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The Act of Giving
Changes You

22 April 2014 | Women of Wallem went to Taytay, Rizal to administer free flu vaccinations to residents of Brgy. San Lorenzo. Health and welfare is one of the main focus areas of WoW's activities, ensuring that the values of the company towards well-being for its employees and seafarers are extended to the community, one family at a time.
"The only thing warmer than the afternoon temperature was the smile of the kids and their parents who welcomed us with gratitude.  It is always worth it to be giving away something as precious as your time. Your family grows in numbers you can't even begin to imagine. You become part of this beautiful thing, it changes you."  ~ WOW Officer

Women of Wallem (WoW) Election of New Officers

WoW is in its final stages of appointing 2014 Officers. We will announce the results of the election next month.  

Be a WoW member now and experience the joy of helping, selflessness, and experiencing positive change, first hand.  Fill up this application form and send it to us.
Wallem Fleet Officers Meeting (WFOM) is on May 15-16, while Tsakos Fleet Officers Conference (TFOC) is on June 18-19
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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Take Advantage of This

The Debriefing Process is a standard requirement for all seafarers of WMSI after disembarkation from their assigned vessel.  

As a standard procedure, an offsigner needs to report to WMSI Manila (or WMSI Cebu) within 3 days upon arrival.  While designed as an organizational tool, debriefing can effectively assist seafarers in their concerns particularly because of the following reasons: 

  • You can use it to improve life onboard.  The debriefing process is primarily focused on vessel working conditions. Therefore, if you have concerns about you salary (like overtime or seniority), your colleagues (especially for non-Filipino superiors and superintendents), or your job (like spare parts or even seemingly trivial items such as entertainment items onboard), the perfect time to raise these is during debriefing.  
  • You become part of the decision-making process.  It may seem like a routine interview but the feedback gathered during debriefing goes a long, long way, not only through the manning agency but also up to the shipmanagers.  Owners are always particularly interested about how their vessels are being taken care of by all parties involved from top to bottom and major decisions rely on information taken during the debriefing process.  
  • You will know your professional strengths (and what you need to improve). Your performance onboard is discussed during debriefing, as indicated in the Appraisal Report.  We sometimes think we did our job well because we did not hear anything negative from our colleagues. Then we get surprised to learn later on that we have failing marks on the appraisal form. The debriefing process is a good exercise to ensure that what goes on record regarding your performance is fair and truthful. If you believe you were unfairly rated, then the debriefing process allows you to clarify said rating, particularly if it was not discussed with you prior disembarkation, as normally required by procedure.


Ang sarap lang umuwi ng 'Pinas hindi ba? 
Kapag narinig natin ang flight attendant na magsasabi papalapit na tayo ng NAIA, hanggang "NAIA" na lang ang maririnig natin, hindi na ang altitude, hindi na ang speed, hindi na ang weather ng Manila. Ang iniisip na kasi natin, sa wakas, pauwi na tayo - the best! 
Sino nga ba ang susundo? 

Umarkila siguro sila ng jeep... 
Baka may baon silang adobo at kanin.

(At mapapangiti na lang tayo mag-isa.) 

Si misis. Si bunso. Ang dami kong kwento sa kanya. 

At pipikit tayo para maalala hitsura nila sa huling picture na pinadala sa atin, o sa video call, o sa FB... kung hindi nga lang bawal, gusto natin buksan ang cellphone natin, papunta sa gallery ng pictures. 

Magre-report ako agad sa Wallem, sa Crewing, sa Allotment. 
Tatanungin na naman ako ng front door guard, "Offsigner po kayo sir? Anong fleet po?" 
Gusto natin, matapos na agad ang reporting natin. 
Kasi, gusto na natin... makita na ang bahay. Makita ang pinaghirapan natin.
Tiles na daw ang banyo, at ang ref, napalitan na din. May kisame na, kaya hindi na masyadong mainit. Kulang na lang ng finishing at pintura... 

Pero higit sa lahat... higit sa lahat... pabulong natin sasabihin: "Pauwi na ko.

Sabi ng kakilala ko, malalaman mo daw ang bahay ng seaman sa mga photo frame na naka-display. 
Tingnan mo lang daw ang family pictures at ang background nito. 

Kapag may family picture ng mag-iina, at katabi sa kabilang na frame ang picture ng isang lalaki na iba ang background... sigurado 'yan, 

Hindi bale, pagpunta namin sa mall sa Sabado, magpapa-family picture kami, para iisa lang ang background, at para magkakasama kami nang matagal na panahon, kahit sa frame lang.

It just feels great to be coming home to the Philippines, do you agree?
The moment you hear the flight attendant make the landing announcement, you only get to hear “NAIA” – not the altitude, not the speed, not the weather in Manila.  Not anymore, except “NAIA” – because it means, at last, you’re coming home… you’re almost home.    
Then you’ll wonder who came to the airport to welcome you back.  You get excited. 
You’ll think that perhaps, they hired a whole jeepney so that everyone can come.
Perhaps they even brought adobo and rice, to eat while waiting at the parking lot…
(and then you’ll catch yourself smiling).
It does feel great to be coming home.
You think of your wife, and your youngest – you have so many stories to tell him. 
Then you close your eyes to remember their voices, you imagine their faces in the last picture they sent, or their latest post in Facebook… in fact, if it were not prohibited, you suddenly want to turn your phone on and go to the gallery of pictures, to see them… to remember.
You will report to Wallem, to the Crewing Department, then to the Allotment Section.
You will be asked again by the front door: “Offsigner sir? Which fleet please?”
And you want to be done with the procedures as soon as possible because you want to go home.  You want to be home.  You want to see what you worked hard for in the last 9 months. 
Your wife said the washroom already has tiled flooring… and that you have a new refrigerator, and that the ceiling is finally finished, so the heat is much more bearable lately, and it only needs some finishing and painting job…
But most of all… most of all… you’ll want to be able to say to yourself: “I am home.
Your bosun said, when you’re in someone’s house, you will immediately recognize if the father is a seafarer by looking at the framed photographs.  He said to just look for the family pictures and at their background:
If one frame shows the children with the mother, and another frame shows a man with a different background, you can be almost sure… seaman.
And you say to yourself, it’s alright, when you go to the mall this weekend, you’ll stop by the studio, to have your family picture taken, with the same background, so that at least you’ll be together and you can stay with them year-round, even if only in a frame. 
("Offsigner" is a work of fiction; any resemblance to real people and events is pure coincidence.)
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