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2018 Issue 6
In this issue:
  • Summer Greetings
  • How We Are Helping.
  • Objective Evidence Part One: Do you really know?
  • Technology of the Month Double Header: 
    • Telsonic Power Wheel
    • MPN100 Manual Press Network
Helping Many to Achieve More.
Summer Greetings
It has been a while since our last communication. Summer in the western hemisphere is upon us. A great opportunity to relax and recharge. It is our hope that you grasp those opportunities and value special times with family and friends. We certainly are.

But business is 12 months per year and we are busy putting together new ways to support your company. We have some exciting things coming in the fall and you will hear it first right here.

This month, I am pleased to provide part one of a two part series on Objective Evidence. And with all of the new processing solutions introduced at the Wire Processing Technology Expo, we are doubling up on some of these new developments. So this is the first double header Technology of the Month.

We have a new section called How We Are Helping. Short outlines of how our efforts and those of our Global Technology Partners are helping our customers to improve production efficiency and reduce processing costs.
How Can we Help You Achieve More?
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Terry Curtis
How We Are Helping
The victory is in how we have helped our customers reach their goals.

We helped a customer with their regulatory electrical approval. Our customer was experiencing excessive heat rise in a wire termination according to the agency performing the test. With no crimp specs available, our customer turned to us to help optimize their crimp in order to pass their electrical test. As there is a direct correlation between crimp compression and electrical resistance which can cause heat rise, we suggested they send samples with a range of crimp heights. 

We performed Cross Section Analysis, a component of Crimp Quality Solutions. Based on an evaluation of crimp compression in relation to crimp height, we determined the optimal crimp profile and our customer re-submitted their wire assembly. The wire assembly passed electrical testing. 
The company or individual we work with along with the specific details are withheld to protect their privacy.
Objective Evidence Part One: Do you really know?

Companies make countless decisions each and every day. Micro decisions affecting short term operations and macro decisions affecting the company's big picture over the long term. Whether micro or macro, good business decisions are made using factual information. And those decisions are generally based on objective analysis and free of subjective influence.

In this series, we are going to uncover questions which can be used in an assessment of a quality system for terminal crimping.


Technology of the Month
Telsonic PowerWheel

The PowerWheel is one of a family of metal and plastic weld solutions from Telsonic.

Reliable welding of copper wiring up to 160 mm² and aluminium wiring up to 200 mm². Welds can be carried out up to 30% narrower and higher compared to the linear system. This results in sometimes considerable savings in material and space. Thicker terminal connections can be welded with great strength. 

The PowerWheel® is a torsional welding process for welding non-ferrous metals. 
Technology of the Month
C&S MPN100 Manual Press Network
The MPN100 part of a range of solutions from C&S Technologies. C&S provides customers with crimp validation and monitoring tools.

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