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Welcome to our December 2014 Newsletter

We aim to provide you with a brief digest of IT information that you will find useful and informative.

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About NLDC?

NLDC was formed by Neil Davies in 2002 to provide independent IT advice to businesses in the North West. We provide the services of an in-house IT Director, but only when you need it.
We pride ourselves on our integrity, competence, value for money and flexibility. To learn more about the kind of things we do, why not take a look at our website or give us a call on 0161 654 4155, we'll be more than happy to discuss any IT or Telecommunications related queries you may have.

That was 2014...

Whilst not wanting to wish the year away, this is our December issue, so it is only right that we follow tradition and take a moment to review 2014.

Our Monthly Newsletters started in June 2014 and the feedback we have received has been good. We have covered a number of topics, including Cloud Computing, the demise of Windows XP and Server 2003, various telephony issues and Unified Communications. Our message has been plan ahead and don’t believe the hype. If the hype was reality, then successive governments wouldn’t have wasted £millions on failed IT projects. If planning wasn’t necessary, visiting your local computer store would solve all your problems – rather than be the start of them. If you have any comments on our Newsletters, or suggestions for future topics, please get in touch.

In the legal world, business is definitely picking up. In the post-Jackson era, firms are having to change how they operate, but it is still possible to run a profitable law firm. In the Property market, work has picked up so much that some firms are struggling to cope. This has to be a good sign.
In Legal IT, it seems that Cloud Computing is gaining traction with an increasing number of firms using Cloud based systems. Many firms are using individual cloud based services, remote data backup for example, whilst some firms are using the cloud for their entire system. Whilst there is no doubt that cloud based solutions are improving, NLDC’s view will always be to choose the platform that best suits your business requirements, the cloud being just one of them.

In the PMS market, over the last few years, everything has changed and everything has stayed the same. Whilst Advanced Legal (soon to be bought by a US Private Equity firm and delisted from AIM) and others have done their best to rationalise the market by acquiring the competition, new entrants to the UK market have appeared such as Peppermint (in 2012) and LEAP (in 2014).

In the world of technology generally, 2104 has seen a consolidation of the consumerisation of IT with personal Smartphones and Tablets now commonplace at work. Various surveys report that the majority of these devices have unprotected access to corporate data which is (or should be) a worry for any business, but especially any regulated business.

Whilst 2014 has signalled the end of the recession, the new “normal” is one where businesses have to operate on slimmer margins, probably with even more regulation. Add to this the fact that the rate of change in technology is continually increasing and doing business just gets evermore “interesting”! For businesses to prosper they need to ensure their technology choices not only match their needs but that their technology is used as a business driver, not a business utility.

We can help with... Technology

We provide a range of services to law firms that help them get the maximum advantage from their technology spend.
Strategy  - We can develop a road map so that your IT systems can help to drive your business.
Budgeting – We can supply the information to allow you to plan your IT expenditure and avoid surprises.
Cloud, On-premise or hybrid – Making the right choice allows your business to flourish. We ensure all the options are considered correctly.
Product Selection – It can be difficult to evaluate different offerings. We make sure you are comparing like with like to get the best result for your business.
Telecommunications – How you communicate internally and externally is vitally important. We can ensure you upgrade to the most appropriate system for your business, or get maximum value from your existing system.
Resourcing - Sometimes you just need an extra pair of hands to help with a particular project. We can supply that resource.

Please either look at our website for more information or contact us for a free, no obligation chat.

And finally...

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And so to 2015....

As this is our last Newsletter of 2014 can we take this opportunity to wish all our clients, past, present and future, a very Happy Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

See you next year...

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