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Greetings Good Neighbors !!

We can't begin to tell you all the things that are happening. We want to be sure you read this so I've placed the surprise at the bottom of this page.

Join us in congratulating Mary Steenson on having her neighborhood in the running for bigger recognition as possible Neighborhood of the Year by Neighborhood USA (NUSA). For information about NUSA click the link below

An important local program to reduce the 90% joblessness rate in Black youth was caught up this week in what we believe is nasty election politics.
Last week the Chicago Sun Times charged that the Black United Fund of Illinois and other organizations that used state funds to run a summer anti-violence -job training programs for Black youth, had a failure, a fraud and a waste of taxpayer funds . Their reasoning was that a 17 year old accused this month of committing a murder, had been employed in the Black United Fund of Illinois program. The reporter concluded that the whole program a ploy for political favor by Governor Quinn who had sponsored the State Funding for the program.
As a result of the article, on March 6 state Representative David Reis introduced a bill – House Bill 6011- to immediately freeze the funding of the Chicago Anti Violence State Funds which will gut ALL such job training programs.
This media muckracking is not only aimed at harming the Governor in the upcoming political race but will be extremely harmful to the community’s urgent interests in reducing crisis level employment that is strongly connected to the high level of violence and crime. The article is grossly distorted and includes erroneous and misleading information and does not mention the benefits to the many teens trained by the program. The lawmaker’s response is an irresponsible over-reaction.
We are urging the Community to speak up against this yellow journalism and against any attempt to cut these much needed funds. The harm to our community will be unspeakable. We are seeking "Justice and Jobs."
That's why I signed a petition to The Illinois State House, The Illinois State Senate, and Governor Pat Quinn. Will you please sign too?  
To read it and add your signature Click here:

In an attempt to bring a high quality grocer to South Shore, the advocacy/action sub-committee of the Grocer Committee wants your help and involvement.  We are planning a shopping event to bring attention to the amount of money South Shore residents spend on groceries outside the community. In April we will highlight this issue by coming together to shop at a high quality grocer outside our community. We will brand ourselves with South Shore shirts, and shopping bags. We are also asking that you begin to save your grocery receipts in the weeks leading up to this event which we will collect and tally.
Please stay tuned for updates on this event and how you can get involved, and be ready to get your South Shore paraphernalia. This will be a highly publicized event and our voices will be heard.

In our Town Hall meeting we declared that we must go past the Grocery Task Force straight to the mayor to get results. Accordingly, on Wed March 12 we had a fruitful meeting with the Deputy Mayor, … Koch and the ----- (name )mayor's new Chief of Staff.
The meeting included Alderman Hairston who declared that she would work closely with us. We are invited to participate in her 3/20 meeting about Dominick’s and Urban Partnership Bank.

We have a meeting with Urban Partnership Bank next discuss the community’s position concerning their continued involvement with the community revitalization efforts as well as the sale of the building. 

Here's the surprise.
Our Executive Director Val Free's guest editorial opinion about 71st Street Dominick’s and who and what we are as a community ran in this Sunday’s Chicago Tribune!!!!  We think that it expresses The Planning Coalition and the South Shore resident’s unified concern and determination to win.
Don’t Stereotype South Shore
There are 2 other opinions, including one Steve Koch and Leslie Hairston (Deputy Chief of Staff, and 5 Ward Alderman).  As well as, Allen Sanderson – University of Chicago.

Task Force Focusing on Last Location: Deal Could Be Near 

Subsidized grocery replacement isn't answer
Allen Sanderson – Teaches economics at University of Chicago
Please take a look and perhaps send in your comments about what you think in a letter to the Tribune editors.
With your help our position is gaining respect and momentum.
Needless to say community things are happening.
Until the next update - be a good neighbor, work with your local organizations, join or form a block club for to raise your power to higher to resolve our own problems and celebrate our victories.  

The Planning Coalition
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