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Newsletter  53                                                               11 October 2019

             York Centre

First elected in 2015 (with the smallest margin of victory than any other liberal in the GTA) Michael Levitt is a below-the-radar performer with a track record to show for his 4 year tenure. 

On his watch the sale of the Bombardier lands went off better than anyone expected.

Other achievements:

  • Narrowing the divide between residents on the Bathurst side of Downsview Park and their counterparts on the other side of the Park

  • Reviving what had become a stalemated conversation between federal, provincial and city officials with respect to the implementation of, and possible changes to, the decade-old Downsview Secondary Plan 

  • Initiating a more vigorous conversation with Canada Lands Company with respect to long-overdue changes in Downsview Park

  • In concert with university, industry and government officials, creating and nurturing the Downsview Aerospace Innovation and Research (DAIR) program out of the new Centennial campus on Carl Hall Rd


Although not a resident of York Centre, NDP candidate Andrea Vasquez Jiminez is not a stranger to the riding as she led the party to a surprise second-place finish in last year's provincial election       
(PC 18K, NDP 8K, Lib 7K)  

A community organizer and advocate for inclusivity / social justice, she is enrolled in a Masters Education program at University of Toronto.  Among other things, she wonders why “we don’t have child care after so many years of government promises?"

She describes herself as "the co-director of the North York-based Latinx, Afro-Latin-America, Abya Yala Education Network (LAEN), where I work with my community to support, promote and advance safer spaces across the City of Toronto for those most marginalized within Latinx communities”.



In many ways a small-town breath of fresh air in the big city, Rachel Willson is neither specialized professional nor established business-woman, nor does she lay claim to any of the 3 ethnic flavours of York Centre (Italian, Jewish, Filipino)  

A longtime resident of North York, she is a first-time office seeker worried about the direction the country is going

Trained as an elementary school teacher and married (with family) to a police officer, she is an old hand at dealing with governments and bureaucrats, and  is an experienced advocate for involving youth in the political process

In keeping with her belief in small government and everyday pocketbook issues, she is against government programs that depart from immediate community and family values.  Accordingly she is supportive of responsible spending, lower taxes, secure borders, business deregulation, law and order, etc. while being less focused on environmental, indigenous and inclusivity issues in general.


  • The DLCVA does not support any one candidate or party

  • As Downsview Park is a federal park run by a (theoretically independent) crown corporation, York Centre riding is more sensitive than most to the priorities of the government in power.

  • Based on the pollsters (and lawn signs) the race for York Centre is expected to be close between the liberals and the PCs, with the NDP remaining a long shot.  Given their delay in nominating a candidate, the Green party is not expected to be a factor.

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