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From Neal Powers...

Dear <<First Name>>

I am writing to you to give you an update on our Guild. Since Richard's passing in December 2012, we have been struggling with how to collectively regain a sense of balance. Our overall goal is to keep our trainings true to the teachings of Dr. Ida Rolf.

In addition, we have had to make changes in our organization that support the future development of our Guild.  We had two significant areas of concern:

Susan Melchoir retired as school director in June of 2013 after many years of service to the Guild. We needed to find a worthy team to take over the administration of the Guild. In January of 2014, the board hired David Wayne, a GSI Practitioner. David has been able to help guide us through the many new state and federal requirements for educational entities. These new state regulations have  been challenging and David has been active in organizing the Guild's response to these required changes. Jeff Linn in Boulder is serving as a valued advisor. 

Our next significant quandary was where to have our main office after the need arose to move out of our office in Boulder. The aftermath of a major flood and the need for administrative changes led us to consider our options. After considerable discussion,  we decided to move our main Guild office to Salt Lake City, Utah. We like Salt Lake City. It's a vibrant community nestled in a beautiful environment. One of our instructors, Amber Burnham, lives, works, and now teaches there. And we are scheduling basic classes there in 2015.

We have been working on redesigning our website to make it more user friendly. We will continue to provide our graduates and friends with continuing education workshops. Internationally, we are having a basic training in Osaka in May of 2015 and looking to Eastern Europe for new members of the Guild.

With regard to our Guild, please write to me and share your questions, thoughts, and concerns. ( Thank you


Neal Powers


From Emmett Hutchins...

The events of the last two years inspire this communication to you.  With the death of Richard, Susan’s retirement, and the sagging economy, the Guild has been through some perilous days, at times almost ceasing to function.  Gratefully, I believe we have weathered the worst and can expect more prosperous days ahead.

First, we have moved our home office from Boulder to Salt Lake City.  Although we had many good years in Boulder, SLC offers many advantages in cost and sustainability that Boulder now lacks.  Then along with our move to Salt Lake, we have employed a new Administrative Director, David Wayne. David is young, well qualified, ambitious, and also GSI trained practitioner.  He is therefore dedicated to the Guild and its continued growth.

Then, I want to acknowledge all the energy that Neal Powers and his wife, Daragh, have put into the Guild for the last two years.  Neal has been spreading the Guild’s teaching in many countries around the world.  And recently he has agreed to take on the title of GSI President. Daragh Powers has been appointed to the Board of Directors and has taken on the responsibilities of Finance Director.  Without their dedication to the Guild’s renewal, I would not be able to write this note.

Finally, I want to thank all of you for your continued support and your commitment to the Guild and Dr. Rolf’s teaching.  Our vitality depends on you and the students which you send for training.  I believe the Guild offers a version of Dr. Rolf’s teaching and vision that is found in no other school.  Together we can be assured our collective voice will be heard.

Emmett Hutchins
Vice President & Sr. Instructor

Guild For Structural Integration


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