Milder and lengthening days are heralding the first signs of spring!

The sap will soon be rising and certain shrubs and climbers will need pruning this month if they are reach their full blooming later in the year. Hedges can be planted now to give a garden a green frame. Some early vegetables can be sown outdoors.

It's about to get busy in the garden again so make the most of this relaxed period!


February Tasks

Some of these are a continuation of January tasks.

 Lawns will look like they need some attention. It's too early to sow new seeds so:
If the weather permits aerate the surface using a spiking machine or in smaller areas, a garden fork (we like to follow a herringbone/argyle pattern!).
Keep the surface free from leaves, twigs and other debris. This helps keep the turf dry and reduces the risk of disease.
Mowing possibly once or twice, to maintain a regular height of cut is advisable (hover mower if the soil is moist).
Fertilise the soil.

 Sow sweet peas under a cloche or in the greenhouse for a cheery reminder that spring is on the way.

  Firm any plants lifted by frost and begin trimming established hedges.

  Evenly spread garden compost or well-rotted manure. This will keep your soil in good condition and help with its structure (especially for compacted areas).

  Stock up on nematodes - a unique organic solution to control caterpillars, Codling Moth & Gooseberry Sawfly, snails, slugs, Vine weevil and many more beasties.

  Check for bugs, fungus and abnormalities – we have had a very mild Autumn//winter which has not yet killed all bacteria and fungi.
If unsure you can contact the RHS for help (RHS members can send samples for assessment).

A giant leap for horticulture

This special mission is part of RHS Campaign for School Gardening and UK Space Agency educational initiative Rocket Science, which will give up to half a million young people the chance to grow rocket seeds that have travelled in space.

New Black Dahlia Project

We are very exited at a new project starting in April - The replanting of a very large communal garden in EC2.
We already have so many planting schemes and ideas to transform the gardens into an inviting place to be.
We can't wait to start!

Subterranian Jungle - Everytime I eat vegetables it makes me think of you.

A six-year study by Kansas State University researchers indicates that crops grown in contaminated urban soils present little to no risk for people eating those crops when gardeners have followed best practices.
And of course:

Gardening is the best medicine for the mind!

A few early daffodils have bravely poked their necks above the soil. I know the snowdrops will soon be on their way. Especially with the mild, wet winter we have had, spring seems just around the corner. Guardian garden blog

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