Fruit Fabric + Bottle Template w/interesting sample to boot!
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I love summer the most for the fresh fruits and vegetables. We have been picking for you & want to share our 6 pieces of fruit fabric.  Since canning is very important part of many households, I chose the Bottle Template to showcase all of the fruit fabric today.

I will quilt my sample later this week, & decided to leave the natural edge.

Try just a sliver of fruit with a 1/4 yd. cut $3.00


Enough to share with a close friend 1/2 yd. cut $5.00

Enjoy the entire basket of fruit yourself 1 yd. cut $10.00


We are getting ready to pack the car and drive out to Michigan next week to have a booth at 2014 AQS Quilt week in Grand Rapids. Our booth is #805.  Please stop by & hello


Speaking of Teaching, this summer I found a great place to offer quilting classes in Manhattan. I have been searching for several years and found the spot! I will be offering one day workshops from 10 to 4 pm beginning Sat. January 3rd 2015. The class is "Be My Valentine". You will be able to create a heart wreath or a quilt with the 3-piece Heart Template set. Stay tuned for more information coming. Save the date. **We only have 16 seats for each class.

Attention AQS Quilters

I am going to be wearing many hats next week at the annual quilt show in Grand Rapids.
Besides the booth which will be full of fun and tempting fabric, books, and templates. I am also Teaching 4 classes. If you have not signed up for a class I encourage you to do so. All of mine will be half days, leaving you plenty of time to shop.
Wed. is Joseph’s Coat
Friday is Robbing Peter to Pay Paul and Quilter’s Fan
Saturday is Tessellating Stars
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Fruit Fabric + Bottle Template w/interesting sample to boot!