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4E powers ahead to 2019

The 12 member countries of 4E have signed on to an exciting new strategic plan that will see an expansion of the group’s activities from 2014 until 2019. To reflect this, 4E has a new name: The IEA Implementing Agreement for Energy Efficient End-use Equipment. 
“During our first five year term, 4E has established itself as a forum
between countries seeking to collaborate on appliance
energy efficiency policies,”
said 4E Chair, Dr Mike Walker.
“Our research and analysis is now recognised as making a unique and
significant contribution to the energy efficiency policy debate and
this provides us with a great platform to be more ambitious.”

4E also has a new-look website providing easy access to all previous 4E publications, research and events. 


An update of refrigerator benchmarks highlights concerns

The 2014 revision of the
4E international benchmark report on domestic refrigerated appliances highlights a number of concerns for policy makers, not least the migration to larger appliances in some regions.

However, it also shows that there is still technical scope for improvement and how careful policy design can lead to far greater savings in energy.

Quality LED
street lighting

Quality and performance tiers for LED-based street lighting is the latest set of guides produced by the 4E SSL Annex. Produced by 20 global lighting experts, these tiers represent sensible levels to promote market adoption of SSL products and international alignment. 


New focus on ‘connected devices’

4E’s newest Annex targets the growing energy use from networks and networked equipment. The Electronic Devices and Networks Annex (EDNA) will cover most types of electronic equipment and associated networks serving the information technology and related communications needs of consumers, businesses, institutions and utilities.  

EDNA will take over and expand on work previously undertaken by the 4E Standby Power Annex.

International Standards
in Support of Policies for Energy Efficiency

Organised by the IEA, IEC and ISO, this one day workshop on 13 March 2014 in Paris drew together policy makers, standardisation experts and industry to discuss how standards can support the transition towards more sustainable energy systems.

The 4E partnership with IEA and SEAD on International Standardisation was represented at this meeting. 

EU Product policy conference

The European Commission hosted a
wide array of governments and experts in Brussels during February 2014 at its
conference on ‘International Trends in
Ecodesign and Energy Labelling’

4E members joined with others to discuss practical measures to stimulate greater convergence in energy efficiency policies for appliances and equipment. 

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