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~ Astro News for your Soul ~

 Happy Full Moon in Cancer
The wild influx of new energies right now

What an amazing time we have stepped into with Heaven and Earth merging energies and frequencies in ways we haven't seen before. We are dancing within a completely new cycle and the Gateways to Oneness have opened.

Goddess Venus is dancing her Sacred Dance through the constellation of Pisces lacing our dreams with Golden Rays of Prosperity, Spiritual Union and Transcendent Love. 

Lord Mars drives us to discern the difference between truth and illusion, and focus our energy and attention of embracing the Phoenix Rising Codes about to enter our Field of Light and that of Goddess Gaia.

Lord Neptune's watery realms ask us to dive deep within and connect with OUR truth WITHIN; the AUTHENTIC beings we are outside of the human hologram. 

Lord Chiron is radiating his healing power and sending waves of healing into the grids of the collective, as we release the final stages of the old Piscean Age Hologram Programming from our blueprint and fully embrace the Aquarian Age now awakening from within us. 

Authentically embodying Humanitarian Consciousness has reached a powerful Point of Attainment, which now enables deeply compassionate and powerful Benevolent Beings from the worlds within and outside of ours to step forward and intervene as per Goddess Gaia's request, and assist her in attaining her full ascension status which occurs on the 20th of December 2020. This is when the two planetary giants, Saturn and Jupiter will conjoin and embrace each other at zero degrees of Aquarius, signalling the Birth of a new kind of human in consciousness and otherwise, and Pallas Athena will be leading the way.

In addition to this, Lord Mercury and Lord Ra/Father Sun, will also embrace each other in a tight embrace at 29 degrees of Sagittarius, marking the final dismantling of the grids that have kept alive old philosophies and outdated religions created by the fake and false gods, as well as all and any pathway/group/person inhibiting a soul complete freedom to know themselves and fully transcend. It's the end of the old picture as we knew it, and the delivery of a brand new clear canvas on which to paint a new picture, individually and collectively. 

Thus, I am delighted to share with you that as of today, the Full Moon in Cancer, the Emerald & Sapphire Avatars of Arkadia have begun their mission in service to Goddess Gaia, and all Rainbow Lightwarriors, as per her call. 

If you feel this information resonates with you and you'd like to know more, then please join me on auspicious Friday the 13th for two FREE live webinar events.

Our first event "The Purpose of These Times, Part 4" is at 5:00 am GMT+2/CAT/SAST and is the next instalment of energy Kuthumi-Agrippa, Lord Hilarion, Dwal Kuhl and Yeshua are transmitting. They will be addressing what exactly is required from us now in order to fully transcend and achieve self-mastery in this life-time. This event is currently a monthly event and will be completed in 9 Parts. If you missed the first 3 Parts, please click here and scroll through the list of free channellings, until you find them. Please use this link provided to join us tomorrow.

Our second event "Planetary Healing and Blessings for January 2017" is at 11:00 am GMT+2/CAT/SAST and will include healing for our planet and all individuals requiring some healing support and loving guidance, and when the Emerald and Sapphire Avatars of Arkadia introduce their energy to us. 
This event is repeated monthly. 
If for any reason these links give you hassles, simply copy and paste into your browser. 

When you visit my website make sure you take a look at all the free channellings already supporting profound change, and whilst you're there download and listen to our first Peace Talk Radio broadcast for 2017 "New Year's Resolutions vs Intention Setting." It's worth the 60 minutes and you can listen to it anytime you choose, especially when driving or commuting in general. Time spent wisely and there are loads of extra bits and pieces of useful info that can inspire you too! 

If you enjoy Michelle's free events, then diarise the 28th of January for another one. Details coming soon. 

If you are following our "Our Golden Monad Returns" project, Part 9 is now available. Please download it as soon as you can so that you are ready for activation day 1, beginning on the 18th of January. More details are given at the beginning of Part 9's channelling. All transcripts up to Part 8 will be available on the weekend.

We look forward to sharing th magic with you and contributing to helping make your life awesome!

In love, wisdom, peace and gratitude,
Michelle -
shared and supplied by Savannah Michalah Kofoed - - Facebook
Man, know thyself
Visual understanding of your Universe within as without
Astrology for the Soul - Visual Webinar

On this visual webinar you’ll get to understand the planets, houses, qualities, elements, gengers, aspects and terms in general, so you are fully equipped in your understanding of how, when, why, what, where this all pertain as an underlying power to your own blueprint/natal horoscope. 

Webinar (6 times once a week)
8th of February - 15th of March 2017

"I highly recommend taking Savannah's astrology class. I was in it with my son who had never been exposed to astrology. He loved it and understood immediately. She is a fantastic teacher. We created a chart over the six weeks that made astrology so easy to understand. She is so knowledgeable and funny! Very entertaining as she teaches. We all got lots of personal information about ourselves as well as the basics. After the class, my son and I put a chart together for his wife. We really understood what we were doing. I have studied astrology for 30 years, but never really could get it. Now I've got it. So I would totally take advantage of this wonderful offer. Savannah is worth every penny of it. Now is the time!" Sharon

Heaven on Earth

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 Dr. Octavio Pino, Neuroscientist
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