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The very first case study: Achieving 100% green electricity
For many years now, there has been an interest towards procuring green electricity in France. As a responds to the growing interest, in a broad spectrum of French municipalities, SINGERLY crafted a series of tenders, to help the process on its way. The initiative resulted in a CO2 saving equivalent to about 1000 t/year.
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Case study: Purchase of electric and hybrid vehicles
As a part of its environmental policy, SDH decided to renew a part of its fleet by purchasing both consume less and less polluting vehicles but also electric vehicles and hybrids vehicles. For this, a consultation of 40 vehicles has been launched. They were selected not only for their price but also for their environmental and energy performance.

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Training material: Introduction into Joint Public Procurement
A joint procurement can take several different forms. Each of them conducting a separate procurement procedure, to situations where the contracting entities jointly conduct one procurement procedure.

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Case study: Achieving green gas

For the first time in France a joint procurement located around Bourg en Bresse inserted green specifications about gas in a procurement. A share of 3 % biogas has been obtained with guaranties of origin and almost without any overall additional cost thanks to the price negotiation over fossil gas. Finally the economy were around 25 % in comparison to the previous contract.
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Training material: Labels in the New EU Procurement Directive
Where contracting authorities  intend to purchase works, supplies or services with specific environmental, social or other characteristics they may require a specific label as means of proof that the works, services or supplies correspond to the required characteristics.

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