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Featured Articles   I   January 2016
"Smart" Toughened GNSS Receivers - A Conversation with Dr. John Betz IAIN Harrison Award Winner

We spent much of the week of October 19 through 23, 2015, in Prague (everyone must do their duty) at the International Association of Institutes of Navigation (IAIN) World Congress. One of the highlights of the event was Dr. John Betz receiving IAIN’s Harrison Award for his contributions to the science of navigation. We spoke with Dr. Betz about his observations and thoughts on how GNSS users can become more resilient.

RNTF – Congratulations on receiving the Harrison Award, John. Well-deserved!

Dr. Betz – Thank you very much. It is an honor to be recognized by such a renowned organization.

RNTF – Over the course of this week you have mentioned the problem of “incompetent receivers” and the need for “competent receivers.” Could you expand on that a bit?

Dr. Betz – Certainly, as long as it’s clear that these are just my personal views. There have been well-publicized problems with some GPS civil receivers. If a civil maritime receiver on a vessel in the Atlantic Ocean suddenly reports it is driving up the A6 in France, is that receiver competent? If a mission-critical civil receiver is disabled by a distant personal privacy device, is that receiver competent enough? I think there are many ways to make civil satellite-based navigation more resilient and secure with more competent civil user equipment. 

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US to Build eLoran Timing, then Navigation Network to Complement GPS

In letters dated the 8th of December, Department of Defense Deputy Secretary Robert Work and Department of Transportation Deputy Secretary Victor Mendez informed five members of Congress that the administration is working on a “near-term solution” to address vulnerabilities of the GPS timing signal by establishing a complementary “timing-focused eLoran capability.” This would be a prelude to “a full complementary PNT capability for the nation.”

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Raytheon's GPS control system is 'a disaster:' U.S. Air Force general
Andrea Shalal

The U.S. Air Force’s top space official on Tuesday slammed a new ground control system for GPS satellites being built by Raytheon Co as “a disaster” and said the Pentagon planned “significant” changes with the company to address the issues.

General John Hyten, commander of Air Force Space Command, spoke after attending a session on the program last Friday led by the Pentagon’s chief arms buyer, Frank Kendall.

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Loran Off Air In Most of Europe -- Move to Commercial Possible 

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