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Newsletter  52                                                          3 October 2019

Moving toward the District Plan:  William Baker Neighbourhood 

The Park's anticipated timeline for creation of this 3500 condo community


Centennial's Downsview Aerospace Campus receives decommissioned Sikorsky Helicopter
  • mid-September 2019
  • Donor: Ontario's Ornge air ambulance service
  • Why: component parts, landing gear, wiring, avionic systems
  • Cost (2014 dollars): $!5M
  • Joins the expanding fleet of grounded planes just west of the new campus on 65 Carl Hall Road. 
  • There's so much 'winged stock' that enclosed apron is currently being doubled. 

Interior of new Centennial facility: 65 Carl Hall Road 
Note wooden-plank ceiling and window wells from original DeHavilland facility
Already 650 full-time students in attendance
Tuition: Canadian students $5400      International students $18000
Free parking for the first 265           24 hour security


For Downsview Aerospace Innovation & Research (DAIR), cooperation replaces competition

Centennial College
Ryerson University
University of Toronto
York University
Pratt & Whitney
Safran Landing Systems


All 3 levels of government

Reason: hi-tech is pricey
i.e. composites, interior configuration, unmanned navigation, wind modeling, metal fatigue, cabin noise, wire bundling, landing gear, accident investigation, avionic systems, advanced computerization, flight simulation, trouble-shooting

Meanwhile Ryerson has purchased the old heliport across the street
And dedicated helicopter pad
This building is the youngest of half a dozen derelict structures collectively known as 60 Carl Hall Rd. left over from WII on the north side of Carl Hall 

Ryerson's focus: cabin interiors and cabin noise reduction

Follow the Money 

Because the aerospace / aviation sector is so popular nowadays
Because there are so many jobs available upon successful completion
The world wants in 

The Star's current  "Price of Admission" series explores the winners and losers in this space-age gold rush

  • Immigration shortcut ? 
  • Default migrant workers' program ?   
  • Money-making opportunity  ?

Part 1:  Explosive growth in international students comes at a steep cost    
Part 3: We think of them as cash cows 

NOTE: While the lands at 60 and 65 Carl Hall Road (E of CN line) were part of the old CFB Downsview, they are not part of Downsview Park
(i.e. they are not parkland)



The Park wants to hear from you

Below is an excerpt from their Fall 2019 update

While you can always reach them at, we strongly recommend completing their 20" survey below.

NOTE: to access survey go HERE
(not to the "here" indicated below) 


Serving and protecting:

The non-emergency police line for Downsview (Division 31) is

Monthly community meeting 

Monday October 7, 2019 - 7:00-8:30pm

Community Police Liaison Community Meeting
31 Division, 40 Norfinch Dr, 


Turns out that Downsview Park has become an elite location for birdwatching in the GTA.  

213 species identified to date 

Some recent sightings: 
  • Baird's Sandpiper (1 Sept)  No photo
  • Hundreds of migrating broad-winged hawks
  • Marsh Wren heard (early Sept)
  • Northern Harrier
Clay-coloured sparrow: plain and pale little sparrow which summers in the northern prairies and winters in southern Texas and Mexico. 
Clay-coloured sparrow                       September 26 2019                                       (R Walsh)

Left: cackling goose  /  Right Canada goose         26 Sept 2019                            (R Walsh)

This is unusual.  They are now considered to be two different species
Cackling goose is half the size of Canada goose and has a stubbier neck
Canada goose has a deep-throated honk, cackling goose high-pitched cackle





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