Analogia in Bryant Park, March 8-18


Taller than a six-story building, artist’s vision offers world view vantage via 16 tons of steel, 1.5 miles of bamboo, 600 yards of burlap, 200 gallons of tar and enamel

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Analogia, a colossal new public outdoor art installation by New York artist Ben Tritt, is debuting in March at Bryant Park in the heart of Manhattan. More than 250,000 people a day are expected to pass by the towering, six-story exhibit situated in one of the busiest public spaces in the world.  During the installation’s run, Analogia will incorporate sound, light, tribal dance, orchestra performances and aerial displays curated by producer Jodi Kaplan for a truly transformative, multi-sensory experience. 

Saturday, March 8- Tuesday, March 18
*Media preview - 4pm on Saturday, March 8 
*Public opening - 6pm on Saturday, March 8

Analogia is located in Bryant Park on the Fountain Terrace facing 6th Ave at 41st Street

Two towering 60-foot pillars celebrate world cultures in the realm of the real, the mythical and the imagined. Painted with tar and enamel on burlap, the artwork features expansive weatherproofed frescoes displayed on soaring bamboo scaffolding.  Artist Ben Tritt’s expressionist background brings to life modern-day reinterpretations of works from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, including gods, goddesses, pharaohs, eagles, nymphs, sphinxes, satyrs and more.  The artwork’s ethereal aura plays with the timelessness of Eastern and Western perspectives, as well as the viewer’s own relationship with these images in an unexpected outdoor setting.

Analogia’s raw materials include 35,000 pounds of steel, 1.5 miles of bamboo grown especially for the project, 200 gallons of enamel and tar, 600 yards of burlap, as well as found/reclaimed materials including torn paper, corrugated cardboard and paint brush bristles.  

Artist Ben Tritt, Producer Jodi Kaplan, and Bryant Park officials




The opening celebrations features performances by artists interpreting the paintings on ANALOGIA* 
Curated by Producer Jodi Kaplan 

Art of Motion - Bodhisattva interpretation and opening prayer (Dance)
Dina Fanai – Soundscape – Babel inspiration (Music)
Rebecca Stenn – Mother Goddess interpretation (Dance)
Ernest Baker II – Power Congo Figure interpretation (Dance)
Peter Knoll – Soundscape – Knight inspiration (Music)
Dzul Dance – Mexican Baby Figure interpretation (Dance)
Michael Mao Dance – Whole Installation interpretation (Dance)
Dina Fanai – Legends of ANALOGIA – closing prayer (Music)
Following the opening performance, there will be an optional 30 minute Art Tour (extended to 60 minutes for those interested in additional details) with ANALOGIA's Art Historian Vanessa Gates-Elston, who will focus on ANALOGIA as a site specific installation in Bryant Park.
*Both the 4pm and 6pm performances are the same content


Photos: Installation / ANALOGIA Producer Jodi Kaplan with Artist Ben Tritt

Artist Benjamin Tritt is a native New Yorker. Born in Brooklyn in 1972, he was educated in the United States and Italy, and has also lived, worked and taught in France, the United Kingdom and Israel. Tritt’s transdisciplinary art is a mixture of classicism and the recent work in the French movement of transversalité in architecture for an impact that the New York Times called “reminiscent of Robert Rauschenberg’s much-loved combines.” 

In 2007, Tritt founded and taught at the Goliath Institute of Art in Hillsdale, NY, an international arts organization with a mission to foster trans-disciplinary research. From 2007-2013, Goliath has sponsored numerous group exhibitions in Israel, Paris and New York and exhibited at Art Basel, Miami. Tritt personally curated three independent exhibitions at Goliath Gallery in Hillsdale NY, Mina Gallery in New York City and Les Chaudronneries in Paris, France. He has also taught at Williams College in Massachusetts.
In Israel, he helped found and was Assistant Director at the Jerusalem Studio School, where he taught for six years as Master Class Instructor.  During this period, Ben was also an Artist-in-Residence and Assistant Professor at the Slade School of Art in London and guest lecturer at Bar Ilan University, Tel Aviv. Tritt’s recent teaching experience includes courses and seminars in Old Master copying at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and National Gallery London; and classical inspiration on contemporary art and architecture at Art Fest Perugia, Italy; UC Fullerton California; and IUAV Venice Italy.
Tritt has had numerous solo exhibitions internationally including Rothschild Fine Art and Gallery 33 in Tel Aviv; Espace Loudmer in Paris; Haim Chanin Fine Art, Gallery 33Bond and Salander O’Reilly Galleries in New York City. His work is included in private and public collections throughout England, France, Israel and the United States. His works can be seen in the collections of the former Chief of Staff to Prince Albert II of Monaco, the Mayor of Jerusalem, and the Marie de Paris. He received a commission to exhibit a public work, “The Tower” outside the Bourse du Commerce in Paris, during the FIAC, 2010. He was featured at the Nice Biennale, Cagnes Sur Mer, 2010. Tritt has exhibited Solo booths at Scope Art Fair, NY; Cutlog Fair, Paris; Basel Art Fair, Miami, and in numerous group exhibitions worldwide.  
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