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Newsletter  57                                                   151March 2020

Dead Spots in Downsview Park (i.e. few visitors)

A.Pedestrian Entrance at Keele and Sheppard:  Despite an attractive welcoming gazebo on this very busy corner, there is little reason for visitors to enter the Park at this point.  It is a barren stretch with few trees and no focal point. 
NOTE: This is the future site of the long-promised $50M Downsview Community Centre
B.  Festival Terrace: If the Pope, rock band or annual show comes to town this is where they set up their stage/ lighting/speakers/kiosks l porto-potties etc.          Occasionally busy  on the weekend, it is deserted the rest of the time.

C.  Meadow south of the Mound and west of CN tracks: Pedestrian access only.  Remote from any parking.  Nicely groomed but little to do once you get there.

    The On-Going District Plan Consultation for William Baker 
The artist's sketch below is what this 3500 condo subdivision might look like if aggregated near the Park's new subway station.

For the DLCVA, alarm bells are ringing about the one-note vibe of this monster bedroom community. It has no schools, no churches, no theatres, no halls, no athletic fields, no major businesses, and no institutional presences.

Could be a bit boring to live there ?? 

Question from the 15 January consultation
Is Canada Lands willing to reduce the number of residential units from the 3550 identified in the Secondary Plan? 

James Cox (Canada Lands) 
"We intend to follow the direction of the Secondary Plan. That said, this is something that can be considered; any discussions about reductions in density would require consideration of the trade-offs (e.g. ability to support retail/commercial uses and community services and facilities)."



Downsview Redevelopment Shotgun Marriage: Surprise private agreement upends longstanding Downsview Secondary Plan

A closed-door Memo of Understanding (date unknown) undoes years of public negotiations and public policy

The 2011 secondary plan took years to finalize, involved 13 public parties and included an OMB hearing

What remains of the plan is immediately undercut by this private Memo of Understanding 

The parties: 

  • Northcrest Developments: newly created offshoot of PSP Investment Board to spearhead development of the 370 acre Bombardier site (in yellow below)
  • Canada Lands Company: crown corporation managing Downsview Park and responsible for development of new residential, commercial and park space.  It is the steward for 150 acres of vacant land adjacent to Bombardier site (in purple below)

The story as set out in the Star and Globe: 


This special agreement leaves the distinct impression of two companies taking zoning and public policy matters into their own hands ??


Turns out that Downsview Park has become an elite location for birdwatching in the GTA.  

Over 213 species identified to date 

Spotted recently: 

Horned Lark
This small songbird likes open, often treeless, spaces.  Can be found on farmland, prairies, golf courses and airports where it builds its nest on the ground.  Compact in appearance with short legs and low profile body. Unique black and yellow markings on head.  In summer the male develops black "horns" giving rise to its name

Horned lark                    March 2, 2020                                       (R Walsh)


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