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Photograph courtesy of The Sustainable Innovation Forum 2015
The key role of energy efficiency in meeting climate objectives has
been highlighted in 2 recent reports, released on the eve of COP21.
  • In the IEA’s bridge to a low-carbon world, 50% of savings result from
    energy efficiency. 
    ‘Energy Matters’ identifies 5 key actions to peak then reduce global emissions.

  • According to a report from Fraunhofer ISI, 
    the world’s largest and fastest-growing economies can help limit global warming to 2°C for significantly lower costs by prioritizing energy efficiency in the transport, buildings, and industrial sectors. It estimates that annual savings range from 0.1% to 0.4% of annual GDP and are not sensitive to macroeconomic shifts or to changes in fuel price. 

The Japanese CEATEC exhibition provided a great opportunity for
EDNA to meet with local government and industry in October 2015
to discuss energy efficiency in smart devices.

Lights, camera, action! 
Watch the new, two minute animated video to learn all about the current activities and focus of the SSL Annex!


G20 and connected devices 
The 2015 report from the Connected Devices Alliance under the G20 process includes a description of activities and a series of recommendations to governments. 

The road to more comprehensive motor policies 
How do we unlock the huge potential savings from motor systems? The new 4E roadmap for electric motors & variable frequency drives highlights the steps from policies for simple motors to those for more complex motor driven units.

For further information on motor efficiency, download EMSA’s 3 new policy briefs:

21st Century Standards and Labelling Programmes

This workshop on the 15 and 16 December 2015 at the IEA in Paris will explore how innovative technologies can be used to improve appliance and equipment energy efficiency programmes. The workshop is supported by SEAD and 4E and will cover approaches that can enhance programme development, improve compliance mechanisms and promote consumer awareness.
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