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2019 Issue 4
In this issue:
  • Crimp Force Monitoring.Factors when Implementing In-Process Monitoring.
  • Crimping Beyond the Basics. 
  • How Well Do You Know Your Crimp Process? Assembly Magazine.
  • Crimp Quality Solutions: Update
  • Introducing the Carpenter Compu-Strip 930 and 970.
Seasons of Change
Every year, the change of seasons occurs. Four times per year: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Then repeat. This change is cyclical and the timing to a degree, predictable.

Change occurs in life, it's all around us. Some change is positive, some change makes you yearn for past. What is certain is the pace of change is getting quicker.

What about the wire processing industry, how is it changing? We still take wire, measure, cut and strip it. Then apply a terminal or treat the end of the wire with other processes like Ultrasonic Welding and Tin Tipping.

Standards are getting tighter, demands for zero defects are even higher. How do we respond. The answer is in the approach. Sometimes what appears to be a complex approach is in fact the simpler and shorter route. This was the idea behind Crimping Beyond the Basics. Preparing for the New Reality.

This issue is packed with new content. Read on to see more.  
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Terry Curtis
Crimp Force Monitors: Factors When Implementing In-Process Monitoring.
We have written about Crimp Force Monitors (CFM) many times over the past few years. The Crimp Force Monitor is a critical to that provides real time monitoring of the crimp process.

In this article we are going to discuss some of the important considerations for implementing a Crimp Monitoring Program.

Crimping Beyond the Basics. Preparing for the New Reality.
This year we had two Opportunities to present this important peak into the New Reality for the Terminal Crimp Process.

At the Wire Processing Technology Expo in May, we presented this seminar to a capacity crowd. In October, we repeated the presentation at the M-Expo in Juarez Mexico.

If you attended, we hope it was not only informative but provoked some discussion on Crimp Quality at your facility.

If you missed it, stay tuned for a date in early 2020 for the webinar version. Do you want a private webinar with your organization? Click here and we will respond.
How Well Do You Know Your Crimp Process? Assembly Magazine.
The July 2019 issue of Assembly Magazine featured an article based on a two part series from WIreProcess.Info. The series was titled Objective Evidence: Do You Really Know?

This is the latest collaboration with Assembly Magazine. Past articles and those from other publications  can be found here:
(WPS in Print).

To view the article in Assembly, click here:
Assembly Magazine. Also check out the bonus article on pull testing which we recently posted in
Crimp Quality Solutions: Update
I am pleased to announce we are expanding our Crimp Quality Support Services. We have added Crimp Height CpK studies. Now you can evaluate your conductor crimp height and assign a capability index. Crimp Height Capability Studies can be added to other services such as Crimp Cross Section to provide a higher level of crimp validation or to troubleshoot a crimp issue.

Crimp Height CpK studies is the first of a group of upgrades planned in the near future. Crimp Quality Solutions is your end to end support for the terminal crimp process.

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Introducing the Carpenter Compu-Strip 930 and 970
Carpenter has released two next generation Compu-Strip machines. 

The Model 930 continues the tradition of the model 93 as an economically priced machine for a wide range of wire sizes. The 930 has new upgraded capabilities including higher capacity (10 to 32 awg), roller pressure sensors and a new operator interface.

The 970 also has the new operator interface. Both machines also share external programming capability and loading programs via USB key. A lighted work area, new guarding system and optional belt and roller feed systems are physical improvements.

Both machines can operate on their own but can be enhanced with additional peripherals such as pre-feeds, hot stamp marking, wire coiling and wire stacking. 

To see more including video, click

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