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2018 Issue 3
In this issue:
  • Driven to Innovate.
  • Congratulations to ETCO on achieving IATF 16949:2016 Certification.
  • Headroom
  • Technology of the Month: Focus Lite.
  • WPE
Helping Many to Achieve More.
Driven to Innovate.
Last month, I explained our Commitment to Excellence, part of our efforts in Helping Many to Achieve More. This month it is our Drive to Innovate.

Innovation is at the heart of companies who are are working to stay relevant in today's rapidly shifting and hyper competitive business environment. It is about understanding their customer's needs and providing leading edge solutions. Solutions that help to position customers to succeed today and in the future.

Crimp Quality Solutions is one of those areas which based on our customer interactions is not only relevant but is meeting a critical need in the whole area of Crimp Quality. As part of Crimp Quality Solutions, Crimp Performance Optimization provides the in-depth resources to ensure the crimp process is performing to a high level of quality. You will be hearing a lot about this program in the months ahead.
But why wait? Engage now and let's get started.

Our Passion is Excellence in everything we do. We are Driven to Innovate. We are not standing still and letting the world go by. 
Are you ready to join us on this journey?
Tell us how we can Help You to Achieve More. 
Remember we are only a click or phone call away. Let's start the dialog today on your processing requirements. Connect Your Way or Contact Me Personally.
Terry Curtis
Congratulations to ETCO on achieving IATF 16949:2016 Certification.
Global Technology Partner ETCO Incorporated achieved IATF 16949:2016 Certification for the Automotive Products Division. ETCO's commitment to quality is deeply embedded into the company culture. This is a public acknowledgement of ETCO's efforts in quality.

To view the full press release, click
Headroom: Understanding Crimp Sensitivity

Last month we introduced Crimp Force Monitoring: Optimizing Crimp Performance. The CFM Cycle as described is a real situation that a number of companies find themselves in. Optimizing the crimp process can help to exit the CFM cycle.

A terminal crimp as simple as it appears, involves several inputs. Wire, terminal, crimp tooling, the crimp press and operator (bench) or automated machine are all factors which can directly affect crimp quality and ultimately the performance and longevity of the product the wiring is installed in.

Headroom analysis is a valuable indicator of Crimp Sensitivity. Headroom isolates the wire and terminal and the match between the two.


Want to hear more? Contact us right away and we will show you how Crimp Performance Optimization can help your crimp processes.
Technology of the Month: Judco Focus Lite
Cost savings come in different ways. Time savings is one which companies primarily focus on. Reduction in labor costs provides a direct improvement to profitability. But often lost in the mix are the indirect savings. Still they can impact profitability as much. Energy savings for example.

The Focus Lite from Judco Mfg provides Time (labor) and Energy savings in one package. The Focus Lite processes heat shrink tube using quartz halogen bulbs. The energy from the bulbs is focused off mirrored surfaces onto the material to be processed. This light energy shrinks tube faster and with less energy than a typical heat gun. On demand use (vs always on heat guns) on top of the efficient application of quartz halogen bulbs is how the Focus Lite can reduce wire harness assembly costs.

See for yourself. Visit
Judco on and view the Focus Lite in action. Click on the link to the Cost Savings Worksheet to compare your current cost to the cost of processing heat shrink tube using your present method. Then Connect Your Way to WPS.
The 18th Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo is a few months away. This is the marque event for the wire processing industry in North America. Milwaukee hospitality at it's finest. Don't wait, register now. Click here.

More to come from in the WireProcess Connection issues leading up to the Expo.
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