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Our cozy, hands-on, workshop-oriented studio is on Des Moines' Southside: 4214 Fleur Dr., Ste. 14-A in the Airport Plaza Shopping Center (2nd floor).

July and August summertime fun schedule is:
*Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 9:40 a.m.

*Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 5:30 p.m. to 6:40 p.m. 

If you're new to the studio, your first session is free! After that, each session is $20.

Members can attend any class; non-members can practice in any class for $20 a session.
Studio Schedule Updates:
As it goes throughout the summer, people get busy with vacations, long weekend trips, and drinking on patios!

So after reviewing attendance records, and with the knowledge of various members' vacation schedules, the studio schedule for July and August will be as follows:

*Wednesday and Thursday: 8:30 a.m. - 9:40 a.m. (no Tuesday AM class)
*Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday: 5:30 p.m. - 6:40 p.m. (no Thursday PM class)

Please plan ahead for an active practice!

To that note, we have a funky schedule for the week of July 3rd:
*No classes Monday July 3rd or Tuesday July 4th - Independence Day holiday
*Also - no morning class Thursday, July 6th (I have to do an interview for Jazz in July on KFMG)
BUT: If you're off that week and want to come in Friday morning July 7th, we'll do it! Need at least 2 people to confirm for that Friday by Thursday, June 29th.

Saturday, August 19th: Mindful Listening workshop
Another workshop idea that people seemed interested in is my mindful listening workshop.

Choosing to listen -- actively listen -- is how you mindfully communicate with someone. When you sharpen your focus to listen, you'll set aside perceptions of what you think another person is saying or is about to say. When you have the ability to not filter what you hear from others through your experiences, you fully understand what another person means, and deepen your relationships.

This fun, interactive experience is open to all ages (12+) and is great for personal development, a fun couples' outing, or to expand your business communications. This isn't a straight-up lecture: you'll enjoy engaging with other guests through exercises designed to enhance your listening abilities!

Saturday, August 19th, 10:00 a.m. - 12: 00 p.m.
Cost: $20 for members; $25 for non-members, all materials provided

Registration required -- please do so by Thursday, August 10th. We need a minimum of 8 people to host the workshop, so please let me know you're coming! Advance payment required by cash or check. Contact Tracey for more information.

Outside Yoga Opportunities Abound!
Many people love the opportunity to play outside and do yoga! A number of different programs are available for you to explore, including Pop-Up Yoga DSM, Yoga in the Park, Yoga on the Lawn, Yoga at the Bandshell, Yoga at the Winery, and Yoga at the Plaza. For exact schedules and times, look for these programs' Facebook pages.

Thank You for Your Referrals!
I'm always grateful for your referrals, because they show you believe in the work we do and you're interested in building a special community of like minds who populate our studio with shared purpose. Thank you! It's important for the growth of the studio to encourage people to take part, so please let me know if you need more referral cards.

Private Sessions
A private student says she's enjoyed private sessions with TKY because: "A year ago I was struggling with big lifestyle changes due to health issues. Tracey took charge of my almost non-existent yoga practice and helped me steadily build up my strength and flexibility to the confident practice I enjoy today." 

Thank you! Namaste.

Sometimes group classes aren't for everyone. Whether it's due to scheduling conflicts, personal circumstances, injury or illness recovery, or just to relish quiet time focused on  yourself, private sessions are an intimate, transformative way to explore yoga in a meaningful manner, one-to-one, accessing a more effective practice. If you or someone you know desires this type of personal attention, ask me for referral cards to share.

Meditation Around Town: July 20th
Dennis Kelly continues to find wonderful meditation leaders to expand your opportunity to learn more about this practice. Often, sound healer Deb Jennings is on hand too, providing a tranquil atmosphere. On Thursday, July 20th, the marvelous Sandy Eimers of balance yoga lounge in Ankeny will lead a session starting at 6 p.m. at the Rollins Mansion - 2801 Fleur Dr. 
Visit Meditation Around Town to learn more.

The Des Moines Zen Center
If you're looking for a more regular group meditation practice throughout the week, try the Des Moines Zen Center. Meditation sessions are typically 40 minutes long, and other events include potlucks and dharma talks. Review the schedule.

Volunteering for Metro Arts' Jazz in July
Do you enjoy free live music? Do you like meeting people? Do you appreciate helping with fun things in the community? Do new free t-shirts in a hot design make you happy? If all these characteristics apply to you, you're the perfect volunteer for Jazz in July 2017! And as it happens, I'm the chair of the Jazz in July committee, so we might be able to hang out and enjoy some summer fun together! Whether you help with one concert or a few concerts, you're supporting a valuable arts program in Des Moines. Please send me a note and I'll share more details.

Just a couple of pics from the great essential oils workshop we had in the studio in May, led by Janelle Spragg. Everyone enjoyed thinking about what they really needed special blends for, including making comforting scents for others. Such a fun and educational time! Thanks, Janelle!

Since you're off and about this summer, make sure to snap a few fun "yoga in the wild" photos! Send them to me, and you might be in the next newsletter!

Salute! Mat Exploration Leads to Life Expansion
So, we did it again!

On Wednesday, June 21st, all group and private classes in the studio centered on celebrating the summer solstice by practicing nothing but Sun Salutations -- 108, to be exact! Why do this? I wrote a little about the history of this practice last year.

When some people practice this ritual, sometimes referred to as a yoga mala, the individual goals vary. Many practitioners love the physical challenge of it. Others find it to be a test of mental fortitude. And still others unlock emotional aspects necessary for continued growth. Pretty outstanding benefits from doing the same thing repeatedly for about 90 minutes.

The simplicity of the 108 Sun Salutations reveals the true purity of yoga: through consistent breath and movement, frequently alternating between standing tall and inverting perspective, you'll experience a great shift in life.

For example, whether you complete 30, 54, 77, or 108 salutations, you have an opportunity to marvel at the outstanding ability of your body. By setting your sights on finishing however many salutations beyond what you'd normally do in a general session, you experience the power of little victories and goal completion. By adding to your motivation to do "just 5 more...okay, now another 5..." you allow for willpower to guide you into better synchronicity between your mind and body. And by acknowledging the effort at whatever level, you make room for more success.

Not too bad for a bunch of up and down movements.

My heart was full hearing the stories from everyone the next day, each one unique and full of purpose, surprise, and joy! I, too, experienced a level of accomplishment. Although it took me all day to complete 108 sun salutations, it was my first significant practice since my glute and hamstring injury in February. Now, I feel more confident that I can take greater ownership of my recovery, and use my progressive health to enjoy the summer in all the active ways I prefer!

When we allow what happens on the mat to influence what happens off the mat, it's easier to see just what magnificent beings we really are.

Again, not too bad for a bunch of up and down movements.

Please forward this newsletter to anyone you feel might benefit from exploring yoga. Let's continue to build our community by encouraging new attendees and each other to find our best selves.


Use your yoga practice to continue to explore not only postures and breath, but also all the other aspects of life that appeal to you. And thank you for sharing your journey with us!





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