December 2013 Newsletter from Haiti Micah Project
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December 2013

President’s Update-from Father Joseph Constant


Vocational School Matching Grant Update

Last month, through our November Newsletter, we kicked off a campaign to match a $25,000 matching grant from the Charles Englehard Foundation. To date, we have raised $15,000 towards the $25,000 matching grant. We want to thank you for responding to this challenge grant. We need your help to raise the remaining $10,000 by the December 31 deadline.

Our goal is to build a vocational school for young people who need direct intervention in their lives in order to access to the most basic necessities, food, shelter, health care and education. The few universities in Haiti do not offer enough access for high school graduates, and there are very few resources available to support a college education. These young people need a place where they can learn basic skills that will give them a chance at a better future. The Haiti Micah Project is determined to provide such opportunities to God’s precious children.

There is no doubt Haiti’s infrastructure needs to be built. We need to continue to invest in Haiti’s children and young people and empower them with the skills that will give them the ability to participate in the development of their country.

On a personal note, I am forever grateful for the educational foundation I received from Haiti. To give the same opportunity that I received to every child and young person in Haiti is an investment that has the potential to bring many returns. Please help us raise the remaining $10,000. Thank you!

Special contributions may sent to the Haiti Micah Project, c/o Rev. Joseph M. Constant, 3606 Seminary Road, Alexandria, VA 22302.  Please note "vocational school" on your check.

Want to Change the World?  Sponsor a Child

Do sponsorship programs, such as the Haiti Micah Project Sponsor a Child Program, achieve more than just meeting the basic needs of extremely poor children?  A June 16, 2013 article on the website Christianity Today described steps being taken in the academic world to find answers regarding the efficacy of sponsorship programs and their ability to change the world. Researchers at the University of San Francisco began to investigate the effectiveness of sponsoring a child.

Results demonstrated causal relations, not just positive correlations. They determined several keys ways that child sponsorship programs impact the lives of children:

  • Sponsorship makes children 27% to 40% more likely to complete secondary school and 50%-60% more likely to complete a university education.  
  • Sponsored children are 14%-18 more likely to obtain a salaried job and 35% more likely to obtain a white-collar job.  
  • In countries where conditions are comparatively worse, the positive impact of sponsorships is greater.  In countries that favor boys, the impact of sponsorship on girls is greater and the reverse is also true.
  • There is some evidence of a positive spillover effect to un-sponsored siblings of a sponsored child and evidence that sponsored children are more likely to grow up to be both community leaders and church leaders.

We asked some sponsors, “What motivates you to sponsor a child?"

Many sponsors explain that they are responding to the Christian imperative: to love thy neighbor as thyself:

A man asked Jesus, "Who is my neighbor?"  I sponsor because it is one small thing I can do to love my neighbor as myself.  ~ Helen

Jesus especially loved children.  He mentioned them several times in the New Testament. They are precious in His sight.  ~ Don

Sponsoring a child through Haiti Micah expresses faith, hope and love!  ~ Anne

Other sponsors are aware of how effective their small monetary contribution is to a child’s life and the hope it brings for their future:

The Haiti Micah Project Sponsorship program is a wonderful way for our boys to connect to someone their own age "a world away."  For in asking them to share some allowance money to purchase items for one of the Haiti shipments or to send special items to their Haiti friend, we hope they will begin to realize that the world is a bigger place than the four corners of their own lives.  ~ A sponsor

I sponsor children because they are God's gift to us and our hope for the future.  ~ Mary Ann

An ancient proverb holds that it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.  What better example than the modest contribution to HMP that will provide one child food and educational opportunity for a year?  ~ Larry

To borrow from astronaut Neil Armstrong... it's one small step for me, and one giant leap for mankind.  ~ Kate

Lastly, our sponsors have been motivated by compassion they feel to those suffering from devastation and a sense of duty toward its victims in Haiti:

I sponsored initially because helping a Haitian child after so much tragedy in their country was compelling. After visiting Haiti and the HMP and seeing and speaking with the children in the program it became an emotional necessity to sponsor more children...for them and for me.  ~ Candy

I sponsor a child because I have been blessed with children and grandchildren that have enriched my life and brought much joy. I hope in some small way to help one new child at a time to have a sense of love and support in his/her life and have an opportunity for a blessed and joyful future. Perhaps it is a way of "paying forward" God's grace.  ~ Lynn

Haiti is one and a half hours from US shores.  We have a human and Christian responsibility to our neighbor, the poorest country in our hemisphere, the victim of a horrific violent history, human suffering, environmental disasters, and ineffective foreign support.  If not us, then who? ~ A sponsor


The children of Haiti Micah Project need your support as a sponsor.

Our goal in 2014 is to sign up 228 new donors so that each of our 500 children will have a sponsor. A contribution of $300 a year helps offset the full cost of supporting a child. You too can become a sponsor who brings hope and confidence to a young child. Give a gift to yourself by giving a gift to a child who now walks the streets of Mirebalais. It will change their life. And it will change yours.

Are you ready to help change the world?

Just go to Click “How You Can Help.” Click Sponsor a Child and complete the application. Please mail your check, made out to Haiti Micah Project, and the application to:

Sponsor a Child Program
The Haiti Micah Project
3606 Seminary Road
Alexandria, VA 22304


Dec. 28 at 10:00AM, Christmas Cookie Burn 5k trail race with FastTrak Racing!  HMP is a community partner with FastTrak Racing, so we receive a portion of your fee when you sign up and designate us.  The Mount Vernon trail race, at Mount Vernon Park in Alexandria, is a perfect way to bring the family outside for some post-presents fun for a good cause.  Sign up at  See you there!

Happy and Blessed Holidays!

During this holiday season of warmth, love and togetherness, the Haiti Micah Project gives God thanks for you and your loved ones for your support of God’s children in Haiti. We realize you share your gifts with Haiti in so many ways, not just through the HMP. Your devotion to participate in God’s mission in Haiti is a blessing.  Thank you for supporting HMP in our efforts to bring relief and empowerment to the young women and men in Mirebalais and the central plateau of Haiti.

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