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Newsletter  54                                                          17 November 2019

Moving toward the District Plan:  William Baker Neighbourhood

The Park's invite to Open House #2 


The Park's anticipated timeline for creation of this 3550 condo community* 
* as approved by 2011 Downsview Secondary Plan


Results of Open House #1   HERE  (10 pages)


"The District Plan is where streets and blocks are laid out with detailed information on land use, built form, massing and treatment of the public realm. It is also where a Public Art Strategy, Community Services and Facilities Strategy and Affordable Housing Strategy are refined ... The District Plan is also important in setting out a Phasing Plan for the growth of the District."
Overview of Allen District Plan, 2018

POSITION OF DLCVA: To avoid the mistakes made in the nearly-finished Stanley Greene District
                                           (i.e. where cars and people have their place, but community gets ignored)

The Wilson Village BIA (Business Improvement Area)
Streetscape master plan for upgrading Wilson Avenue

A BIA (a specifically Toronto invention) allows a specific business district to receive and spend a portion of its taxes on promoting business in its community
  • From Keele St to Allen Road (no longer an expressway) 
  • Streetscaping and public space enhancement 
  • Some public art and murals
  • More information HERE                                                       
Speaking of upgrades, The Enchanted Poutinerie just opened its doors at 730 Wilson Avenue (on north side near Dufferin). 
Some particulars
So nice to see new artisanal shops coming to the neighbourhood


Photo below is an outdoor replica of a Victorian rooftop at 40 Carl Hall Road, courtesy of Downsview Park Film Studios

Technically the site is not parkland but was part of the old CFB Downsview

Behind the set can be seen the huge Supply Depot built in cold war 1954, now serving as a film studio, farmer's market and a number of smaller enterprises.  Built to withstand nuclear attack, it is windowless, with 18" reinforced concrete walls and 24" roof slab.  It also contains a decontamination centre, bomb shelter and two 6' deep water reservoirs in the basement


  • They are an enclosed area for dogs to socialize and run free
  • They are specifically designed to allow for continuous proper drainage 
  • They must be near parking spaces but not too near residential dwellings
  • All organic waste is to be deposited in (on site) green bins 
  • Dogs are to remain leashed in other areas of parks or the dog owner/ walker will be subject to a fine of $365. 
NOTE: As Downsview Park is a federal park, in due course will set out its own rules and regulations

Library update: Due to the discovery of asbestos, remedial work on the Downsview Library will be extended into the new year.  The asbestos is to be covered over.

The library afterschool Youth Hub Program has been relocated across the street to the lower level of Keele St United Church. 

This city program is still being run by librarians with security and wi-fi connectivity provided by the library

Although the church facility is well appointed and has its own kitchen, it only attracts about half the students as before (now 20-30, instead of 40-60)

With a couple of large TV screems and non-stop music, it is clear the program is more about a secure place to meet and hang out than a place to do homework


Turns out that Downsview Park has become an elite location for birdwatching in the GTA.  

213 species identified to date 

Some recent sightings: 

Eastern bluebird                                               4 November 2019                                             (S Steinberg

The Sandhill crane is a large, long-legged bird that resembles a heron but does not hunt in open water or hunch its neck the way a heron does. It forages for grains and invertebrates in prairies, grasslands, and marshes of northern Canada. When the cold weather comes, they form extremely large flocks — into the tens of thousands — for their migration. to southern USA and Mexico  
Sandhill Cranes                                             12 November 2019                                                    (R Walsh)
"There was a massive flight of Sandhill Cranes throughout southern Ontario on the 12th. The mass movement was triggered by the cold snap and unseasonal snowfall so they had to move ASAP. Between the park and my house I had an exact count of 820 birds!  This is something I've wanted to see for a while now in the Downsview area..."

Serving and protecting

Toronto Gang Prevention Task Force

Open House 

Thursday 21 November
6:00 - 9:00pm
Driftwood Community Centre
4401 Jane St

Learn about:
  • risk factors 
  • constructive first steps
  • connecting with your community

TO report an incident: 

Go on-line:  
Emergency: call 911


On the widespread lack of affordable housing in the Toronto area
THE DLCVA's letter to local office-holders supporting a Speculation and Vacancy Tax



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Drawing of Sandhill Crane


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