May 2016 RHYC News

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Now Hear This!

 Commodore's Corner


It is almost time to start putting boats back in the water and getting them ready for what I hope will be a great summer at the Club. I am especially looking forward to seeing more of our members enjoying our fabulous refurbished deck.

From the rehab project in the fall, to the power washing and staining over the last few weeks, Doug Heisler, Fred Kaiser, Buck Young and Dennis Staples, and of course your fearless leader Heather Ransom, have contributed endless hours and hard work to complete this project.  Mike Reeve, Bob Lewis, Sarah Gifford and Gary Di Vito thank you too for all the time you spent staining and power washing the deck. We are a very fortunate Club to have such wonderful members like you. A very big thank you!! So fellow members the next time you see any of these fine people, please give them a warm thank you and better still, buy them a drink. They deserve it!

Something else that is new at RHYC. Have you checked out our new website yet? If not you really should, everything you need to know about the Club is there! Thank you so much to Connie Ranney and the Technology Committee for all their work, and for making us look so good on the web.

The Membership Committee is hard at work on the 2016 Membership Drive but they need your help. Come to the Club and bring your friends and neighbors. As members you can speak best on our behalf. RHYC like most small clubs, is having to really persevere to retain current members and to attract new ones. It is always a challenge. Mark your calendars for Saturday May 28th, the Club and the Sailing School are holding a joint Open House/Sail to encourage the community to come out and see all that we have to offer. Volunteers are needed now and on the day.  If enough members step up, 1 or 2 hours per person will accomplish all we want to do. Sign up opportunities coming soon! With your participation the Silent Auction will be an excellent fundraiser, so check the attic and your garage for any new or gently used items for the auction. Gift Certificates and Gift baskets will be gratefully received too!

John Carey, I don’t know what we would do without you, you do so much for the Club. Thank you so much for donating and installing the new battery for the tractor.

To our many boat owners, please pay attention to the article in the Newsletter regarding our waterfront lifts. Someone is abusing and misusing them, yes abusing and misusing them I say! As a result we have to keep spending members’ money to have them repaired. Please read the posted instructions on how to use the lifts and then they will be available for everyone!

Talking of the lifts, the Regatta Committee has a number of exciting regattas organized for the season. They are looking forward to a successful summer and as a Club we are looking forward to welcoming the participants back to our fine venue. Once again the Committee is looking for volunteers to assist with the regattas so reach out to them and they will be thrilled to hear from you and happy to put you to work on land or creek!

Last but not least thank you to all our members who rejoined for 2016 and those members who come out on a regular basis to support the Club. We would not be here without all of you!

Let’s have a great summer with our families and friends, our little grandsons are certainly looking forward to enjoying it all and are determined to catch a fish off the docks!

Heather Byrne
Spring Clean-up 2016
Thank You to the 30+ Volunteers!

Saturday Clean-up was a big success thanks to the 30+ members who appeared on a beautiful dry day in the midst of the rainy weather we are experiencing.  The list of chores was ambitious but so were our VOLUNTEERS! Clorox, silver polish, paint and window cleaner fumes permeated the air.  The drone of the power washers cleaning the pavilion area and the exterior furniture was nonstop.  Fourteen white pine trees, table favors from the Arbor Day dinner from the evening before, were planted; a truck load of debris was hauled from the freshly raked beach area; and, the tarp was removed from the pool to begin our preparation for the upcoming 2016 swimming season.  Whew!

The volunteers from the sign-up sheet were: Bonnie Ralph, Susan Bowles, John Bowles, Todd Steffes, Sarah Gifford, MP Bernhard, Gloria Styer, Jack Deiss, Sue Steffes, Marta McCave, Kim Pierson, Mike Pierson, Kathy Molnar, Beth Dunn, Monica Trojnar, Tom Tontarski, Denise Tontarski, Carol Nieman, Karen Biddle, Joan Lausman, Chip Lausman, Joel Trojnar, Fred Wehden, Ruth Wehden, Bill Bernhard, Joan Lohkamp, Dick Lohkamp, Cooper Trojnar, Paul Fuger, Rick Faulkner.  The list may have some omissions but please know your efforts were appreciated 

I owe a personal debt of gratitude to the men who last summer had an idea and began to reconstruct our deck; this winter the next phase, power washing and staining, began.  This was a huge effort performed by a small group of committed members.  The deck is beautiful and ready to support the good times ahead for members and visitors.

We are all grateful to the volunteers that support our club. 

Heather Ransom, Chair, Buildings and Grounds Committee
2016 Membership Drive Update
On Saturday May 28 (rain date is May 29), the club is holding an OPEN HOUSE in conjunction with RHYCSS holding an OPEN SAIL. We welcome members and their guests, as well as the public to learn more about our club and our sailing school. There will be Free Sailboat rides, Music, Games, Food, a Silent Auction and more fun! We welcome our guests and future members to stay for Pub Night, too!
We need volunteers to make this day great – there is a Sign-up Board in the Club!

From May 1 – June 5 – The $500 Initiation fee will be waived for new members!!

The foundation of the Rock Hall Yacht Club (RHYC) is its membership!  From young families to retired couples, to singles, RHYC has a diverse group of individuals that comprise its family.  Without this group, none of the exciting activities, friendship and “memory-making” would occur.

As you know,  when you become a member of the RHYC you are opening the door to many fun experiences and friendships that will last a lifetime as well as many benefits and programs designed to add value to your membership.
Club Racing
Dining Room/Lounge     
Junior Sailing  
Boat Slips, Moorings, Winter Storage   
Social Events/Parties
Reciprocity with over 700
Yachting Club of America registered Yacht and Sailing Clubs
Sailing School (RHYCSS)
A fantastic event venue
One of the best settings on the Eastern Shore!

In addition to our regular General membership dues, we now offer reduced dues for prospective Junior members between the ages of 23-35!

Spread the word about RHYC  -  share the beautiful sunsets, share the fun!  

New members require member sponsorship - we need your support to increase our membership – sponsor someone today! Membership applications are available on line at or in the Lobby of the Club.

As a “Thank You” for sponsoring a new member :
$50* for a General Membership
$25* for a Junior Membership
(* - To be used toward Food & Bar Only)

Debbie Campion
Saturday, May 28, 2016
(Rain Date May 29)
RHYC Open House / RHYCSS Open Sail
& Guest Night!!!

Support our Club’s Membership Drive and have some fun at the same time!
An Important Message to All Members

 Using the Club's Boat Lift and Floating Dock
Boat Lift

The club has incurred numerous expenses regarding repairs to the boat lifts. To keep these operating for all cub members to enjoy, please observe the following:

1 – Secure the trolley only to the lift pole and tie the boom to the piling.
2 – Do not allow children to use the boat lift it is not a toy.
3 – Do not walk under a boat while it is in the air.
4 – Do not to block the boat lift.  When you are done, please move your trailer so others can use it.

Floating dock
Please remember that no boat shall be tied to the floating dock long term or overnight. Doing this impedes other boaters from using the boat lift. The floating dock is for short term use while loading and off-loading only.

For more information, please refer to the club rules and posted sign at the dock.

Thank you.

Waterfront Committee
RHYCSS has Success with Spaghetti!
The RHYCSS's 8th annual fundraiser held on April 18 was a great success! The junior sailors served up 175 plates of spaghetti and meatballs, exceeding all previous years.

The RHYCSS wishes to thank the Rock Hall Yacht Club for the use of the facility and great staff, Bayside Foods in Rock Hall for helping with great prices, and everyone that came out to enjoy the dinner or donated time or funds to the event. Special thanks to Harry Murphey, meatball chef and the originator of the Spaghetti Dinner idea 8 years ago, and Melinda Lippincott for the delectable dessert treats. Of course it was our junior sailor servers that really make the evening special!

See you next year for the 9th Annual Spaghetti Dinner!

Connie Ranney, Volunteer Director, RHYCSS
RHYCSS Announces Summer 2016 Staff
The RHYC Sailing School is pleased to announce its summer 2016 staff.  We have a superb, experienced, and US Sailing certified staff and are ready for a fun and safe summer!  If you have any questions about our programs, staff, or anything else, please contact Connie at 410-775-8225 or
Max Kurland, Head Coach
Max is the head coach of the Washington College Sailing team and is returning to RHYCSS as Head Coach this summer. Max has been sailing with his family since he was a youngster and is an active racer on Log Canoes, often skippering the ‘Silver Heel’! We’re fortunate to have Max’s leadership and experience guiding our junior racers this season.             

Maura Matthews, Assistant Coach
Maura is a sophomore at Washington College and competes on the varsity sailing team. She started sailing at a very young ages with her family. Maura coached last summer in Cambridge and is very happy to join our instructor staff this summer. We welcome Maura to RHYCSS!
Will Sunkler, Instructor
Will is looking forward to his 4th year of teaching sailing at RHYCSS! He has been on the racing team and placed in many CBYRA regattas. He’s headed to Washington College this fall and will be sailing on the varsity team there. We are lucky to have Will back as an experienced and fun instructor!
James Marshall, Instructor
James started sailing when he was age 7 at RHYCSS and has always had a passion for it since! He is returning to teach sailing at RHYCSS for his third year and loves teaching kids the fundamentals of sailing. James will be a sophomore this fall at Kalamazoo. We’re thrilled to have James enthusiasm back on staff!
Peig Staunton, Instructor
Peig joins us as a Senior Instructor from Ireland! She’s a second year student at the University College of Dublin, where she is on the sailing team. Peig loves to help people and teach sailing. She has sailed competitively since she was a young girl and enjoys passing on her knowledge. Peig is looking forward to a summer in the United States. We are fortunate to have her joining RHYCSS with new perspectives and ideas for teaching sailing!
Rock Hall Food Pantry

Please Donate

The Social Committee has placed a donation box just inside the Club dining room to receive nonperishable items for the Rock Hall Food Pantry. All nonperishable items, including pet food, will be welcome.
We often think of making these donations during the winter holidays although every time of year gives us all an opportunity to donate to those in need. Donations will be accepted for the entire month of May.

With Spring finally here, the time is ripe to consider protecting your face and eyes from UV radiation with sophisticated RHYC clothing.   HATS AND VISORS are now at the club.  Why not stay cool while looking cool in your RHYC T-SHIRT.  Men’s T’s are available in various sizes and colors.  Ladies pick your favorite color and style V-Neck and ROUND NECK Shirts.  If you can’t decide, buy several - they also make great gifts. 

For a complete list of colors and prices go to the new RHYC website and point on the club and click on merchandise.  If you do not see the color or style of any merchandise, contact Kathy Molnar at
A Stop Along the Road with Guest Columnist Lee Urbani

Well, hello to all of our RHYC friends, it has been a while since I wrote something for the newsletter. I wanted to take a couple of minutes and sneak in this short piece to share one of our experiences from our recent trip from our home in Florida to Rock Hall. Yes, we came back for the summer sailing season and to once again experience the beauty and grandeur of the Eastern Shore and the fun of the Yacht Club! (OK, enough about the Eastern Shore tell us about your experience, you say!)
Here it is: We have always zipped up and down I 95 either going to or coming from Florida. So, now that Dawn is retired (you know the day her retirement started, mine ended, but that’s another story I’ll share at the bar) we decided to make our road trip an adventure and see some history along the way.  Dawn had never been to Charleston SC and since it is about 1/3 of the way back we made that our stop for a couple of days. We had a great hotel in the old part of town and could walk to many of the sites we wanted to see. The one place I wanted to visit was Ft. Sumter the spot at which the first shots of the American Civil War were fired.
We arrived in the afternoon and checked in, but due to some unforeseen issues we missed the ferry that first day. But, all was not lost, we had a great dinner with the daughter of our dear friends and club members Rick and Stephanie Wasserbly, she lives and works for US Sailing in Charleston.
The next morning we got up at the crack of 9 and ran to catch the first boat to the fort (when I say “ran” I mean we caught a cab). Success we made it, the weather was great and the ferry ride was very refreshing, the perfect hangover cure, I mean wake up fix! Since it was the first trip of the day the park rangers discussed some facts about the trip that we tourists needed to know, such as the rest rooms were not yet clean, the gift shop was not open for the first half hour and here’s where the story is (see, I told you I’d get to a story) the American Flag was not raised.
We trundle off the tour boat with all the other retirees, and walk into the fort. Upon entering the fort we made our way up to the flag pole to “watch” old glory being set. The park ranger asked if anyone wanted to help; so we jumped in! This was a Garrison Flag 20’x12’ (almost as big as a Car Dealer Flag), the wind was blowing about 15, the sky was pure blue and the sea was shimmering. Here we are on this historic site, holding our nations flag getting ready to raise it, it’s been a long time since I had that honor!
I must say at my age I still get a thrill watching our nations flag being flown and that morphs into pride and emotions when I can touch it. Being an actual part of that flag raising ceremony was, how shall I say “WOW”, cause that’s what it is to me! From my earliest beginnings as a Boy Scout through my Navy days and beyond, it’s still a thrill and will always be one. I actually feel sorry for those Americans that for whatever reason don’t have that sense of pride; they are missing a lot. I hope that feeling of pride in our country resonates with most of you, too!
Yea, I am proud to be a small part of America, see you at the club!

Lee Urbani
2016 Regatta Schedule
Our 2016 regatta schedule is in place - we need volunteers on land and on the water to make the season successful. If you can fit some time in your summer to help out on race committee, let us know by emailing

Stay tuned for Race Committee news!

Friday, June 17
Annual Down River Race
Saturday, June 18 – Sunday, June 19
Annual One-Design Regatta & Hobie 16 Division Championship
Thursday, June 23
Junior One-Design Regatta
Saturday, July 16 – Sunday, July 17
Log Canoe Regatta
Thursday, August 4
Junior Green Fleet Regatta
Saturday, August 13
Cocktail Class Regatta
Saturday, October 1
Hard Rock Laser Masters
Saturday, October 8 – Monday, October 10
Albacore North Americans 
Club Racing
You don't sail? Sail, but don't race? Enjoy being out on the water? Then you can have it all as a part of club racing. It’s low-key, fun, and simple. Races are held right on Lankford Bay just off the club beach and docks with the first warning gun at noon. Every race needs a committee boat or two, to set marks and keep score. The sailors rotate the duty, but always need an extra hand or two. Boats are available to borrow from the sailing school with advanced notice. We hope to see all the "old" club racers out there as well as a bunch of new sailors and volunteers. Find our entire club racing schedule and results online on our website.
  • Saturday, May 21
  • Sunday, May 29 – Memorial Day Weekend 
  • Saturday, June 11 
  • Sunday, July 3 – Independence Day Weekend
  • Saturday, July 9
  • Saturday, July 30 
  • Saturday, August 6
  • Saturday, August 20
  • Sunday, September 4 – Labor Day Weekend
  • Saturday, September 17  
  • Saturday, October 15
Club Hours

Please watch your email for This Week at the Club to get current club hours. 
Pub Night

 Saturdays 5 pm – 8:30 pm

Pub Menu

$2 Drafts and Bottles while supplies last!

Darts, pub games, and more for the whole family

Every Saturday the RHYC will host Pub Night. We offer a pub menu, reduced beer and wine prices, specials and more - fun for everyone. Come have a drink, gather with family and friends, meet some new people. Bring a guest or two or three!

Saturday, May 21 - Outdoor Movie Night! Bring the whole Family and watch a movie under the stars!

Please watch your email for This Week at the Club to get additional details. 

Saturday, May 21
Pub Night - Outdoor Movie night (rated G or PG)
Club Racing starts

Saturday, May 28
Open House / Open Sail

Sunday, May 29
Club Racing

We have boat slips and moorings and land storage available for member's boats. Rates and details available on our website
A paid and signed 2016 Boat Storage Contract is required for any boat (or other vehicle) kept on club grounds, slips, or moorings. Any questions, please contact
Donate your yacht, boat or boating equipment to our RHYC Sailing School! RHYCSS appreciates your donation of good quality boats and boating equipment. RHYCSS can provide a tax-deductible donation receipt.


The RHYC Sailing School is a 501(c)3 educational public charity. Boat and related equipment donations help us to provide scholarships for sailing lessons for children.
Please watch your email for This Week at the Club to get updates and specials.  And don't forget our Facebook page, website and club calendar!
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