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Welcome to our February 2015 Newsletter

As this is our first Newsletter of 2015, may we wish you a very Happy New Year.

In this Newsletter, we’ll do a little crystal ball gazing and try to predict what changes will affect the Legal IT market during 2015.

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NLDC was formed by Neil Davies in 2002 to provide independent IT advice to businesses in the North West. We provide the services of an in-house IT Director, but only when you need it.
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2015 Crystal Ball Gazing


Growth of Microsoft Azure
MS Azure is on its way. Microsoft have often been late to the party when it comes to significant technological change. However, they have usually proved to be excellent at playing catch-up and then becoming a dominant player. Cloud computing is no different.

Amazon and Google have been offering “Public Cloud” services for a number of years and although MS claim Azure has been around for over 10 years, they have only really been marketing it as a “Public Cloud” for the last year or so. That being said, they are now pushing hard to make Azure the “Public Cloud” of choice. If past experience is anything to go by, once the MS juggernaut gets into gear, very little can stop it. Expect to see a lot more of MS Azure during 2015.

Further hype of cloud
The term “Cloud” has become one of those things that everybody wants, almost without question. The key thing to remember is that there is no single definition of the term “Cloud”. There are very different service offerings available, all called “Cloud”, some of which may be suitable for you, many of which will not be suitable.

Gartner have produced a very sensible report entitled “The Top 10 Cloud Myths”, which, as the name suggests, attempts to debunk the hype that surrounds the term “Cloud”. It advises businesses to “Avoid 'One Size Fits All' Answers to Complex Situations” and that “Cloud Is Not One Thing”. A particular favourite is “Myth 2: You Have to Be Cloud to Be Good”. The point is that, like all technology, Cloud fits some business cases and doesn’t fit others. The skill is being able to identify which option is best for your business.

That being said, revenue streams are much healthier for suppliers that sell cloud based services, so expect more hyperbole as they try to sell their services regardless of the business case.

Rename of Lync to Skype for Business
One of the more surprising snippets to emerge at the end of 2014 was the announcement that MS are renaming Lync, their Unified Communications platform, to Skype for Business. It is surprising because Skype is definitely in “Consumer Technology” camp. Whilst it has been around for a long time and millions of people use it, it has never been touted as business class technology.

MS Lync is/was a very good product, and it has become more affordable for the “Medium Sized Enterprise”. However, giving it the name of a consumer based free phone call product, doesn’t seem that smart. There was a time when brand perception was everything. With this move, Microsoft are telling us that brand awareness is more important. Time will tell whether they are correct, but I guess they probably are.

We can Help with… IT Strategy


If you are asking yourself “why do I need an IT Strategy?”, the answer is quite simple, without one you will waste money & time and almost certainly lose clients.
As with any Strategy, it should deal with high level business objectives, not the tactical decisions of what system, software or supplier to use. However, once you have evaluated what direction you want your business to go in and what it will look like in 3 to 5 years time, the IT Strategy will guide you down the path to meet those objectives.

Without an IT Strategy, opportunities are missed and money will be spent unnecessarily because, by definition, decisions are taken in isolation. Often purchasing decisions will be taken as a knee-jerk reaction to a particular event or client request. Whether these decisions are correct is more down to luck than judgement. With a sensible strategy document, most of these eventualities will already have been considered so the correct solution may already be in place.

NLDC has years of experience defining IT Strategies. We identify where the owners want to take the business and develop a Strategy that best suits those aspirations. The Strategy gives a framework within which the tactical decisions can be made.

Please see our web site for more information.

And finally...

BMW drivers will be aware that their car’s manufacture has just (Feb ’15) fixed a flaw in their ConnectedDrive technology. The flaw allows hackers to remotely open doors and windows of the vehicles, press the Stop/Start button and drive the vehicle away. The “flaw” has been fixed by encrypting the transmitted access code rather then sending it across the airwaves, using consumer technology, as plain text. Given that this flaw has affected 2.2 million vehicles from Rolls Royces to Minis one wonders two things. Firstly, why did it take 6 months for BMW to correct a problem that should never have been allowed in the first place? and secondly – why not use a key?

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