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Dear all, 

Welcome to the fourth edition of our monthly newsletter with all updates and latest news regarding the SPOT-studies! The SPOT-studies aim to improve the care for women with preeclampsia in Ghana. 

SPOT-studies overview

  1. To externally validate the fullPIERS and miniPIERS prediction models, and develop a simple, user friendly, numeric Severe Pre-eclampsia adverse Outcome Triage (SPOT) score to assist clinical decision making in severe early pre-eclampsia (SPOT-VAL).
  2. To quantify the relationship between fetal (and maternal) APOL1 status and preeclampsia and assess whether this can predict pre-eclampsia (SPOT-BIO).
  3. To understand the views on ‘good care’ of various stakeholders in the care of Hypertension Disorders in Pregnancy (HDP): health professionals, health management and pregnant women themselves.
  4. To assess impact of SPOT-score combined with shared-decision making tool implementation (SPOT-impact).
  5. To assess the incidence of mental health disorders among women with pregnancies complicated by an early HDP.

SPOT-study Timeline


This month we are adding a few new members to our expanding SPOT team!
Introducing Winter Bruner

Winter Bruner graduated from Judson College, US, in 2015, where she did research focused on molecular mechanisms involving regulation of DNA replication.  Afterwards, she spent two years as a research assistant investigating immunopathogenesis of vulvovaginal candidiasis.  Since 2017, she is doing the Integrated Biomedical Graduate program at the University of Tennessee Health and Science Center (UTHSC) in the Genetics, Genomics, and Informatics track. Here, she will be working with Dr. Claire Simpson as a PhD student on both laboratory and computational aspects of the genomic research of the SPOT-project!

Introducing Salim Wangabi

Salim Wangabi is a consulting Clinical Psychologist at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital and he is a member of the Ghana Psychological Association. Salim has worked with clients of all age groups on a variety of different mental health problems including depression, trauma and anxiety, neuropsychological disorders, addiction, eating disorders, and learning disabilities amongst other psychological disorders. To help  ensure a wholistic health state in pregnant women, Salim is interested in assessing and providing therapeutic support for pregnant women in Ghana which is in line with the goals of The SPOT Studies.
Central to his practices are psychometric assessment and psychotherapy, research, teaching, consultation as well as program development and civic leadership.

Introducing Faridatu Njebla Abdulai

Dr Faridatu Njelba Abdulai attended the University of Ghana Medical School and started working as a clinician at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital in 2008 at the Antiretroviral Clinic. In 2014, she was appointed as Head of the Department of Public Health after completing a Master’s in Public Health in the Netherlands.
She is interested in the control of infectious diseases and has worked with in the National HIV/AIDS Control Program, National TB Control Program, and the Regional Malaria and Expanded program on Immunization Programs.
 She is currently the Municipal Director of health service for the Ayawaso East Municipal Health Directorate in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana and the Regional TB Coordinator.
She will be working within the SPOT studies on a research project as part of her specialisation training in Public Health.

Introducing Selorm Botwe

Selorm Botwe is a public health specialist and a Senior Resident of the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons. She works as the Municipal Director of Health service for the Ga East Municipality in the Greater Accra Region and has experience in management and leadership within the Ghana Health Service. She has a master’s degree in Health Policy, Planning and Financing from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and is a Fellow of the University of Washington International Program in Public Health Leadership.
Her interests are health policy systems research with special emphasis on maternal and child health so she will pursue a research project within the SPOT studies!

The SPOT-studies website is live!
Want to know more about the SPOT-studies, hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, the SPOT-team, our partners, or how to collaborate with us?

Visit the new website here:

Save The Date!!!
Preeclampsia: Vigilance in Screening, Diagnosis and Management 
2nd Preeclampsia Scientific Meeting
May, 22nd 2019 
(World Preeclampsia Day) 
Accra, Ghana, West-Africa

Articles in the SPOTlight

In this interesting article, they found that higher incidences of adverse perinatal outcomes occurred among women with pregnancy-induced hypertension in comparison to normotensive women. 

Have a look at this comprehensive systematic review of 82 studies regarding the prevalence of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy in Africa.

Recruitment process

Research assistants and nurses have been recruited and trained for the recruitment, fetal sample collection and follow up in Ridge, Korle-Bu, La General and Koforidua.
As a result we have recruited enough women for the first of the SPOT-studies: SPOT-VAL! Follow up of these women is still ongoing, and analysis of the data is anticipated to start the first half of 2020.
                                               SPOT-VAL:                 SPOT-BIO
Ridge Hospital:                       360 women                116 women
Korle Bu Teaching Hospital:   240 women                  53 women
La General Hospital:              169 women                  57 women
Lekma Hospital:                       17 women                                   
Tema Hospital:                         41 women                                   
Koforidua:                                 13 women                  40 women

Total:                                      840 women                266 women
Target:                                    840 women               800 women

Soon we will start with the recruitment of the normotensive control group which includes 1600 normotensive women.

Meet the SPOT-studies team

Ghana Health Services, Accra, Ghana
  • Dr. Emmanuel K. Srofenyoh, MBChB MPhil FWACS
  • Dr. Fred Pobee, MBChB FWACS
  • Dr. Sylvia Deganus, MBChB MPH FWACS
  • Dr. Hellen Akaba, MBChB MPH FWACS
  • Dr. Ama Tamatey, MBChB FWACS
  • Dr. Patrick Aboagye, MB-BCH MPH Dip. RH
  • Dr. Kwame Anim-Boamah, MBChB MBA FWACS
  • Prof. Dr. Irene Agyepong, MBChB PhD
  • Dr. Evelyn K. Ansah, MBChB PhD
  • Dr. Edward Antwi, MBChB PhD
  • Dr. Phidelia Ladje Pinto, MBChB
  • Dr. Maame Yaa Essel, MBChB
  • Mr. Nana K.A. Ampofo, BSc
  • M. Salim S. Wangabi, MPhil
  • Dr. Faridatu Njelba Abdulai, MBChB FWACS
  • Dr. Selorm Botw, MBChB FWACS

UMC Utrecht, The Netherlands

  • Dr. Joyce Browne, MD PhD
  • Prof. Dr. Diederick Grobbee, MD PhD FESC
  • Dr. Kerstin Klipstein-Grobusch, PhD
  • Prof. Dr. Arie Franx, MD PhD
  • Drs. Klaartje Olde Loohuis, MD 
  • Dr. Marcus Rijken, MD PhD
  • Dr. Rieke van der Graaf, PhD
  • Bridgett Pratt
  • Ms. Ilja van der Geest, Ms. Tessa van Otterloo, Ms. Lisa Kraneburg, Ms. Connie Rees
  • Ms. Daily Krijnen, BSc
  • George Downward
  • Daniel Boateng
  • Jan Godthelp

KIT, Royal Tropical Institute
  • Dr. Noor Tromp, PhD
  • Drs. Irene de Vries, MD MA
  • Ms. Meike Stieglis
  • Prof. Dr. Gerard Visser, MD PhD

Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital

  • Dr. Kwame Adu-Bonsaffoh, MD MPhil FWACS, University of Ghana Medical School
  • Mrs. Beatrice Dwumfour Williams (joint collaboration with APECGH)


University of British Columbia, Vancouver

  • Dr. Beth Payne, PhD


University of Tennessee (APOL1 substudy)

  • Dr. Claire Simpson, PhD
  • Prof. Robert Davis, MD MPH
  • Ms. Alana Tonya Smith, BSc, Sr. Research Assistant
  • Ms. Winter Bruner, BSc, Graduate Research Assistant


H3Africa Kidney Network
(APOL1 substudy)

  • Dr. Vincent Boima, MBChB
  • Dr. Dwoama Adu, MBChB
  • Dr. Charlotte Osafo, MBChB


University of Ghana, Noguchi

  • Dr. Mary Amoakoh-Coleman, MBChB PhD
  • Dr. Daniel Arhinful, PhD
  • Dr. Hannah Brown Amoakoh (joint collaboration with UMCU)
  • Chris Andrew Yebuah
  • Sedzro Kojo Mensah
  • Martin Agbodzi


University of Amsterdam
(Quality of care)

  • Dr. Bregje de Kok, PhD
  • Dr. Trudie Gerrits, PhD
  • Ms. Asra Vestering, MD MA
  • Ms. Sasha Kruger, MA
Action on Preeclampsia Ghana
  • Mrs. Koiwah Koi-Larbi Ofosuapea
  • Dr. Linda Ahenkorah Fondjo, PhD
  • Dr. Dorotheah Oribi, PhD

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