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Our windows and doors are covered with the beautiful and inspirational artwork by our phenomenal Technical Director, Jill Summers. 

Thank You!

At the start of every online youth class, students are asked if they want to share a “highlight” of their week, and a “lowlight” of their week. We have shared their sadness at lowlights like missing their friends and so many cancelled school activities. And we have been so touched at how many times we hear that joining their ACT classes through Zoom is a highlight. Even online, ACT is providing a safe place for kids and adults can come together to create and connect.

THANK YOU to every person who has donated to ACT during this shut down. YOU are the reason we can continue these programs. 
We launch our first of several live streaming events with Little Women on May 30!

Weekly Spotlight: Little Women online!

When we closed our doors due to COVID-19, we thought we might be closed for 3-4 weeks. We quickly moved to online rehearsals for Little Women and three different Youth Production Classes, thinking that we might be able to get these productions onstage as soon as it was safe to reopen.

But we've realized that the better place to present these plays will be online. And so rehearsals shifted: instead of practicing to be on the stage, we started practicing to be on the screen. 

Instead of working on stage movement, actors are noting their posture and distance in regards to their webcam. Lighting is asking an actor to re-position a floor lamp instead of having a lighting designer create intricate cues that change at the push of a button. Even in this seemingly disconnected space, actors are connecting beautifully to each other, to the script, and to the characters. 

And so, next Saturday, we will present Little Women from the homes of our actors directly to YOUR home! Tickets are free. Once you register for the event, you will receive a unique link to view the livestream! 
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Upcoming Productions:

Youth Production Classes:

Special Event:

We've been averaging around 27 kids each week in our two Youth Improv classes! The class is offered for free, taught by Chris Martin, and is a whole screen full of fun! If your child (ages 8-12) would like to give it a try, sign them up!

Youth Improv - Online Version: Thursday, May 21
Session One: 3:30-4:15 pm
Session Two: 4:15-5:00 pm

To register, fill out this Google Form and we'll get you all set! Please sign up before 2:45 pm Thursday, May 21st (that's TODAY!)

Question for You: 

We are trying to see if there is enough interest in a Zoom class for Adult Improv, taught by Tom Chalmers. If you would be interested in this, please fill out the interest form. Thank you!

Your Support is Needed! 

If a highlight of your week has ever been attending an ACT show, taking part in an ACT class, or volunteering at the theatre, please consider helping us now. If you are able to make a donation, no matter the amount, you will be helping ACT keep our programs going strong for the children, teens, and adults who need them more than ever. Thank you, and keep being creative together, however you can.
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