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First Ever Live Radio Shows from CAT Bus in Bismarck/Mandan

Giving the Phrase “Live on Remote Location” a Whole New Meaning

Townsquare Media joined the CAT bus on May 7th and 8th to help us celebrate our 10 year anniversary by producing the first ever live radio shows from a moving CAT bus in Bismarck and Mandan!

“What better way to help celebrate our 10 year anniversary than by creating another milestone with these first time ever radio shows live from a CAT bus?” Asked Bis-Man Transit/CAT marketing director and mobility manager Jen Raab.  “We are thrilled to partner with Townsquare Media on this and think it’s pretty remarkable considering the technology to do this wasn’t even available 10 years ago when CAT started.”
KUSB 103.3 US Country was live on Wednesday, May 7th from 6:40 to 9:00 a.m. Beginning on the A-2 CAT bus route.  DJ Lar Dawg broadcasted his morning show live from various routes around Bismarck.
KBYZ 96.5 The Fox was live on Thursday, May 8th from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.  DJ Matt Bingham  broadcasted his show from the Mandan M-1 and M-2 CAT bus routes.

A HUGE thanks to Townsquare Media for helping us celebrate this milestone anniversary!

In Case You Missed It...

We Turned TEN!!!!

On the exact anniversary of the dedication of the CAT bus back in 2004, we held our open house, press conference and ribbon cutting ceremony.  Thanks for joining us on May 6th and celebrating!  But even more so, thank you for your support over the past 10 years.  It was really a celebration to thank our communities and supporters.

The Recap:

Six speakers graced our spotless garage with their presence and words of reminiscence, wisdom and outlook about the CAT bus for our press conference. 
  • Don Larson, Chief of Staff to Senator John Hoeven
  • Jane Ophthal, Field Representative for Senator Heidi Heitkamp
  • Larry Jahnke, Deputy State Director to Congressman Kevin Cramer
  • Bismarck Mayor John Warford
  • Mandan Mayor Arlyn Van Beek
  • Transit Director Robin Werre
We are grateful for their participation in our anniversary celebration. 

We then turned to the Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce for our ribbon cutting event.  They did not disappoint!  An amazing group of ambassadors showed up to help us celebrate!  Our CAT mascot even honored us with it's presence.

And last but certainly not least, the glorious anniversary cake showed up. 

Thanks again to all who came to celebrate with us!

Summer Student Pass

Just $20 for Unlimited Rides for K-12 Students All Summer

Students are out of school for the what?  Older students may have summer jobs, take in the occasional movie or just hang out at the mall.  While younger one’s may want to go to the zoo, hang out at a friend’s house or swim at the pool. 
We are making it easier and more affordable for students, Kindergarten through 12th grade, to get around town…no matter what they choose to do this summer.  The student summer pass is just $20 and it provides students unlimited CAT rides from Memorial Day (May 26, 2014) through Labor Day (September 1, 2014).
“Taking the CAT makes it easy for students to get around the Bismarck/Mandan area in a safe, reliable and timely manner.  The student summer pass just makes it that much more affordable.” Said Robin Werre, Transit Director.  “We hope they will use the summer pass to learn how to independently navigate the area and see how public transportation works.”
Student summer passes may be purchased now at the Bis-Man Transit office at 3750 East Rosser Avenue or by calling 258-6817; or beginning May 26th from any CAT bus driver.

Construction Season & the CAT Bus

CAT Bus Route Changes

We all know that summer in North Dakota = two things.  Mosquitoes and construction. What does the CAT bus do when there is construction along a route?  What if there is no detour?  How can I find out about detours?  Your questions answered here.

Construction Zone with a Marked Detour
When there is construction with a marked detour along a CAT bus route, the CAT bus will almost always follow the detour. The driver will then do his/her best to get back on route and schedule as quickly as possible after the detour.  If you usually get picked up in the middle of an ongoing construction project, we suggest that you wait at the beginning or end of the detour.  If the administrative office has been alerted of the construction in advance, the temporary route change will be posted on the CAT website.

Construction Zone without a Marked Detour
When there is construction without a marked detour along a CAT bus route that the administrative office has been alerted of in advance, a route will be decided and the temporary route change will be posted on the CAT website. If the administrative office has not been alerted in advance, the driver will choose the best temporary route and riders are encouraged to wait along their CAT route at the beginning or end of the construction zone.

How to Find Route Changes
CAT Website:

CAT Office: 701-323-9CAT (228) 
Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Ridership Record

April Sees All Time CAT Record

In the last CAT's Meow (our first e-newsletter), we shared that in March of 2013 the CAT bus reached 1,000,000 rides given since its beginning in 2004.  We were pretty excited to reach that milestone!

This month, we are excited about another ridership record.  In April of 2014, the CAT bus gave 13,030 rides.  This exceeds the all time highest ridership of any single month since the CAT's beginning.  And so far, May is shaping up to be a record month as well!  Thank you to our riders to continuing to support your city bus!

Al Wangler to Retire in June

After 23.5 Years of Service to Taxi 9000, Bis-Man Transit and the CAT Bus

If you know anything about the structure of Bis-Man Transit, you know that we contract with Taxi 9000 for operations and services.  We work closely together to provide service to our riders.  This relationship has been in place since the beginning.  Along with Al. 

Al Wangler began working for Taxi 9000 23.5 years ago, to be exact.  Many of the riders and agencies that we work with know Al. In his many years of service, Al has worn almost every hat around here.  However, his title for 23 of those 23.5 years has been operations manager.  Of the many hats Al wore under that title, his everyday tasks included managing the CAT bus drivers and operations, overseeing transit and taxi operations and even throwing in morning dispatch most days. 

Al can be a man of few words, or many words, depending on the day and task at hand.  From the first time you visit with him you realize he is a "Where the rubber meets the road" type of guy (pun intended) - he gets things done, makes smart choices and can put a plan into action.

One thing is for sure. He will be greatly missed around the office.  We are holding a retirement party for him on Wednesday, June 18th.  Please stop by our office at 3750 East Rosser Avenue from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. to wish him well.  We hope to see you there.

Congratulations and best wishes, Al!!!!

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