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Newsletter  55                                                      27 December 2019

Moving towards the District Plan: 3550 condos for William Baker 
  Results of Open House #2 HERE                       Below is a planner's sketch of how it might look:



THE PROBLEM:    (as DLCVA sees it)

No matter the design, 3550 condos are a mini-city
But what kind of community is this with
  • No schools
  • No churches
  • No theatres
  • No halls or meeting places
  • No businesses to speak of
  • No athletic facilities
  • No plazas / squares
  • Little contact with other neighbourhoods
  • Not seniors
  • Not the sick and infirm
  • Not teens
                                                                                THE SOCIAL COSTS ARE UNENDING 

Mattamy Homes has begun construction of Phase I of 2995 Keele St, also known as Saturday in Downsview Park  (237 units, 10 storeys), being the larger building on the left in sketch below.  Fronting on Keele St, it will require the demolition of the existing presentation centre.   
The small building to the right will be 4 storeys high with 53 units

Phase II (168 units, 10 storeys) facing Downsview Park Blvd is in what is called its "pre-construction" phase.   

Growing pains on the new Sesquicentennial Trail ??  As pictured below, the alternate "indigenous" path appears to be washed out near the lookout (middle stop on the trail overlooking the big pond). 
A dozen or so 60 watt LED lights have been installed along the Trail, usually close to the ground looking upwards.  They are a welcome addition as they are festive and add to the security.  However last time we looked, they were on all day long, which doesn't seem quite right.


Heating the outdoors:  Photo below is of the north wall of the Hangar (75 Carl Hall Road), a popular site for indoor basketball and soccer 
This repurposed military building is not in the Park but part of the old CFB Downsview lands

Note the broken windows.       Others are others permanently ajar.  
The entire wall appears to be single-pane glass from the 1950s
Major league heat loss
NOT GOOD in a federally-run operation


On the week of Dec 11, the "dead and failing trees" pictured below, were removed from NW corner of William Baker Park (about 100 yds from Keele & Gramdravine) along the rear fence line of the adjacent long term health care facility.  Park Director James Cox advises that said trees will be replaced "by large-growing native shade tree species hardy to the Toronto area".


Stanley Greene parkette is now sufficiently finished that they have removed surrounding fence.
A visit is very much in order to see how much variety and attractiveness can be condensed in a single block

Councillor James Pasternak says the proposed pedestrian walkway between Stanley Greene and Wilson Ave is "complicated" because two school boards are involved.  "But it will get done".

Due to unexpected construction issues, Pasternak also advises that it is unlikely Downsview Park Library will reopen before February.  At last report he was not optimistic that an alternate location for the Youth Hub afterschool program (tying up the entire lower level of the library, 3:30-7:30pm every weekday) could be found.

In its ongoing mission of making Wilson Ave more attractive for both shoppers and residents, the Wilson Village BIA (Business Improvement Area) has decided to do something about unwanted graffiti.
The picture below of the old Canadian Tire site at Keele and 401 shows the nature of the problem.  The BIA  also want to do something about parking lot potholes

At 3100 Keele, the old Shriners Temple, now Keeley Condos (12-14 storeys, 364 units) is under active construction.  City planner Ben DiRaimo advises that upon completion (Aug 2022 ?) the city will designate a pedestrian walkway across Keele joining the lands to the west (Derrydown Park) to Downsview Park.


   2995 Keele St

New sign in the Park


Image result for running icon
Saturday 5k in the Park:
Rain or shine one group comes because "it's quiet and in winter they plow the paths."



Part of the art installation being mounted at the Keele St entrance to the Park.  
One of the eight "space age mailboxes" being electrified by a large solar panel



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