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Information forum on Downsview Park and adjacent communities

By residents living in the neighbourhood for park enthusiasts everywhere
Newsletter 62                                                                          28 December 2020


Dog-Strangling Vine ("DSV") in William Baker woodlot.  One minor detail in the Park's application for 3550 residential units is the claim that the concentration of sumacs along Sheppard Ave is infested with DSV.  Their ecological consultant says "the existing sumac shrub edge is ... to be replaced with a new naturalized edge that will establish and replace the severe Dog Strangling Vine infestation that currently exists in the sumacs".  Supposedly this is best done chemically(?).  The Park says there will be no shrinkage in the size of the woodlot.
DLCVA and Councillor James Pasternak have been promised an on-site inspection to verify the existence and size of the infestation once Covid-19 permits.

Invading Species on Twitter: "Dog-strangling Vine forms dense stands that  overwhelm and crowd out native plants and young trees.🌳🌼 #invasionON…"

So much development?  In years past DLCVA has tried to catch the ear of local politicians to voice their concerns.  Now with so much development on its doorstep (Wm Baker being small town size and the Bombardier airstrip lands being 9 times larger) Councillor James Pasternak has reversed the usual pattern and insisted that DLCVA meet with him every month. 
Anyone who would like to join in these meetings, please advise us at


New off-leash dog park: off Downsview Park Blvd (S/E corner of the Park).  Excape-proof entry gates, separate areas for small and large dogs, fenced-off trees, some seats. 
On being asked if nearby vehicular parking "clogs up the end of the street", park official Victor Simone advised that said parking "predates the opening of the dog park ... [and that] the orchard [parking] lot is being expanded as a part of the urban agriculture project".

Park Director David Anselmi responds to DLCVA inquiries:
  • What's with the construction, earth-moving equipment and temporary fencing at the extreme south end of the park?   This is the commencement of construction for the Urban Farm Project that we have been talking about. It does include an extension of the parking lot.  FYI, this has been posted on our website.  I will look to see if we can make it more visible for readers.
  • Adjacent to the above, the CLC signage on Downsview Park Blvd. refers to the site as a "future agricultural hotspot", which we have previously called an urban farm.  Any significance to this change in vocabulary?  There is no change in objectives or direction for this project.  The project is indeed the Urban Farm.
  • The Bell Communication Tower overlooking the lake has had trucks and a skyjack there for the last few weeks?  Bell Canada is completing upgrades to the tower, which includes an extension of the antenna and adding a new electrical service wire
  • It looks like the indigenous-path component of the Sesqui Trail has had a rough late summer/autumn with drainage and erosion issues, and is not navigable.  Any plans to remediate?  Yes, we’ve observed this as well and will be making necessary repairs/replacement.

"Emerging" Application to Develop William Baker Parkette

Half protected woodlot, half 3550 future condos
Applicant: Canada Lands, gov't agency running Downsview Park
3rd consultation November

QUESTION MARKS:                Check it out HERE
  • Human scale: 3550 condo units on 30 acres ???
  • Centre of gravity: With 1500 residential units slated for Phase 1, a busy corner gets even busier  ???
  • Wishful thinking: No one is lining up to pay $40M(?) for the proposed community centre on the other side of Sheppard (in Downsview Park)  
  • That new E/W road near the south end: may take out a few trees
  • Balance with Nature: Some birds and bees and greenspace will pay the price.

"Emerging" application to develop the Bombardier Airstrip lands by Northcrest Developments and Canada Lands 

           9 times larger than Wm Baker, zoned employment

From the Northcrest website:  

"The William Baker District Plan is now underway in a separate process. The plan for the William Baker neighbourhood takes into account the future connections to the id8 Downsview planning area, while the id8 process will take into account connections with all surrounding neighbourhoods, including William Baker. It is primarily a residential neighbourhood with local retail and parks and is being planned for a great fit with the surrounding neighbourhoods.  More HERE 

From the common Northcrest/CLC website, "ID8Downsview"
"There is an enormous opportunity to create something truly exciting here that works both for the local community and the city as a whole. The airport is leaving in 2023. Three subway stops and a GO Station adjacent to the site are under-utilized. There are roughly 520 acres of mostly vacant land. ...    More 

DLCVA: "enormous" is right.  The plan is to amend the 10-year-old Downsview Secondary Plan by changing the zoning from employment to mixed use, adding roads, setting up densities, and then creating something like a mini-city.   


Fire in Stanley Greene condo block under construction

Saturday, Dec 5
Out in 4 hours
Nobody hurt
Substantial damage

Big problem:
Both vehicular exits to Keele Street
Blocked off for 2-3 hours

Isolation of this subdivision an on-going  problem

Question: who signed off on the layout of this subdivision? 
This upscale bedroom community badly needs street connectivity to the rest of the City

400 condo units at 2699 Keele St
24 storeys + 11 storeys (Worsely-Keele) N/E 

N/E corner of Keele and Hwy 401    1.52 acres
(presently abandoned gas station lands)

Worsely Keele met with Councillor & DLCVA: November 12
  • Apart from outsized height and population density, storm water drainage and pedestrian safety may be problems
  • Mandatory community consultation to take place in 2021  

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