March 2015 Newsletter from Haiti Micah Project
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March 2015

President's Report

Eliphete Mahotiere is an important member of the SAES staff.   

Last month, I traveled to Haiti and spent quality time with the children and staff of the Haiti Micah Project in Mirebalais.  I visited the SAES Home where we provide 24-hour care to a group of children and young people and participated in the Feeding Program, which serves more than 400 children.  While at the feeding program, several people came over to share with me the important contribution that HMP is providing the Mirebalais area.  They shared with me the blessing of providing a hot meal to the children and young people, which enables them to flourish in school.  They also thanked me for the water treatment center which provides clean drinking water to the community, especially now, when there no running water in Mirebalais due to public works construction.       

What makes it possible for us to have such a major impact?  I have to say it is our amazing staff on the ground.  Overseeing the feeding program is Eliphete Mahotiere, long-time SAES staff member.  Eliphete contributes a great deal to the daily production of the midday meal, which is the only meal for most of the children we serve.  Eliphete administers the feeding program with a high level of professionalism and grace.  

In addition to his work as administrator of the Feeding Program, Eliphete also teaches English at the SAES Home and works as translator to our mission groups.  He feels compelled to stay in Haiti and put into use the education that he received.  He finished high school and attended a local university.  His mother, Louise Mariessainte Marcellus sells produce in the local market and his father Louis Macedoine Eliphene Mahotiere works as a farmer.  According to Eliphete, both his parents worked very hard to ensure that he received an education and they are very proud of his accomplishments and his work with the Haiti Micah Project.  

Haiti’s future depends on young men like Eliphete Mahotierre who are determined to remain in Haiti and offer their gifts and talents to the service of their country.  I am grateful that Eliphete chose to work with HMP as we seek to empower the next generation.  


The Rev. Joseph M. Constant 

In the photos below you can see the progress on the Vocational Training Center. We are nearly finished with construction! Father Constant met with the architect and builders in Mirebalais. To address the water shortage situation, they adjusted the roof plan to create angled gables that collect rainwater and allow it to drain into a cistern in the bottom level (bottom right photo). That water will then be purified and used for drinking and center projects.

Sponsor A Child

Whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.  Proverbs 11:25

Sponsors are the backbone of the Haiti Micah Project and because of our sponsors, hundreds of children are fed and attend school.  Each year we have more students passing the Haitian Exams.  Our children are happy and healthy.  We see miracles happen every day.  

Our sponsors have a faith in the work we accomplish although they rarely are able to make personal contact with the child they sponsor.  I share with you a portion of a letter sent by one of our adolescents to his sponsor.  In it he expresses how vital his sponsor is to him.

“I appreciate very sincerely, your immense support and assistance you give to that nice program. . . . I do not find the right word[s] to express my gratitude to you.  Your kindness makes me feel the goodness of your heart, your charity, your great generosity.  I am so glad and proud to have you in my life.  You are very special for me and know that I always think of you and pray for you everyday.  I thank you for all that you do and what you will go on doing for me.  I thank you from all my deepest heart.  God will bless you for your perfect devotion. “

For more information on donating and sponsorship, go to our website at  


You've heard Haiti Micah Project is celebrating our 10th anniversary with the $10 for 10 Campaign, where you can set up 10 recurring payments of $10 each to go toward feeding children in our program. More than 400 children of all ages in Mirebalais join us each day for a hot, nutritious meal. We started providing meals for 150 children in 2005, and the need continues to grow. Find out more about the campaign and how to give here.

Many people ask about ways their communities, their parishes, schools and organizations, can become more involved. The congregation of Sankofa International Baptist Church/New United Baptist Church in DC felt moved to join the $10 for 10 campaign as a parish. St. Paul's Episcopal Church in King George, VA made Haiti Micah Project and Haiti the focus of their Lenten Studies. There are many ways to support this important work as a community. Be bold and embrace the work of the spirit!

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Easter Blessings from all of us in Haiti and the United States. May this season of renewal bring joy and peace.  

Father Joseph Constant and recent high school graduate James Estavil in Mirebalais
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