankful to be a part of The Guild." And here, the word " Love" came up again. "It is an amazing process, challenge, and opportunity. The Recipe. I love it.”  

To contact Craig:

Call or Text: 310-930-1512



Facebook: Craig-Dunham-Structural-Integration-and-Fascial-Stretch-Therapy


A Letter From Our President

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Faculty, and Staff, I would like to send our collective good wishes to you for this spring season, and hope you had a very happy New Year.  We are working on providing classes, workshops, and seminars for our membership and the community.

We just concluded our Winter Basic Series class with Nilce Silveira (Weston Horne assisted) in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Emmett Hutchins (with Jason Pan  Esterle assisting) taught his annual Valentines' 4 Handed workshop February 11th-17th.

Emmett and I are teaching an Advanced Class in Kauai from April 26th to June 3rd.  We are also planning on the creation of an "In Depth Review of the Recipe" course taught by Emmett Hutchins scheduled for 10/4/16 - 11/11/16 and open to include practitioners from other schools.

We also have Sharon Wheeler teaching a workshop on how to work with scar tissue and Will Johnson teaching a workshop on the meditation of "the line".

I had the honor of teaching a workshop with 25 of our colleagues from the Rolf Institute, in Italy earlier this year. I am impressed with their quality and understanding of the Rolf technique.  At present the Guild has "satellite school" relationships with other schools such as in Japan with Taka Osaka and the Czech Republic with Ales Urbanczik.  We share our ideas and experiences through seminars and workshops.  It's a valuable relationship.

Overall I believe there's a "coming together" of shared information that will be of value to all of us.  Please continue to be in touch.  Email us with questions, suggestions, or concerns you may have and check out (or follow) our Guild's new updated Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Our annual subscribers' fee request is included in this mailing. 
Your support keeps our organization functioning. 

Thank you.

-Neal Powers
President of GSI
Official Winter Basic Series class picture! 

BIG NEWS! The Guild's office, based in Salt Lake City, has moved to a new modern collaborative work space. 

Impact Hub, dedicated to providing co-working space, is located at 150 S. State Street, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84111. Our behind-the-scenes team is immersed in a vibrant community of other non-profits and start up companies. Friendly neighbors include Green Bike, a bike share program for Salt Lake City, and Alliance Utah, an active participant in political change. 

The benefits include a centralized location, the ability to network with a vast variety of local businesses, shared office equipment, mail service and an active on-line forum to post model opportunities and community events. We can reserve snazzy brick and glass enclosed conference rooms, attend a variety of public meet-ups, and hold up-coming social events for Guild graduates and friends too. We couldn't be happier here, and feel it's a great move to increase the visibility of the Guild in our local community. 

If you are from Salt Lake, stop by for a complimentary coffee! Or the next time that you visit, reach out and we'll give you a guided tour of our cool new digs.

Guild For Structural Integration
150 South State St., Salt Lake City, UT 84111