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Update on Asheville Community Theatre’s Commitment to Racial Justice and our work on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:

In June 2020, we shared a statement in response to the continued violence perpetrated against members of the Black community. Our statement ended with: 

As a theatre, we are in process of reflecting on the ways in which we contribute to the injustices in our community and society, and we are identifying the actions that we can take to evolve fully into an organization that truly centers diversity, inclusion, equity and kindness. Black lives matter, Black stories matter, Black art matters. We will work to be better allies.

At that moment, we did not have actions to back up our words. To make the changes we need to make to address the systemic racism and institutional injustices in our theatre - and to make these changes last -  we would need to dig deep into ACT’s 75 year history and our current institutional culture before we could undertake any relationship repair. We would need to create an organizational ethos that supported the words we shared. 

In August, we launched a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee made up of board and staff members including Elizabeth Huddleston, Rick Manheim, Karen Teel, Barbara Blomberg, Jenny Bunn and myself. That committee recommended to ACT’s Board of Directors a year-long process that began in February 2021. The Board enthusiastically supported the committee’s recommendation, and this work will be a main focus for ACT in the coming year. Along with a generous grant from the Teel Family Foundation, the Board has approved a level of funding that is necessary to achieve this real change. 

We have begun working with Aisha Adams to do an Equity Audit of our policies, procedures, programs, digital footprint, and physical space. In April 2021, we will begin working with alexandria monque and david greenson at Collaborative Organizing. This will include anti-racism training for all staff and board as well as an in depth assessment of our institutional culture.

We know that there is no finish line to reach; this is a consistent and constant commitment to keep learning, to keep listening, and to keep changing.

We expect to include and involve a wider and more diverse spectrum of stakeholders and community members as we move forward. We will stay accountable and transparent by sharing monthly updates with you publicly on our website, and we are also open to any questions, concerns, or suggestions you might have about ACT’s commitment to racial justice. Feel free to reach out to me at

Susan Harper, Executive Director

February's Listen to This

Thursday, February 25, 2021 * 7:30 pm
Performed live via Zoom

Listen to This, Asheville's longest running storytelling series, is back this month with a brand new live show! This month's theme is "Never Feed Him After Midnight: Stirring Pet-Sitting Stories." As always, the show is hosted by local comedian/writer/actor/teacher Tom Chalmers!
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Videos on Demand

Here's how it works: you purchase a ticket for the show of your choice and you'll be sent a unique link to watch. Once you click the "start watching" button, you'll have 48 hours to complete your view - so feel free to stop and start - or watch the whole thing in one sitting!

Note: ACT's Video on Demand films are best viewed on your computer, tablet, or phone - or a Smart TV with web browser. Casting to a television via Chromecast or similar is difficult.

The Man in the Bright Nightgown
Available as Video on Demand thru February 28, 2021

Earlier this fall, husband and wife team Michael and Brenda Lilly gathered up a few friends and co-workers to create a short film. With the permission of playwright Tom Huey, Brenda worked with director Joshua Russell to adapt The Man in the Bright Nightgown - which she had previously directed in 35below, and which had starred Michael - into a screenplay. PLUS - after the film, stick around for a behind the scenes conversation with the artistic team!
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Listen to This: Stories and More on Screen
Available as Video on Demand thru March 31, 2021!

Hit rewind and watch (or re-watch!) three of the best Listen to This episodes from 2020! Each episode clocks in between 60-80 minutes.
  • Theme Park Theme: True Amusement Park Tales Meant to Amuse
    • Featuring stories by Bryan Morrisey, Alison Fields, Delina Hensley, and Karen Stobbe, plus songs by Kim Richardson - Originally aired July 30, 2020
  • Surprise and Shine: True Tales of Unexpected Events
    • Featuring stories by Tessa Fontaine, Corr de Joch, Shelagh Ratner, and Rod Murphy, plus songs by Silas Durocher - Originally aired October 1, 2020
  • When a Story Calls: True Tales of In-house Horrors
    • Featuring stories by David Novak, Andy Corren, Waylon Wood, and Rebecca Morris, plus songs by Rebecca O'Quinn - Originally aired October 29, 2020
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March Youth Improv Classes!

Classes begin Monday, March 15, 2021
4:00-4:45 pm * Ages 8-11
5:00-5:45 pm * Ages 12-15
Taught by Chris Martin

Play favorite improv games and discover some new ones! The class includes fun warm-ups, “Yes And” exercises, lots and games, and a showcase during the last class! No previous experience required!
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