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One More Level and Frozen District are happy to announce that their action RPG/brawler called Warlocks will launch on Steam Early Access on March 17th. Gamers can now enjoy a short trailer teasing what the game has to offer.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - March 6th, Kraków, Poland

6 months after being successfully funded on Kickstarter, Warlocks - an action RPG/brawler set in a fantasy world invaded by shadow monsters, is now getting ready to launch on Steam Early Access. The game will debut on Steam on March 17th allowing you to become an incredibly powerful Warlock on a quest of slaying nasty monsters, defeating epic bosses, collecting magical loot and saving the universe!

Watch the new teaser trailer HERE and follow the game on Steam to get informed once Early Access Starts:

(…)But there is one world that people didn’t reach - The Shadow World, where all evil is born. Unfortunately, its inhabitants have found a way into human worlds and started to spread a deadly virus affecting and changing everyone with dark magic. The only way to rescue the afflicted Warlocks and stem the source of evil is to defeat it in battle.

That’s pretty much it when it comes to Warlock’s plot. Sounds generic? Good! That’s exactly how developers wanted it to be! Everything in the game will be both extreme and mockingly over the top. In the end Warlocks is all about slaying monsters, exploring multiple dimensions, collecting loot and having fun either by yourself in a single-player story mode or with your friends in local and multi co-op or versus. And all that in a beautiful, stylish, pixel art universe.

In the single-player/co-op campaign you will have to clear your way through 5 different dimensions with unique enemies, bosses, and environments. You will level up your character by slaying evil monsters and getting better and more unique items. Having 10 playable characters to choose from, each with totally different playstyle and ability set, you will have to master your skills and their combos in order to be most effective.

Warlocks will allow you to:


  • Epic bosses - at the end of each world you'll face off with powerful bosses in extremely intense battles. Defeat them to rescue other Warlocks overtaken by the Shadow virus and gain new allies in your quest.
  • Hordes of enemies – that have their own unique skill sets and attack patterns you’ll have to learn in order to defeat them.
  • Multiple dimensions – during your challenging journey to the Shadow World you will visit beautiful sceneries of various worlds such as: 1940's Wall Street, ruined cathedrals, foggy swamplands and much more. All hand-painted with gorgeous pixel art.
  • Different play-styles – by unlocking new Warlocks as you progress through the story. There are ten completely unique Warlocks total in the game, each with four (or more) distinctive abilities that complement each other.

Procedurally generated loot  – dropped by enemies you slay. You will be able to choose from huge variety of weapons and magic items that combined with different skill builds will allow you to enjoy different play-style each time you play.


Team up with your friends in an online or local (yes, the game supports up to 4 gamepads!) co-op and hack through your opponents in an even more fun way!


Challenge your best friends in a classic DeathMatch, or team up in pairs and battle each other in a 2vs2 mode, or organize a small one-on-one tournament – the choice is yours. And if you still want more there will be other game modes for you to enjoy.

Warlocks will be released later this year on PC, Mac, Linux and Wii U. To learn more about the game visit the official website:, Facebook and Twitter profiles.

All the assets including the new teaser trailer, screenshots and arts are available on the below FTP:

Pass: pressassets2014!
Catalog: One More Level
Preview keys will soon be available. To secure one for yourself, arrange an interview with the team or with any other inquiry please get in touch with Agnieszka Szóstak at or call +48 881 951 601.
Slay monsters. Defeat epic bosses. Collect magical loot. Become a Warlock and save the universe!
About One More Level
ONE MORE LEVEL is an indie game development studio based in Kraków, Poland. Our skilled team consists of game industry professionals who gained their experience with companies such as Teyon, Ganymede, Bloober Team, Artifex Mundi, Nimbi Studios, Tap It Games. Our main focus is delivering quality games for PC and mobiles but the aim is to also develop hardcore games for consoles as well. We are dedicated to our work and do our best to make our games polished and fun.
About Frozen District
Frozen District is a young studio having its roots in 2008, when Dushan Chaciej and Maksymilian Strzelecki teamed up in middle school with a strong passion and dream to create and develop video games. Since then they worked on various smaller and bigger projects, to finally come into the project "Warlocks". They joined forces with Wojciech Wilk and Chris Sinott to create a spiritual successor to one of their projects, "Risk of Death", that was created in just seven days by Dushan alone. A "Risk of Rain" inspired game, "Warlocks", was born, soon to have its success on Kickstarter, where it received a lot of support. Frozen District currently operates in Koszalin, Poland.
Media contact:

Agnieszka Szóstak
Cell: +48 881 951 601
Skype: agnes_szostak
Twitter: @Aga_Szostak
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