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 Commodore's Corner


Finally we are beginning to enjoy some sunshine and getting a break from the almost constant rain, thank goodness! So it’s time to come out to the Club and enjoy some cocktails on our beautiful deck and have a swim in our sparkling pool!
The Open House/Open Sail Membership Drive Committee had their fingers crossed for weeks that we would be favored with a warm sunny day and thankfully our wish was granted. What a fantastic day we had with all factions of the Club collaborating to make it so successful. The Sailing School, social members, power boat and sailing members, worked together to make it happen. Thank you to the Committee, Dawn Sutton, Connie Ranney, Debbie Campion, Liz Lerner and Beth Dunn, we in turn are so grateful for the members who supported the day in one way or another, especially those who came out and volunteered for so many hours. Thank you also to Melinda Lippincott for administering the Silent Auction and to Dawn Sutton for soliciting so many auction items from local businesses and our members. She literally pounded the streets and hit the phones for days!  Amazingly a total of $3,867.00 was realized from the auction and was split between the Club and The Sailing School. Thank you to all the members who donated so many wonderful items and to those who came out to bid and purchase. There was quite a bidding war going on at the end for some very popular items.
Connie Ranney and all the volunteer sailors did a great job treating lots of members and guests to sail boat rides on a long hot sunny day. Thank you all! Many thanks to Kathy & John Molnar who spent the whole day selling lots of merchandise. Our Membership Drive was also very successful thanks to all the members who encouraged their friends and neighbors to come and be part of our great Club. Job well done by the membership Committee Beth Dunn and Debbie Campion. Memberships are the lifeblood of the Club so members, please keep that endeavor going. Thank you also to our Manager Mike and his staff for keeping the food coming and the drinks flowing for the entire day and evening. It was really nice to see all the volunteers and lots of members getting together at the end of the day, in the Club House, to celebrate a successful event!  I cannot name all of our fantastic volunteers here so scroll down for the complete list, we deeply appreciate them all.
An additional bonus was that many members, their families and guests were able to enjoy our sparkly clean pool. Thank you to Heather Ransom & Dick Lohkamp for all the hours and it was a lot of hours, of planning and preparation to get it ready for the opening.
It was certainly a great start to the summer season, and many members said we should do it again and we will, but don’t panic, we will wait a few years!
Regattas begin with the Down River Race on June 17th and One Design on June 18th & 19th so sailors sign up, and members come out and mingle with the sailors after the events! Volunteers are also needed for the regattas, so if you can help please contact the Regatta Committee at

I am also pleased to let you know that RHYC has entered into a reciprocity agreement with CRY&CC which the Board of Directors feel will be an added benefit to members of both Clubs.  We look forward to welcoming CRY&CC members to enjoy our facilities. Details of this agreement will be posted on our website for your information and review. Please make sure you are familiar with the requirements of the agreement before planning a visit.
Thank you to the Waterfront Committee and volunteers for making repairs to the waterfront. Bob Presley, Connie Ranney, Buck Young, Heather Ransom, Mike and Cathy Babowicz, and Joe Skinner. Unfortunately a never ending saga. Also thanks to Bob Presley, Connie Ranney, Alex Burton & Tom Lippincott for setting out the moorings and installing the floating dock. We are ready to go for the summer.
Now that most of you have your boats back in the water, it is time to take a photo to display in one of the empty frames in the foyer. Sail boats, power boats, kayaks whatever keeps you afloat, let’s get our wall of fame filled!
Last but certainly not least, a big thank you to Todd Steffes for donating and installing a new hose and spray nozzle at the water front.
So after all that hard work it is time to come out and party and enjoy all that our wonderful Club has to offer.
See you there!

Heather Byrne

Are you sitting up on the RHYC porch, enjoying a tall cool one, and watching the people on the lawn below rigging up their sailboats for the club races?  It’s sunny, and there is a breeze. Fine day for sailing, right?  Maybe.  Here is a clue to what the sailors are thinking.
  1. Wind or no wind.  This is obviously fundamental.  It is rare, but certainly possible for there to literally be no wind.  The surface of Lankford Bay is like a mirror. The sailors will be up on the porch shortly to join you.
  1. There is a wind. How much? This is still a factor about whether to go out or not.
(Sailors typically measure wind speed in knots, not miles per hour. But let’s stick to miles per hour.Wind speed at any level is rarely steady; it has gusts up or down around some average).
  • 1 – 5 mph -  We can race in that. Often referred to as a “drifter.”  It has its own challenges to make it interesting.  But capsize is no threat unless it is so hot you want to get wet.
  • 5-10 mph - You can see wavelets all over the bay.  This is quite nice for club racing. All levels of sailing skills can participate. 
  • 10-15 mph – Now there are whitecaps appearing on the waves.  Sailing in this breeze is great fun for experienced sailors, maybe for some of us the maximum we want to go out in.
  • 15-20 mph – Certainly exciting. Boats will heel and require “hiking” to counterbalance. Some sailboats will “plane” (like a motorboat typically does) instead of plowing through the water.  Down on the lawn, some will again choose the porch for the afternoon. The best (and perhaps most athletic) will go out.
  • 20+ mph.  Some boats will do it. More likely you will now see Tom Lippincott coming out and setting up for kite boarding (the “sail’ is a big kite). He stands on a minimal surfboard. Very fast).  Great fun for everyone else to watch from the porch.
  1. There is a good wind.  But from what direction is it blowing? It can come from any direction. This makes a difference to the sailors, a difference specific to the RHYC location.
The RHYC has a beautiful view of the bay. The clubhouse faces a little west of south, SSW specifically. If you look from the porch directly out to the other side of the Chester River, you are looking about south. Behind the club house to the west, north, and east are trees, houses, and land, that affect the wind. However, the land is opened up some by Lawyer Creek along the road to the club, and also by Long Point Cove going down to the marina.
Why does all this make a difference as long as there is wind? Think first about launching a sailboat off of our beach. If the wind is from the south, it is blowing straight on the beach, and tries to push you back on to it, helped by your sails. In light wind, we just wade out and push off. In heavier wind, this is trickier. If the wind is northerly, it is easy to get off the beach, but will be more challenging to get back to it. If the wind is easterly or westerly, it teases us, first coming around the trees one way, then around the other way, or down the hill from the clubhouse. The flag on our flag pole may not be moving at all. Dealing with this is a part of a sailor’s skills, but definitely something we think about.
Similarly out on the water. In the summer, our best sailing winds are from the south or southwest, coming up the Chester from the Queenstown area and straight into our Lankford Bay. (Our Waterfront Committee shudders about the piers and shore damage from waves). Such winds are typically steady (fewer gusts). If the wind is from the north or northeast, then it tends to be shifty, first coming around Drum Point, then from the clubhouse, or even Long Point. Is this bad?It’s more trouble for the Race Committee trying to set a course than for the sailors. The shifting adds to the challenge if racing.Some will get a lift or direction change that helps get to the finish line while others, only a hundred yards away, may not get it. This is all part of the game.
Would you like to join us, instead of just watching?Our club races are very informal. We invite other boats and boat types to go out with us.If you don’t have a boat (yet), or simply want to find out what sailing is all about? Just ask one of us for a ride. Welcome aboard.
Dyer Harris
Welcome Aboard!

A big welcome to all of our new members:

Stephen “Steve” and Suzanne Allen – Rock Hall, MD

Ben and Shelley Armiger – children River and Olin – Chestertown, MD

James “JimBob” and Sharon Ash – grandchildren – Bonnie, Bernie and Rich – Rock Hall, MD

John D Edwards, Jr. and Ginger C Camp – children – Dylan, Hilary and Kevin Bryce – Rock Hall, MD

Michael and Melanie Ferreira – children – Kinsley, Genevieve and Connor – Rock Hall, MD

Jean “Limey” Hirst – Rock Hall, MD

Alicia Hutters – Bridgeville, DE and Rock Hall, MD

Calvin “Cal” and Sharon Keeler – children Jeremy – Bear, DE

Gregory “Greg” and Jennifer “Jen” Krafchik – children Madeline and Paul – Rock Hall, MD

Carl and Patricia “Pat” Kramer – Delran, NJ

Louis “Lou” and Carla Martin – Newark, DE

James “Jim” and Jennifer Martin – children Hailey, Lucas and Libby – Rock Hall, MD

Ken McKelvey – Rock Hall, MD

Brant Nordoff and Lauren Smith – Rock Hall, MD

Dr. Dan and Carmen Ott – Houston, TX

Lisa Sasser and Betsy Hahn – Rock Hall, MD

Norman “Norm” and Linda Sholler – Rock Hall, MD and Clarkson, MI

Robert “Bob” and C Anne Stevenson – Chalfont, PA

Kyle and Sarah Ulrick – children Arden – Chestertown, MD

Warren and Kathleen “Kathy” Zimmerman – Rock Hall, MD

Stay tuned for info about the upcoming New Member Welcome Reception
The Pool is Sparkling and Open for Your Summer Enjoyment

The Board has authorized the following initiatives to offer a better swimming experience for the club members.  
The pool will be open 7 days a week from 10 am to 8 pm, these hours are posted at the entrance of the pool.  A robotic cleaner was purchased to operate afterhours to collect/filter containments in the pool.  As sun protection lotions, bay water, sand and grass compromise the pool water quality, we have installed a shower at the entrance of the pool and everyone is asked to rinse off before entering the pool.  A pool manager, Terri Mullikin was hired to open and close the pool daily, maintain the robotic cleaner, perform chemical tests as required by the Department of Health and order supplies as needed.
Please familiarize yourself with the revised Pool Rules found at  
A “Guest Register” will be at the pool entrance for members to sign in their guest when using the pool.  A copy of the pool rules will be in the book as well.

Enjoy your 2016 swimming experience at the RHYC!  

Heather Ransom, Chair, Buildings and Grounds Committee
RHYCSS starts June 20!

Voted Best Sailing School on the Eastern Shore for the 3rd year in a row, the RHYC Sailing School starts sailing classes June 20, 2016 and runs through August 19, 2016. We offer something for everyone who wants to get out on the water and learn to sail or improve their sailing skills.
In addition to our traditional courses, new this season is Family Sail - set sail with at least one adult and one child and an instructor and experience the joy of sailing and being on the water!
Find more information about all our offerings on the website: or call 410-775-TACK.

Connie Ranney
"Grill Night" Begins Wednesday,  June 22
We are looking for Guest Chefs to show off their cooking skills at this weekly iconic and savory summer staple.
For more information or to volunteer, please contact Mike at the Club (410) 639-2182 or

There are opportunities to volunteer every Wednesday - from June 22 through the month of September.
Food and Bar

Mike and his staff work very hard to keep things running as smoothly as possible for us.   Sometimes the wait for a drink or dinner may be longer than we would like.  If you can make a reservation, that will help with the planning of bringing on extra staff to help alleviate this problem.  

If there are any specials that you would like to see on the menu board, please don’t hesitate to contact me with your ideas.  ( It is always nice to have new meal options.

Beth Dunn
Open House Open Sail 2016
Thank You to all our Volunteers!

Thank you to all the volunteers who came out to help on Saturday, May 28:
Patrick and Heather Byrne
Debbie Campion
Gary and Claire Cohen
Beth Dunn
Sarah Gagalski
Margie  Gross
Chip Lieber
Tom and Melinda Lippincott
Joan Lohkamp
Joe and Amy Manley
David Manley
Cathy McLaughlin
John and Kathy Molnar
Scott and Connie Ranney
Heather Ransom
Ralph and Sandy Sponar
Glo Styer
Will Sunkler
Dawn Sutton
Tom and Denise Tontarski
Monica Trojnar
Fred and Ruth Wehden
Peggy Young
The hottest selling item at the recent Open House were the new slate blue caps.  We reordered them from our vendor and these striking hats are now back in stock.  My hubby says they’re practically formalwear.
15 oz. coffee mugs emblazoned with our RHYC and Log Canoe logos are available on a special order for the very low price of $8.00.  A sample of the mug will be at the club for you to see.  You may look for free, quaffing costs a little more.
Please check out all of our prestigious merchandise on the RHYC web site; it is part of the drop down menu under “The Club.”
A few Thoughts from the Social Committee

The Social Committee is looking to expand by a few members.

If you possess just one of the following qualities, then this group is for you

 Enjoy being creative,
      setting the atmosphere,
            have a flair with color,
                  are somewhat corny,
                         like to smile a lot,  
                              love people and foods,

We have wonderful times planning and decorating the Club once a month for members’ enjoyment. Please contact: Susan Bowles at
A picture is worth a thousand words.  Enjoy the photos from the Opening Day Ceremonies and the Kentucky Derby Party.
Windmill Midwesterns at Hoover Sailing Club Drew 15 Windmills from 6 States

The Windmill Midwesterns held near Columbus, Ohio on June 4-5 drew 15 Windmills from 6 states. Ralph & Matt Sponar finished 5th while Allen Chauvenet & Sarah Steward finished 6th. Solid showing with some really good individual races but just enough mishaps in high quality competition to miss out on the top 3. Very shifty winds and great racing enjoyed by all. Hoping to see 10 Windmills in the Invitational Regatta!

Allen Chauvenet
Club Racing Results Memorial Day Weekend
We had five Windmills and one Wayfarer out on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.  The wind was certainly light, but Joe and Amy Manley as the Race Committee set up a good course that allowed us to get in four races.  The Wayfarer is a heavier boat than Windmills, and decided not to race. Give it more wind and it will be a serious competitor.
Results were as follows:
The next Club Racing date is Sunday, July 3.  Come join us.

Allen Chauvenet
A Reminder to All Members

 Using the Club's Boat Lift and Floating Dock
Boat Lift

Keeping our boat lifts operational is all of our responsibilty. To keep these operating for all club members to enjoy, please observe the following:

1 – After use, secure the trolley only to the lift pole and tie the boom to the piling.
2 – Do not allow children to use the boat lift; it is not a toy.
3 – Do not walk under a boat while it is in the air.
4 – Do not to block the boat lift.  When you are done, please move your trailer so others can use it.

Floating dock
Please remember that no boat shall be tied to the floating dock long term or overnight. Doing this impedes other boaters from using the boat lift. The floating dock is for short term use while loading and off-loading only.

For more information, please refer to the club rules and posted sign at the dock.

Thank you.

Waterfront Committee
2016 Regatta Schedule
Our 2016 regatta schedule is in place - we need volunteers on land and on the water to make the season successful. If you can fit some time in your summer to help out on race committee, let us know by emailing

Stay tuned for Race Committee news!

Friday, June 17
Annual Down River Race
Saturday, June 18 – Sunday, June 19
Annual One-Design Regatta & Hobie 16 Division Championship
Thursday, June 30
Junior One-Design Regatta
Saturday, July 16 – Sunday, July 17
Log Canoe Regatta
Thursday, August 4
Junior Green Fleet Regatta
Saturday, August 13
Cocktail Class Regatta
Saturday, October 1
Hard Rock Laser Masters
Saturday, October 8 – Monday, October 10
Albacore North Americans 
Club Racing
You don't sail? Sail, but don't race? Enjoy being out on the water? Then you can have it all as a part of club racing. It’s low-key, fun, and simple. Races are held right on Lankford Bay just off the club beach and docks with the first warning gun at noon. Every race needs a committee boat or two, to set marks and keep score. The sailors rotate the duty, but always need an extra hand or two. Boats are available to borrow from the sailing school with advanced notice. We hope to see all the "old" club racers out there as well as a bunch of new sailors and volunteers. Find our entire club racing schedule and results online on our website.
  • Sunday, July 3 – Independence Day Weekend
  • Saturday, July 9
  • Saturday, July 30 
  • Saturday, August 6
  • Saturday, August 20
  • Sunday, September 4 – Labor Day Weekend
  • Saturday, September 17  
  • Saturday, October 15
Club Hours

Please watch your email for This Week at the Club to get current club hours. 
Pub Night

 Saturdays 5 pm – 8:30 pm

Pub Menu

$2 Drafts and Bottles while supplies last!

Darts, pub games, and more for the whole family

Every Saturday the RHYC will host Pub Night. We offer a pub menu, reduced beer and wine prices, specials and more - fun for everyone. Come have a drink, gather with family and friends, meet some new people. Bring a guest or two or three!

Please watch your email for This Week at the Club to get additional details. 

Annual Down River Race - Friday, June 17

Annual One-Design Regatta & Hobie 16 Division Championship - Saturday, June 18 – Sunday, June 19

Grill Night - Wednesday, June 22

Grill Night - Wednesday, June 29

Junior One-Design Regatta - Thursday, June 30

Club Racing - Sunday, July 3

We have boat slips and moorings and land storage available for member's boats. Rates and details available on our website
A paid and signed 2016 Boat Storage Contract is required for any boat (or other vehicle) kept on club grounds, slips, or moorings. Any questions, please contact
Donate your yacht, boat or boating equipment to our RHYC Sailing School! RHYCSS appreciates your donation of good quality boats and boating equipment. RHYCSS can provide a tax-deductible donation receipt.


The RHYC Sailing School is a 501(c)3 educational public charity. Boat and related equipment donations help us to provide scholarships for sailing lessons for children.
Please watch your email for This Week at the Club to get updates and specials.  And don't forget our Facebook page, website and club calendar!
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