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Featured Articles     September 2016
GPS Under Attack as Crooks, Rogue Workers Wage Electronic War
Mike Brunker
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Providers Must Spend More on Anti-Jamming 
GPS World
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Seven Easy Ways to Get a Win Protecting GPS
Dana Goward
Inside GNSS
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GPS Hacking Takes Centre Stage at DEFCON 24
Guy Buesnel
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SAE International Developing New Standard for Terrestrial PNT-Support for Drones, Critical Infrastructure
RNTF Commentary
SAE International
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IEEE/NIST Timing Challenges in the Smart Grid Workshop
October 26, 2016
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How Cyberwar From Hacking to GPS Jamming is Changing the Face of Society
Kalev Leetaru
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GPS Still Achilles Heel for Internet of Things
RNTF Commentary
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Spoofing GPS is Surprisingly Easy; Detecting it is Suprisingly Hard
Cory Doctorow
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Global Anti-Jamming Market for GPS Worth USD 4.08 Billion by 2022
Business Wire
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GPS Spoofing-Unicorn Team, Qihoo 360 China
RNTF Intro
Lin Huang and Qing Yang
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SEXTANT: Innovative Study on Position, Navigation, and Timing Resiliency
Aerospace Corporation
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September Trivia Question!
In Alan Cameron's fictional movie, "Night at the End of the World," what system(s) fail during the extended GPS outage?
  1. Telephones
  2. Power grid
  3. Traffic lights
  4. Bank cash machines
  5. Credit card processing
  6. All of the above
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Spectracom Introduces GSG-6 Series GNSS Simulators, eLoran Backup for Timing Reference
Inside GNSS
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UK Firm Develops GPS-Free Positioning System
Maritime Executive
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A Solar Storm Almost Led to War with Soviet Union 
Mary Beth Griggs
Popular Science
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