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Can you believe it? Here we are gearing up for the start of our school year.   I don't know about you but I have had many  conversations with some concerned parents regarding this upcoming school year.   Many parents who don't want to send their kids back to the classroom and homeschool families trying to figure out how much activities they plan on attending during this time of uncertainties. 

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As you embark on this new journey in parenting you might be feeling anxious, nervous and really unsure how this homeschool thing is really going to work. Some of the questions you might be asking yourself: How do you know what curricula to buy? How do you know what level to pick? How do you let the school know? How do you schedule your day or make a lesson plan? Are you qualified to teach your child fractions, grammar and spelling? What if you don’t buy the right material? What if your kids don’t listen to you? Am I going to make my kid a wierdo? What if? What if? What if? Let’s not forget about, WHAT ABOUT SOCIALIZATION?  Read More
Join us in a 6 week Back to School Bible Art Project. This study will have your children reading scripture and creating beautiful art work illustrating the early biblical times from Creation to the Exodus.

This project is designed as a 6 week daily art project. But you can work on this every Friday for 30 weeks just as easily as twice or three times a week. You can fit this in where it works with your daily and weekly schedules.  See More
I start my school year planning the spring before the next school year starts. Usually around April, I start evaluating what we have gotten done and what we are likely to finish before our summer break. Although, I usually have a pretty good idea what our school year will entail, I don’t always figure out how practically I can put a schedule together. In July, I start putting together a daily schedule.  See More
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Sprucing up our Yard Part 1

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