Helen Squire Visits!

Pat shares her Folk Art

  • For many years I have collected Folk art pieces. The whimsy of the art work always makes me smile. From a painting, stitched needlework, whirligigs, or metal art work, someone has taken the time and labor to create art. When I found this fabric I named it Folk Art Sam. With the 4th of July less than 2 weeks away, you can use it to make a table cloth to cover the picnic table, placemats or a simple wall hanging for your front door to greet your guests.  We are offering this to you at a special price of only $10.00 per yard.  If you only want a yard, I will carefully cut a little more not to cut Sam in half!
  • Speaking to my sister recently on the telephone we were exchanging 4th of July stories. She said “remember the time we watched the Fire Works in our winter coats since it was so cold outside?” Of course, but remember Grandma’s Watermelon Jelly? That was my most memorable one. We would eat all of the watermelon our stomachs could endure, and Grandma set out a tub to dump the rinds in. We were even allowed to “spit the pits” at each other for fun and sometimes have a contest of who could spit there’s the farthest. My brother usually won that one. Grandma would make Watermelon Jelly for us and we would spread it on her home made biscuits later in the week. Yum…What is your favorite 4th of July memory? We would love to hear your stories.



We recently had a house guest.
Helen Squire who now resides in Frostburg, Md. She came to Brooklyn with a friend to visit for a week, and stayed with us.  We had a blast and sat outside in the warm sun catching up with our quilt lives. Take the time to call or visit a friend this summer.

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VIII Folk Art Sam Fabric